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Best & Most Affordable Montessori Toys at Kmart Australia

by Kayla Mackinnon
Montessori toys at Kmart

Instagram is full of enviable Montessori playrooms beautifully decorated with high-quality Montessori toys.

Usually, these toys are very expensive and aren’t within everyone’s budget.

You want your kids to have the best, but not all of us can afford a $700 Pikler playset or can splash out hundreds of dollars on wooden blocks.

Luckily Kmart has plenty of alternatives for popular Montessori and Waldorf-friendly toys.

Kmart’s online store is hard to navigate and search for things. (They really need to sort that out)

So I have done the hard work for you and trolled through the Kmart website to find the best Montessori toys available at Kmart for a fraction of the price.

What are Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys are simple and are usually made from natural materials such as wood and bamboo.

Rather than having hundreds of cheap plastic and noisy toys, the Montessori method encourages you to give your child a small selection of high-quality toys.

If a child has too many toys, it is hard to become engaged in play and stops them from learning through play.

Montessori toys encourage children to problem solve and learn new things.

Links to the toys can be found here if you’re interested just so this article isn’t too large. 

Educational Kmart Montessori Toys for Babies

Activity gym $18

kmart montessori toys wooden baby gym

This is a great budget wooden activity frame for your nursery. It can be customised with whatever toys you choose. You can add a variety of beautiful toys to stimulate your baby’s brain.

Koala ring rattle $4

kmart montessori toys

This is a great baby toy made from natural materials. Young babies will enjoy listening to the rattling sound. This toy is great for learning to hand transfer and helps develop a baby’s grasp reflex.

6 sensory balls $8

kmart montessori toys sensory balls

These balls are a great sensory toy for babies. Each ball has different textures to help stimulate your baby’s brain and senses. They are BPA free and are great for teething.


Canvas rattles $4

kmart montessori toys wooden rattle

These toys can be used individually or can be attached to the Kmart wooden activity gym, Great for a baby’s grasp reflex.

Wooden Walker $39

kmart montessori wooden walker

This wooden walker is multi-purpose. It is an activity cube, a shape sorter and a walker all in one. This toy can provide years of use and helps develop gross and fine motor skills.

Wooden sensory pack $10

kmart montessori wooden sensory balls baby

These are great for small hands and curious little minds. They are different shapes and sizes to help teach your little one to grasp a variety of objects.

Educational Kmart Montessori Toys for 1-5-year-olds

Wooden Climbing Frame (Pikler Frame Alternative) $39

kmart montessori wooden pikler ramp slide pikler frame

Pikler triangles help with gross motor skills and enable young children who cannot use traditional playground equipment just yet a chance to climb and play.

You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram and seen how expensive they can be. Luckily for us, Kmart has made an affordable $39 version.

Climbing Ramp and Slide (Pikler Ramp) $29

kmart montessori wooden pikler ramp slide

This climbing ramp is a great addition to the wooden climbing frame. It has two sides. One for sliding and one for climbing.

Wooden Balance Board (Wobbel Board Alternative) $29

kmart montessori wooden balance board

Some wooden balance boards can cost over $300. This one is 10 times cheaper. It encourages kids to get moving and improve their balance. It can also strengthen their core and leg muscles.

It can also be used for creative play. Your little ones can use it as a car ramp or whatever else their imagination allows for.

Stand Up Stool (Alternative for Toddler Kitchen Tower or a Learning Tower) $69

kmart montessori learning tower toddler tower kitchen tower

This is a great alternative to a learning tower or toddler kitchen tower. It allows toddlers and younger children the opportunity to get at their parents’ eye level. This will allow your child to help out in the kitchen and learn about food. It can also be used in the bathroom so young children can brush their teeth independently.

Activity Cube (Alternative for a Busy Cube) $20

kmart montessori busy cube

This activity cube has 5 sides and various activities to keep kids busy. This cube will help improve their fine motor skills and will allow young kids to play independently.

Wooden Rainbow Stacker $10

kmart montessori rainbow stacker wooden

This toy is versatile. This toy can be used in many different ways depending on your child’s imagination. The individual rings can be used as ramps, as balance blocks or can be used traditionally and can be stacked in order.

Balance Boat and Rocker $59

kmart montessori toys wooden seesaw rocker pikler accesory

This toy can be added to the wooden climbing frame to create an extra obstacle. It can also be used with one or two children to improve their balance or can be used as a seesaw.

Curved Balance Beams $15

curved balance beams montessori toys kmart

Can be used indoors and outdoors to help improve balance. Kids will love practising on these and challenging themselves again and again.

Wooden Stepping Discs $19

These stepping stones are compact and can be stored away easily. They can be used both indoors and outdoors to create obstacle courses. Children can use these in imaginative games such as ‘The Floor is Lava’ Or they can be used for complex obstacle courses. You could buy multiple sets of these to create large play courses.

Wooden Rocker Board $15

Can be used to improve balance, coordination and can strengthen your little one’s core. Kids will love practising and challenging themselves on this.

Stacking Shape Sorter $15

This toy is great value. 3 shape stacking toys in 1. This is a great and challenging toy for younger children. It helps them to fine-tune their problem-solving abilities and helps teach children rudimentary numeracy skills.

Wooden Stacking Rings $8.50

kmart montessori toys wooden stacking toys

Another great value shape sorting toy to help improve problem-solving skills and pattern recognition. Kids can even get creative with this and can stack them upside down and in a different order.

Assorted Wooden Disney Blocks From $15 per set 

kmart montessori toys wooden disney blocks

These blocks are a great addition to any child’s block collection. They are great for creative play. Your child can challenge themselves and see how many different things they can build. They can also use the blocks to see how many they can stack and balance on top of one another.

Wooden Geometric Blocks $20

kmart montessori toys woodenblocks rainbow

These blocks are bright and will attract your child’s attention. These blocks are great for stacking within one another or on top of each other.

Wooden Stack & Count Learning Set $12

kmart education toys wooden number blocks

This is a great multi-purpose toy. It helps teach counting, colours and number order. The rings and puzzle pieces are also great for building problem-solving abilities and can help develop your child’s pincer grasp. Which is important later on when they begin to write.

Wooden Mountain Stacker $12

 kmart montessori toys wooden mountain stacker

This is a bit more challenging than the rainbow stacker. The shape of the toy makes it a little more challenging for little hands and can help improve your child’s palmer grasp.

Wooden Shape Sorter Pull Along Toy $15

kmart montessori toys wooden shape sorter

Shape sorting toys are fantastic for developing hand-eye coordination, depth perception, shape recognition and problem-solving abilities. Children will learn to analyse the shapes before placing them in the sorter and they will love doing it over and over to continue challenging themselves. The pulling aspect of the toy helps teach cause and effect.

64 Piece Wooden Block Pyramid $20

These blocks are all the same size and shape and will make great stacking toys. Children will love stacking these as high as possible. They are also great for creative play. Older children will love seeing what they can build with these.

Wooden Abacus $10

kmart montessori toys wooden abacus

An abacus is great for teaching numbers, counting, colours and basic addition and subtraction. It’s also great for improving your child’s pincer grasp. 

Wooden Farm Shape Sorter $15

kmart montessori toys farm shape sorter

This is a great spin on traditional shape sorting toys. It will teach your child to improve their hand-eye coordination and will teach them to analyse more complex shapes.

Learn the Alphabet Chunky Wooden Puzzle $8.50

This is great for teaching your child the alphabet, the order of the alphabet and their capital letters. It is also great for developing hand-eye coordination and puzzle-solving skills.

Balance beams $15

Great for improving balance and coordination. Can be great for adding to an obstacle course.

Everyday skills $12

This book teaches skills that enable children to be able to dress themselves. It teaches them to tie their shoelaces, zip zippers and do up several different types of buttons. It’s great for developing fine motor skills.

Pound and tap bench xylophone $15

This toy teaches basic gravity, cause and effect and teaches rudimentary music skills. Kids will love hearing and exploring the sounds of the xylophone.

Wooden musical gift set $19

kmart montessori toys musical wooden

Musical toys can be annoying for parents but they are great for kids. This set is great value and has many different sounds and instruments for little ones to explore.

Wooden musical table $12

Another great musical toy to entertain your children and help them learn rhythm.

Maracas $3

kmart montessori toys musical wooden maracas

These maracas can be used as a rattle for babies and as a musical instrument for toddlers and older children.

Wooden woodlands bead maze $10

This is a great simple puzzle to improve your child’s pincer grasp. It can also be added to your highchair to keep them occupied during mealtime so that they don’t try to leave the table.

Wooden activity board $15

Great affordable version of all the busy boards you see on Instagram and Etsy.

Wooden shifting puzzle $2.50

Great puzzle with a shifting element to add additional complexity. Will be great for kids 4 and older.

Wooden match and spell board

A fun and a great way to learn to spell and recognise words. You can even add a timer to challenge your kids to spell the words as fast as possible.

Wooden colour wheel puzzle $5

A complex puzzle to challenge young children. They will need to manipulate the pieces and make sure they are turned in the perfect way in order to complete this puzzle. Kids should get years of use and challenges from this toy.

Disney Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh Wooden Balance Blocks $12

Disney Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh Wooden Balance Blocks $12 kmart montessori toys

Helps teach the basics of physics and weight distribution. Also challenges children to learn to put the blocks in order to build the characters while also attempting to maintain balance. Young children will get years of use out of this.

Race Track Tower $20

kmart montessori toys car ramp

This is a great alternative to a Montessori ball tracker. Teaches basic gravity and teaches kids to look left to right which is actually an important skill they will need when they learn to read.

Wooden layered puzzle $5

The layers of this puzzle add an extra challenge. Grasping the pieces will help develop their pincer grasp and the puzzle will help improve their problem-solving skills.

Wooden blocks with shape-sorting lid $15

These blocks are great for stacking, building, and creating. As a bonus, the lid is a shape sorter which means cleaning up the blocks will also be fun.

Wooden activity station $49

kmart montessori toys car ramp busy cube

This is a more advanced version of the other Kmart activity cube. It features multiple fine and gross motor activities for your little one to explore.

Wooden memory match $10

 A great simple memory match game to challenge your little ones.

Educational Kmart Montessori toys for kids 5 and older

Jr. Explorers Eye Spy Australia Search & Find Game

This game enables children to learn about Australian geography, landmarks and wildlife. This game makes learning geography fun.

Wooden Tangram $2

kmart montessori tangram puzzle

This puzzle will challenge your child to try different shape combinations in order to complete the puzzle. It is a steal at just $2.

Wooden Weather Board $10

You will often see this tool used in Montessori classrooms. This educational tool teaches weather, seasons, days of the week, and months of the year.

Life cycle wooden discs $8

A great tool to educate children about nature and life cycles.

Solar system wooden puzzle

kmart montessori solar system wooden puzzle

This puzzle teaches children how the planets revolve around the sun and the order of planets in our solar system.

What are your favourite Kmart toys and Kmart Montessori finds?

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