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Best Vegan Cream and Cheese at Woolworths Australia

by Aiza
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Going and being vegan is a way of life. It’s a way of life where you just wanna skip unhealthy meat and go with plant-based food to improve your lifestyle. Yet, when you’re craving some cream and cheese while on a vegan diet, you might just get yourself at crossroads —- cheese may solely be derived from cow’s milk, and thus you might want to just skip them anyway.

However, turn your frown upside down. You can still enjoy the goodness of cream and cheese when you’re on a vegan diet and Woolworths Australia is there to support you with your healthy choice.

Don’t know what to put in your basket? Look for these items instead:

Essentials Coconut Cream 400ml

Coconut is always the best alternative for cream when you’re on a vegan diet. Packed with the creaminess and the goodness of milky and condensed taste, it is made from coconut extract that’s guilt-free for a vegan like yourself. Moreover, you need not worry about its contents —- it also has lesser carbs good for vegans who want to trim down extra weight while enjoying the sweetness of coconut cream.

Ayam Coconut Cream 270ml

Enriched with the fuller taste of sweetness and coconut, this cream has the power to enhance the flavours of your desserts and meals. It gives a thicker consistency with a touch of creamy texture for a taste that will never disappoint you. More so, it only has 2g of carbs that is suited for any kind of caloric-deficit diet.

Macro Organic Light Coconut Cream 400ml 

Want a cream that’s thick yet feels light? Then this product might be just the one you’re looking for. Made from organic coconut extract that does not have artificial additives, this will get you hooked due to its flavorful coconut creaminess.

Sheese Mature Cheddar Vegan Cheese Block 200g

Made fully from organic ingredients, this cheddar cheese is vegan-friendly but still brings about the pungent flavour, sharp texture, and earthy taste you always experience from dairy-based cheese. It’s also milk-free, lactose-free, and soy-free, which makes it great also for those on a low FODMAP diet. Nevertheless, it tastes like real cheese but with an organic dash to it.

Sheese Creamy Original Vegan Cheese Spread 255g 

Why not out cream and cheese and make creamy cheese? That’s right —— you can get the best of both worlds with this organic cheese made solely from plant-based ingredients that don’t compromise your vegan lifestyle. No GMO, artificial flavours, and preservatives, but still with a creamy and milky flavour to it brought by its sweet and salty coconut cream and additional organic flavours. You’ll be amazed with this “Sheese” spread at Woolworths that’s perfectly paired with any bread of your liking.

Ssm Uht Natural Coconut Cream 200ml

Sourced from the tropical land of Indonesia, this thick, rich, and creamy coconut cream is all-natural without any artificial contents. It’s so fresh as a newly harvested coconut, and sweet too without any cholesterol. You can pair this with your vegan pasta and desserts, and even fruit shakes too —- you’ll forever be grateful for how milky and nutritious it is.

If you’re vegan, you always have to consider buying food that is plant-based; being vegan limits your food intake. However, with the alternatives of the usual food to something organic and cruelty-free, you’ll be amazed how other food like milk and cream can still taste the same. Thus it is necessary to purchase food without dairy involved and switch to coconut milk for a healthy and calorie deficit cream and cheese you’ll always adore.

With these selections from Woolworths, perhaps it’s about time to have a taste of cream and milk —- guilt-free and animal-friendly.

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