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What Jobs Can You Get With a Counselling Degree in Australia?

by Aiza

Are you one of those people who feel great whenever you’re able to help someone? Then being a counsellor could be the perfect job for you.

In Australia, counselling roles can be found in different work setups. Counselling often helps managers boost their subordinates’ morale. Also, medical workers can use this to enhance care to patients as well as social workers to provide thoughtful and considerate service to the underprivileged.

Different areas such as psychotherapy, relationship, and school counselling are just a few of the options that one can be an expert with. 

Let’s see which of these counselling roles will be perfect for you:

Four Counselling Roles 

School Counsellor 

Remember those high school days when some of us would be called on to the guidance counsellor’s office for issues typical students experience? While you may think that a school counsellor has an easy job of just listening and giving advice, you might be surprised to know that those tasks are just icing on the cake. A school counsellor has the duty to provide support and guidance to people in the whole campus together with their families as well. They can provide support to students experiencing peer pressure or to others who are having family issues that greatly affect their studies. This job is in fact one of the interesting roles for you will be able to help promote self-esteem through enhancement of the integrated mental, physical and psychosocial aspects of life during this crucial stage.

Financial Counsellor 

One famous author named Scott Pape is a financial counsellor known for his excellent skills in money matters. He had given financial advice to countless people and even wrote one of Australia’s best-selling books entitled “The Barefoot Investor”. His role as a financial counsellor has helped thousands who have been struggling with their finances. 

One important point that Pape emphasized is that being a financial counsellor doesn’t just involve addressing money issues. It is also about lending an ear to a dad who’s suffering a serious illness, a single mother who got terminated from work, or even a young entrepreneur who’s been buried in debt and doesn’t know how to get out of it. 

Rehabilitation counsellor

While most people may confuse this with something that involves drug addiction or alcoholism, this role actually means counselling people recuperating from sickness or injury as well as those experiencing social detachment. Recovering from an illness and having a disability can put a toll on someone’s life, therefore rehabilitation counsellors are there to help them. Tasks usually include providing strategies to perform activities of daily living, getting back on track in the workplace, and having access to different services that they need.

Jo Muirhead, a rehabilitation counsellor and a business coach in the healthcare industry in Australia, believes that it is vital to be able to help people fulfil their sense of belonging in the environment after experiencing issues and traumas in the past. 

Relationship counsellor

As we often see in movies, relationship counsellors enter the scene whenever the married couple is on the brink of a divorce, or sometimes if they just simply don’t see their relationship working out the way it’s supposed to be. For one, that’s a typical scenario. However, being a relationship counsellor has quite a broader scope of a role. One example is when new parents have just had a newborn and they suddenly had a hard time adapting to this change. There are those who have the tendency to go the easy way out by leaving and abandoning the family simply because they can’t bear the thought that they can actually take the role of being good parents. 

As a relationship counsellor, one must be able to let the couple have a full understanding of why they are experiencing such feelings and let them know that these feelings are valid. With this, there’s a wider perspective that can be achieved, which will help the clients develop their own coping skills in situations like this. 

Alternative career opportunities

There are also alternative roles that a counsellor can perform. If you think that the above-mentioned ones don’t fit you, then take a look at the following options.

Youth Counsellor

One example of being a youth worker is teaching music and arts to children and helping them enhance their innate talents. This also helps them to gain self-confidence and develop their social skills through interaction with others.

Family Support Counsellor

This role usually takes part in organizations helping families in protecting children, health and services. 

Private Counsellor 

This one can also work with organizations and provide training and teachings concerning mental health. Another highlight of this role is helping children having a developmental delays and people with cognitive disabilities.


Also known as talking therapy, this involves a group of therapies designed to help people improve their coping abilities and strategize more if there are changes to be made.

No matter what role you choose, it’s always important to keep in mind that counselling basically creates a profound impact in the lives of others and will always be a reputable profession.


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