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Things to do in Lorne, Victoria with kids

by Aiza

Lorne is one of the best beach locations in Victoria that has a lot of exciting things to do. From picnics, beaches, and cafe hopping, there’s just so much that you can do that you may want to stay not only a day but two. Known for its arts community as well, Lorne is a highly recommended place when you visit Victoria, and more so, you can also enjoy visiting the tourist spots when you have kids around you.

We know that you’re confused about what you’re gonna do with your kids at Lorne. It may be a place to relax and unwind, but it can offer something worth the excitement for your young ones. If you’re planning to visit Lorne anytime soon or are still not sure if you’re going to, take good notes – here are the top things you can do and visit when you have kids with you in the beautiful landscape of Lorne, Victoria.

Hit the Beach

Lorne is located at the Great Ocean Road known for its dazzling and amazing beaches that no one will ever get tired of. And with Lorne being one of the top locations with the best beaches in town, it’s a no-brainer that the first thing that you must do with your kids is to enjoy the beach.

One thing is that you may have a bias when it comes to beaches in the crowd. Of course, we just want to relax and enjoy having a dip in the salty ocean or have a stroll along the sandy stretch with the best views of the horizon. However, interestingly, Lorne gives a hold of that prejudice – it’s one of the most unvisited beaches on the Great Ocean Road, and every day it almost feels empty. Hence, it’s a perfect spot to avoid too many people where your kids can just bask in the sun and feel free. You may even have beer to satisfy your need for a quick retreat with the family.

Moreover, if you’re into surfing, you can teach your kids how to catch waves; Lorne is the best spot for beginners, intermediate, and expert surfers. Additionally, kayaking and canoeing are allowed. Yet, if chilling is your trip, then just swim and build a sand castle with the kids. Frisbee? Let those discs fly free!

There’s nothing that you can’t do at the beach with kids. What more can you ask for?

Visit the Waterfalls

When you thought things couldn’t get any better, think again. With Lorne being a top spot to go to the beach, it’s also one of the most exciting places where you can go waterfall viewing with your kids. And no, you don’t have to go through extreme walks just to get a glimpse of the amazing waterfalls; it just takes minutes and you won’t have to worry about your kids getting exhausted.

Be on a gentle track that’s made perfect for families with Won Wondah Falls and Henderson Falls. Both waterfalls are located close to the Sheoak Picnic Area, 1.8k away. Your kids will definitely love the smell and the freshness of nature, where they can play on puddles and spot fungi in the lush fern gully of the area. By the time you’ll reach the waterfalls, you’ll be amazed by the fascinating cascades and falls, where you can front your camping chairs and just admire the beauty it gives you. You may also want to dip your feet in the cold waters pooling under the falls – the best part after an hour of hiking with young ones.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and you have kids that aren’t infants or toddlers anymore, there’s still a bounty of falls to visit and run your wandering eyes around; always get your kids to have an experience of the picturesque nature that’s once in a lifetime.

See the Wildlife

Kids cannot get enough of animals when they see one; and if they see animals that are only seen in the wild, it would fascinate them from ear to ear. Hence, it’s always a good idea to see the wildlife, interact, or just say hello to the furry animals.

Lorne’s beautiful landscape is home to different animal species. Koalas may be seen on the bushland and forests of Lorne as you’re on the hiking journey to the waterfalls, and even on the streets. If you want to see them in large groups, you may also head to the Kennett River – it’s the Koala Capital of Victoria!

If you’re up to see whales surfacing the ocean, you can do so by visiting Teddy’s Lookout. You’ll be amazed to see different whales, from humpbacks, orcas, and blue whales and they also happen to swim the seas of Lorne between May to early October. Heads up, you may also be lucky to find some dolphins swimming by and giving you a good show.

Nevertheless, Lorne also features an elusive creature that you may not find typically elsewhere: behold, the platypus says hello to you! You may spot them at Lake Elizabeth, and watch them swim in the shallow waters with their flat and long beaks surfacing the waters as they glide the water. You may also take a picture with them if you happen to see any, and they’ll be very glad to pose while your kids smile behind them. Ain’t that cute?

Rappel and Zip Away

We know your kids may be tired of nature, and all those walks from hiking and sightseeing. However, we know they’ll gain their energies back when they come across an adventure park along the bushland of Lorne.

Go on a ropes course at Live Wire Adventure Park, where they can enjoy gliding, climbing, and beating outdoor courses with newfound friends. They can go to the Shockwave Zip Coaster, Super, and Short Circuit, and get amped with the exciting activities they can do in the park. You thought only kids can enjoy it? – You may also join the fun too! Nevertheless, their courses offer an adrenaline producer that the whole family can enjoy.

Take the depths and glide through the air with this amazing adventure park only at Lorne.

You’ll always enjoy it when you visit Lorne. With a whole lot of excitement packed with a nature-embracing experience for your family, you’ll be able to bond with the kids and let all the stress away.

Care to visit Lorne for a vacation? Grab your bags and visit the area on your nearest weekend!

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