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The Best Types of Cat and Dog Doors Available In Australia

by Kayla Mackinnon

Cat doors are great if you don’t want to get up and let your cat out each time they want to go outside. But there are many things to consider such as whether you are renting or whether you would like to be able to close the cat door at night or when you want to keep your cat inside. 

While cats are best left indoors there are times when their instincts will take over and they will just want to get out of the house. 

Here are the best types of cat doors and what they do so you can decide which cat door is best for you. 

Do Pet Doors Need To Be Installed By A Professional?

There are some types of pet doors that can be installed by yourself such as ones that slide into your sliding door panels but ones that require putting a hole in an existing door or window might need a professional. A professional will be able to install it quickly and properly. If you do it yourself you might not have the right tools required and might do some irreversible damage to your doors. If you want to save some time I’d go with the professional. They’ll have the experience and tools necessary to install a pet door as quickly and safely as possible. A professional will also ensure that the pet door is weatherproof which is very important.

Best for Renters: Patiolink Sliding Door Pet Panel Insert 

The patio cat door is best for those who are renting or those who don’t want to permanently alter their homes. 

This door is height adjustable so it should fit most door sizes. However, it is important to note that it is generally only suitable for sliding and screen doors. So depending on where your sliding door is you will need to take into consideration whether or not it will work in your home. 

It is fully lockable so security shouldn’t be an issue. And the best part is, is that it is removable meaning that you can take it with you if you ever move or if you go on holiday. 

Best Pet Door For Those Who Want To Keep Their Cats In At Night: PetSafe Staywell, Magnetic Cat Door, With 4-Way Lock

There are many reasons why you might like to leave your cat indoors at night. Your local council may have restrictions on cats being out at night. This is due to the fact that cats tend to fight each other at night which can spread diseases such as FIV. Cats generally tend to hunt at night which wreaks havoc on local wildlife. 

Lockable cat doors are great for those who want to keep their cats in at night. There are many on the market so it shouldn’t be hard to find one within your budget. 

Best if There Are Other Cats In The Neighbourhood: The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

A microchip cat door uses the unique microchip of your I.D as a form of identification.

The cat door will only open up to animals that have their microchips stored in the device. 

If there are stray cats, neighbourhood cats, wild animals, or rodents this is a great solution. You wouldn’t want to risk another animal or stray cat smelling your cat’s food and being lured into your home. 

The door simply requires 4 AA batteries that you should replace every 6 months.  The door can store up to 32 microchip numbers meaning that it works even if you have multiple pets.

Which cat door do you like best? Let us know in the comments below. 

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