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Best low FODMAP bread Woolworths Australia

by Aiza
sliced bread at woolworths australia

If you love bread so much and you’re on a low FODMAP diet, it might be hard for you to say goodbye to bread. As most breads contain wheat that is high in fructans, it is considered high in FODMAP —— thus, one needs to have it under control to prevent triggering Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Still, when strolling your carts around at Woolworths, it can be baffling what bread to take into your basket; need not worry, you may check these bread and still enjoy the fluffy and milky goodness of wheat:

Disclaimer: Though these breads may contain wheat; they can be considered low-FODMAP when you have them controlled. The most efficient thing is to have them in 1 serving size or 24g to be exact.

Abbott’s Bakery Sourdough Grains & Seeds Sandwich Slice Bread Loaf 760g

Price: $4.50

A loaf that is bursting with flavours and textures, this sourdough bread might be the perfect pair for your low-FODMAP spreads. This low-FODMAP bread has a sprinkle of coarsely ground pumpkin seeds, giving it an irresistible crunch on the outside but still soft and fluffy on the inside.

This sourdough bread is gluten-free may be considered as low in milk, and prevents you from having IBS in unwanted circumstances.

Burgen Soy & Linseed Low Gi Sliced Bread Loaf 700g

Price: $5.20

While soy may be good for people with IBS, why not use it as an alternative to milk, right? This bread for IBS helps you with your bread cravings, seeing to it that you’ll feel full even just with one slice and does not trigger an irritable bowel movement. It also has sesame seeds for an added texture and taste, which is low in FODMAP. This low-FODMAP bread has a lot of nutrients too; iron, zinc, and magnesium to help your body work better. The best part? – it has no artificial colours and flavours which is also great for vegans!

Country Life Gluten-Free White Bread 400g

Price: $6.00

Hype up your sandwich and toast with this delightful bread that is gluten-free and oozing with softness. This gluten-free bread can be your best friend on a low FODMAP diet, with no wheat but only starch. Eggs and soy are also added, to have that tasty flavour you cannot get enough of. Also, most ingredients are low in FODMAP; hence a better way for you to enjoy bread that is also guilt-free.

Eating healthy does not mean you can’t enjoy food. There are lots of options that you can still include in your diet that are readily available on the market. You just have to be keen enough to choose those ones without unwanted reaction to the body especially the bowels, which are the main organ responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

And I’ll repeat, eat in moderation!



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