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The best over 28s clubs and bars in Melbourne

by Aiza

Do you feel like you’re getting too old to be in a nightclub? Does it make you feel old when you see a group of people celebrating an 18th birthday party? Sometimes you just want to socialise with people you’re own age. A night of fun with cocktails and alcohol with funny dancing is always a good idea when you’re in the city. After a stressful week at work, there’s nothing wrong with going for a shot or two or testing your alcohol tolerance with a bottle of pure bittersweet drink that’ll surely get your dancing skills on the loose.

If you’re in Melbourne and thinking of hanging out with friends on a boring Friday night, there’s always a good chance you’ll find yourself in an upbeat place that perhaps you’ve never been to. Tourists and locals alike, bars and clubs in Melbourne are just over the top, and it’s always a no-brainer to experience something a groggy night with friends – tables to dance floors, Melbourne always has a place that’s just about right for your age.

Hep! Enough with the drunk kids; over 28 and just want to have fun with the age group you’re in? Here are the best oer 28s clubs in Melbourne.

Club Retro

383 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Ever get tired of trash songs where you just cannot uplift a good mood over your drinks? Then get those part vibes alive while jamming and dancing to the songs of the 80s, 90s, and early 20s.

Club Retro offers you a whole kind of party experience with the nostalgic songs of Backstreet Boys, crazy RnB hits of Rihanna, and the classic yet groovy music of the 20s. This club boogies your way to the dance floor, with interiors designed resonating the cool retro experience you have always admired. While vinyl records are up the bar, get yourselves some sweet cocktails, burping over great beer, and even doing shots on the pungent smell of tequilas and rum. And if your knees are lazy enough just to go to the bar, worry not as they have 3 bars catering to what alcohol you’re craving – everything is just retro, convenient, and wistful hence there’s nothing wrong about keeping your shots on full!

Functions and hen parties are also welcome! What more can you ask for?

Khokolat Bar

43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

Perhaps Melbourne’s bars for 28 and above are old school. But not the boring old school – a bar with classic hits from way back a few decades can hype up your weekend mood.

Funky vibes are always the best, right? Perhaps the Khokolat bar will heighten up your dancing skills. This contemporary multi-room nightclub has a reputation for bringing out the best old-school RnB playlist of all time, where you can sign back and relax with drinks at the cool lounges you and your friends can relax on. As the cocktails, whiskey, and tequila make you alive, go to the dance floor and release those dancing skills that will also hype up everyone. Interestingly, the bar happens to hold events with the best upbeat songs you’ll certainly know, and be in your best attire to unleash that happy mood full of wonderful spirits where your worries will go away. The crowd will also be your best friend and don’t forget to take a shoutout to all your best pals coming to the party with you.

Classic is not plain and boring; it’s always so much fun and exciting when you’re in your late 20s!

The Osborne Rooftop Bar

119 Commercial Road, South Yarra

If style and relaxation are what you’re eyeing, then it might be best to skip the bar and go to an amazing venue where you can chit chat with friends and have great food and drinks. Ever itching for a rooftop bar? Then try this place.

With the fascinating sunset as the night goes by, you’ll forever be captivated by the city lights over the impressive views of the South Yarra skyline. Get all your worries away and enjoy the night with the best cocktails, wine, beer, and spirits, as the cold air makes you want to have more. All the more, the expansive lounges have a contemporary feel, with comfy outdoor sofas, tables, and discreet booth seating, making you no more less than a VIP – no, it’s also not that expensive; they have reasonable prices that are just a knick of your pockets. Moreover, if you want to get great food, there’s always a space to fill in your tummies. From calamari, pizzas, fried chicken, and all the finger food you can pair with your drinks, there’s nothing not enjoyable in a fancy place with the best rooftop setting in Melbourne.

No fear of heights, mates! Just good food and surprising drinks we’re sure you will take pleasure in.

The Carlton Club

193 Bourke Street, Melbourne

No, we’re not talking about the Carlton Football Club. The Carlton Club his as a chill bar offering food and drinks. You’ll feel just like you’re in a tropical paradise even in a city full of skyscrapers. Fancy gettin tipsy? Then visit the club during their happy hour. You’ll also be able to enjoy some casual conversations with your friends and some nice strangers, and you may top it off with varieties of wine, beers, and ciders, or some chic and sweet cocktails. As natural as it gets, everyone is welcome; no dress code, no inhibitions; just great company with an easygoing yet impressive mood for everyone.

Fancy getting hyped up in broad daylight? Might as well ready your alcohol tolerance and cap the day off with a relaxed feel.

The Toff in Town

2F/252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Want something hip but unique? Then be at a bar that’s a dream for late-night drinking and fun with your friends.

The Toff in Town is a bar and club with art deco booths offering live shows and music, with comedic and artistic theaters topped off with amazing late-night DJs. As the music maestro brings in the beats, sip on delicious and hard drinks and you shake your bodies off with some great dancing disco tunes along with a good crowd of adult strangers. What’s more is that they create Thai dishes and specialties, perfectly concocted to be paired with the unusual yet amazing tastes of the drinks they bring. Broadway, dance party revolution, and amazing events are also poured for your hyped-up souls, and you’ll never get bored with the shows that they bring into the house.

Great shows and overly unique drinks. There’s nothing not worth visiting at the Toff in Town.

The weekend is fast approaching. Care to level up your weekend game? Drink, be comfy, and have an amazing mood – Melbourne’s clubs and bars and endless that’ll definitely bring the 28s vibe up!

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