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The Life Coaching Scam

by Kayla Mackinnon
life coach scam

Ever noticed that random people you have not spoken to since high school are suddenly becoming life coaches?

Do you look at them and think “hmmm I don’t know if you should be coaching people on how to live their lives”?

Have you ever fell victim to a message from someone you haven’t spoken to in years saying “ Hey hun, do you want to change your life by empowering other women all while working from home and running your own empire xxx?” (Insert 10 fire emojis here)

Look, I’m sure there are some legitimate coaches out there. But I just don’t think that people who do two-day life coaching courses are the real deal.

I know someone like this. They started an Instagram account for their life coaching business. Their posts had very few likes, and I’m sure no one was buying her $900 life coaching course.

But she would constantly say she was “killing it” and telling people “You could be like me. You can quit your 9-5 and live your best life.”

I knew this person well. She was still working a 9-5 and certainly wasn’t “killing it”

Eventually, she was so confident in her abilities that she suddenly started recruiting other coaches. Since she was at the top of her game.

Some people even take it one step further and teach other life coaches how to teach other life coaches. Seems like some kind of pyramid scheme to me.

I saw this person spiral before my eyes. It all started when she wanted to work for herself and run her own business. Then COVID hit.

She went down a google rabbit hole of how to work for yourself and that’s how she discovered life coaching. After her life coaching stint, she did various other courses.

They all started to get a bit weird. I am being 100 per cent honest here. Here are some things she has done courses in. In the space of a few months, she had the following “professions” and “qualifications”:

  • Past life regression coach
  • An angel guide
  • An NLP practitioner
  • A manifestation coach
  • An energy healer
  • A Reiki practitioner
  • Law of attraction coach
  • And wait for it a PSYCHIC

She kept doing course after course. She would post photos of her certificates on her Instagram.

Clearly, these certificates were made in CANVA or Microsoft Publisher. She had downloaded them and some of the courses she did clearly only took a day to do because they said so on the certificate.

Her Instagram bio was changing from week to week. Constantly updating what kind of coach she was. One week she was a life coach, the next she was an energy healer.

I would hate to imagine how much money she has spent on all of these courses.

Is Life Coaching a Scam?

The girl I know who is a life coach is essentially a con artist.

She tells people that eating an unhealthy diet will ruin your relationship with the universe. But I know she is one of the most unhealthy people I have ever met.

She tells people to not gossip because it’s bad for you but she is one of the biggest gossipers I have met.

She tells people not to consume alcohol but I know she drinks quite a lot. 

She also tells people she is making a living as a life coach but really works a low paying 9-5 job that she hates.

That’s why she is doing life coaching. She is trying to dig her way out of her job like most other life coaches.

I don’t see her really becoming successful. The only people making money in this industry are the people running the courses.

Why would anyone go to a life coach they saw on Instagram who completed a one day course?  No one is actually seeking advice from Instagram life coaches.

But the life coaches will tell you otherwise. They will tell you how they’re killing and slaying at life coaching and will tell you how much they’re helping people. But are they really?

In this instance, life coaching is basically a pyramid scheme.

Essentially you become a life coach until you eventually start running your own life coach training courses for other desperate people.

This is why most of the life coaches you see seem completely unqualified and like the last person who should be dishing out life advice.

Life coaches prey on vulnerable people.

The truth is if someone was going to take life advice from someone they’d want to take it from Oprah or Bill Gates. Not a random influencer who posts inspirational quotes. 

Please leave therapy to the professionals. Not to the people who have completed dodgy courses. 



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