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Things to do in Bright, Victoria with Kids

by Aiza

Bright is a wonderful town in Victoria known for its spectacular waterfalls, sparkling riverside parks and walks, and festivals and events. Nevertheless, it’s a seemingly peaceful town yet with lots of fun and exciting things to do, even when you’re with family, on a romantic weekend away or just by yourself.

However, as it is usually known for its fascinating bushland and tranquil environment, you might have not thought about what exciting things to do with your kids when you’re around Bright. As kids usually tend to look for something fun, you might even think that Bright is not the best place to get them enjoying a quick vacation.

Still, don’t let your guard down – Bright has a whole lot of fun in store for you so your kids will be enjoying staying for a day or two as will you! Here are the best things to do in Bright, Victoria.

Have Fun and Splash

Your kids will surely love how they can have a good splash, especially during the summer. Let them play, run around, and cool off at thw splash park in Bright.

The Bright Splash Park and River Pool offers the whole family-friendly water fun. Wait below the waterfall and get splashed with water from an old gold dredge bucket that will dump down your bodies. Moreover, you can also play on the water cannon with a pair, and drench your kids as you squirt the fresh water on them. Additionally, swim on the crystal clear and cold river with lifeguards on watch, with a slide that splashes water as well as someone slides down it. If your family wants to hang around and chill along nature first, you may also sunbathe and have a picnic along the Ovens River, with a wide green landscape.

This park is a wonder for families, creating fun memories along the beautiful trees with some family fun-filled adventure your kids will certainly not get bored from.

Camp and Hike

The vast clear blue sky, the fresh smell of earthy and cool atmosphere, and the tranquil environment you’ll adore – this hidden gem 35k from Bright might be just the perfect spot for a family outing that your kids can still have fun at.

Mount Buffalo National Park lets families and friends reconnect with nature along with good family times, oozing with camping vibes where everyone can chill, season and grill those barbecues and baby back ribs, canoe along the calm lake, and maybe hike around the lovely forests.

Moreover, you can also let your kids experience caravanning at holiday parks in Bright. The NRMA Bright Holiday Park will be a good choice for you, where kids can bask in pools, and waterslides, and run around the natural green area all day long. Might as well have a picnic too under the tall trees to keep the experience even better. More so, you may also opt to go to Bright Caravan Park if you have toddlers with you. You can let your kids swim in swimming pools, let them enjoy the splash park and toddler wading area, or bounce on the giant pillow for an action-packed but safe play area for them. The best part? – they have a games room with a pool table, table tennis, and arcade games too!

Bright is truly a place of gem for some caravanning and camping, and you will not get enough of how kids will enjoy playing in the natural environment under the tall trees for some good and cool shade.

Get those hooks and fish

Get those fishing rods and hooks ready as your kids will have a great weekend getaway fishing. While bright has many mountains and alpines, it is a great destination for rivers and lakes with a bounty of fresh produce.

The Southern Fly Fishing Adventures is a one-of-a-kind experience when you’re visiting Bright, where the whole family can take on fishing activities and grill and cook their fresh catch over lunch. Say hello to Graham, your fishing grandpa buddy, and catch some good fish and take a picture after. This activity is country-side fun your kids can bask in, and you’ll be surprised how great they are at catching fish than you.

Fishing is a lot of fun – why not try it with your kids when you get to visit Bright?


When you’re hungry, there are always a lot of great choices for dining in Bright. They also bring in the finest and most delicious food, creating a way for your family to enjoy family time while filling your tummies to satisfy your cravings.

Starting your day with a good breakky is always a good idea. Bringing you the best meals on a bright sunny morning is Blackbird Cafe located at Gavan Street. With coffee, poached eggs, delicious pancakes, and cheesy toasts; your kids will always have something they want to try once you visit the place. All the more, if you don’t know what to eat for lunch, it’s never wrong going to a burger joint that kids will certainly adore. Burgerville Bright should be your top destination when the kids are craving burgers, with a wide variety of patties, sauces, and sides they will enjoy. Have some onion rings, chicken balls, chips, and cheesy in-betweens as you get here. Now, if you want to cap off the day with a fine dinner, then go for some steak! Sir Loins Bar and Grill is your next go-to dining area, serving you the juiciest and the most premium cuts of pork and beef your taste buds will be satisfied with. Be full with a grand serve of Tomahawk Steak, let kids crave churros and chocolate syrups, creme brûlée for that sweet tooth, and have some fun over craft beers and cocktails (but hey! Not too much, okay?)

There’s always something to try on at Bright that you and your kids will love. And the best way to do that is to eat, ain’t it right?


All things bright and beautiful – while you’re in Bright, there’s always something you can do. Caravanning, getting wet, camping and hiking, and of course eating.

Come on! Pack your bags and be ready to go. Bright is just a few miles away and just waiting for you!

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