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Top Tips For Celebrating Mother’s Day With A Newborn

by Aiza

When there is a newborn in your family, your daily routine tends to revolve around the baby’s erratic sleep and feeding schedule, with many nappy changes mixed in. It’s easy to get hyper-focused on the baby’s growing needs and if you’re not careful, your own needs may become secondary. If this is your first child, feeling overwhelmed is natural but don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to the process, and if you lean on those closest to you, it will definitely get easier as time goes on.

For all the Mums out there, your special day is coming up soon and after all the time and energy you have put into looking after your little one, you will no doubt be looking forward to a day of rest and pampering. Mother’s Day is there to recognise all of the effort, love, care and compassion that all the mums show every day and it’s important that you are made to feel special and important on this special day. Having a newborn might make things a little more challenging this mother’s day but it should also make things more special and one that you will remember forever.

From last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from the kids to enjoying breakfast in bed served by dad, continue reading for our tips to make Mother’s Day memorable.

Practice Self Care

It may seem somewhat counterintuitive as a new parent, but prioritising your own health is vital.  How can you effectively care for the child if you’re not mentally and physically in top shape? Your health goes hand in hand with looking after your baby as that child depends on you to be there for the long haul. Chances are, you’ve been running on fumes since you left the hospital.  Your sleep and eating routines have obviously changed. If they haven’t returned to normal, it’s time to do that now.

Lean on your partner. Set regular “shifts” where you have a quiet room to yourself for uninterrupted sleeping while someone cares for the newborn. Focus on returning to your regular, healthy eating routines. Start this process by enjoying breakfast in bed. Order in, or maybe have Dad and the kids prepare the meal. Make sure it’s nutritious, but there’s no shame in allowing yourself some sweet treats as a gift to yourself for what you’ve accomplished thus far in your new role as a mother. Other ways to pamper yourself include booking a massage or, even better, an entire morning at your favourite Spa.

Party And Gifts For Mom

Invite your closest family and friends over for brunch, followed by taking some unique photos to remember this Mother’s Day. The baby needs plenty of clothes to grow into, so gifts should centre around the things Mom will need in the short term. Socks, undies, baby t-shirts, toys, and other things along these lines are always a good choice.

The other kids in your family should be included in the celebrations too. They can get involved with the help of Dad, gifting various other gifts that show their love for Mom and the family’s newest addition. These might include Handmade greeting cards, picture frames, or similar sentimental gifts, making mom breakfast or cookies, or even doing some of her chores since she’ll be tired from numerous late-night diaper changes. Anything to show their support for Mum and her tireless work in raising the family.

Get Outdoors

Mother’s Day happens when Spring is in full bloom so take this opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy all of that beautiful natural sunlight and fresh, clean air. Improve everyone’s mood by going to a local park or just having a party in your backyard. Take the family on a hike or perhaps visit the zoo or a local botanical garden. You’ve probably spent way too much time indoors lately so now that the weather is warmer and Mother’s Day is finally here, take the chance to get out there and enjoy nature while celebrating your special day.

You can make this even more unique and family-centred by planting a tree in your backyard dedicated to the newborn and mom. Give the tree a name, perhaps the same one as the newborn and then gather the family to capture this magical moment. You can even continue the tradition every Mother’s Day going forward, taking photos documenting the tree’s growth alongside the growth of your family for a truly unique, lasting, meaningful connection that future generations can forever cherish.

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special For New Mums

Mother’s Day celebrates the love and sacrifice you have for your child, and the hard work that you put into looking after your baby every day and will continue to provide throughout your child’s life. Whether you are a new Mum, you know someone who has recently had a new baby or you are the partner of a mother with a newborn, you need to step up and make this Mother’s Day as special as possible. Following the tips outlined above you can ensure that this will always be a Mother’s Day to remember.

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