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The Best Viral TikTok Cleaning Products That Actually Work

by Kayla Mackinnon
Viral tiktok cleaning products

Have you found yourself stuck on Cleantok? I know I have. I always get stuck watching the videos. They’re so satisfying to watch and inspire me to clean my house.

Cleaning has never been trendier. People are taking cleaning to the next level and are turning it into an obsession. It seems that there are thousands of “cleanfluencers” all over Tiktok and Instagram. Here are the best and most viral TikTok cleaning products trending right now.

Scrub Mommy and Scrub Daddy


Reply to @jessicaann494 I get questions like these every video so I decided to pinpoint my top 10 fave things about the original @scrubdaddy #cleantok #scrubdaddy #scrubdaddypartner

♬ original sound – Nottheworstcleaner

Scrub Daddy is Tiktok’s most famous sponge and for good reason. It can be used on all surfaces and will lift grime and stubborn stains without damaging and scratching your surfaces and belongings. The Scrub Daddy is firm in cold water for intense scrubbing and soft in warm water for gentle cleaning. It can be used to clean ovens, surfaces, sinks, dishwashers, dishes and more. It’s good to have several of these around the house for different uses. The Scrub Daddy can be sanitised by cleaning it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Scrub Daddy – Eraser Daddy With Scrubbing Gems 


AD – Scrubdaddy eraser is a must in our house!! @scrubdaddyuk 🙌🏻☺️ #fyp #scrubdaddyuk #brandpartner #earser #cleantok #cleanwithabbi

♬ Tell Me Something Good – Ewan McVicar

The Eraser Daddy Sponges claim to last 10 times longer than standard melamine eraser sponges. They work wonders at removing soap scum and hard-to-remove stains from just about anything you can think of. If you have young kids who sometimes like to get creative and draw on the walls you might want to have a few of these handy. Your walls will never be cleaner.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff


Reply to @2anisha6 So shiny!🤩 #cleantok #thepinkstuffpaste #thepinkstuff #thepinkstufftooth #sinkscrub #sinkclean #cleanwithme

♬ Beautiful World – The Kooks & Milky Chance

The Pink Stuff is tough on grime and gentle on your surfaces. You will see this stuff all over Tiktok and for good reason. It’s a miracle cleaner. It works well on limescale, stoves, ovens, shoes and bathrooms.  Even if you hate cleaning you will love using this and seeing what you can clean next with it.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner


Trying out #thepinkstuff cream cleaner on my balcony tiles and I couldn’t be more happier ✨ #racunshopee #cleantok #tiktokmademe @cleanwithpinkstuff

♬ Build a B*tch – Bella Poarch

Most cream cleansers leave behind a streaky finish, the Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleanser claims to not do this. It will leave your stoves, sinks, silverware and just about anything else you can think of sparkling like new.

This Miracle Viakal Limescale Remover Spray 


This was so ridiculously easy🥵🥵 #cleantok #limescaleremoval #showerclean #limescale #viakal

♬ Goodbye Mr A – The Hoosiers

Limescale is gross and something people often forget to clean. Think about it most people clean their shower screens and grout but usually forgot to properly clean their tapware. This stuff will actually make you want to clean all the tapware in your house. It is incredibly satisfying to clean and to watch others clean with this.

Koh Multipurpose Spray 


Grout clean 🧼 🤮 #groutcleaning #grout #cleantok #mumswhoclean #melbourne #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks #koh #deepclean #gross #beforeandafter #fyp

♬ original sound – M

Koh is an eco-friendly cleaner that actually works. Most eco-friendly cleaners lack the tough ingredients in chemical-based cleaners but Koh works great and works wonders at breaking down grease. Koh is actually my main household cleaner and I use it for nearly everything. My favourite thing to use it for is on my windows and mirrors.  It does a great job on the glass. Also, the Koh tools and accessories are great the spray mop is great if you have laminate floors and the diamond sponges work wonders at cleaning your oven.

Sabco Spray Mop 


The simple DIY that will leave your walls sparkling + home smelling amazing ✨ #hometips #LearnOnTikTok #homehacks

♬ abc (nicer) – GAYLE

People on Tiktok aren’t using the Sabco Spray Mop to clean their floors. They’re using it to clean their walls and cabinets! Cleaning walls and cabinets are usually exhausting, time-consuming and is something a lot of people put off. Having clean walls and cabinets will make your home look pristine. This hack will make cleaning your walls much easier and less time consuming.

Chomchom Roller – a Pet Hair Remover That Actually Works


I know I’m late to the train #ad #amazonfinds #cleantok #homediy #homecleaningtips #chomchomroller #amazonfavorites #chitosworkshop

♬ EARN YA – Xavier White

If I’m being honest I often put off removing pet hair from my couches and chairs because I can’t be bothered bringing out my vacuum. Lint rollers work pretty well but they run out and need to be replaced over time. The Chomchom roller is a reusable pet hair remover that can be emptied and used time and time again, and it actually works! Most reusable pet hair removal products don’t work that well but this one really does the trick.

A Dishwasher Magnet That Tells Everone If The Dishes Are Clean or Dirty


#ad If you have a dishwasher you need one!✨ #cleantok #dishwasher #dishwashermagnet #coomazy #fyp #momsoftiktok #foryoupage #viral

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

How annoying is it when your kids or other people in your household put dirty dishes in the clean dishwasher? Well, you won’t need to worry about that anymore with this dishwasher magnet that you can use to let everyone in your house know if the dishes are clean or dirty. No more an

BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the sound of spring cleaning.

♬ original sound – bissellsocial

Keeping your furniture and car clean if you have kids and pets can be impossible. Stains are inevitable and will happen eventually. The Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner will steam clean your carpet, staircases, furniture and car effortlessly without the need to call in a professional. Complete game changer.

A Dishwand That Will Help You Clean Your Shower While You Shower 


⭐️ 3 Shower Cleaning Hacks ✨🍃 #cleaninghacks #homehacks #cleaningtips #homehackswithcarolina

♬ original sound – Sickickmusic

You already have to shower so why not clean your shower while you’re in it? While your conditioner is soaking why not clean while you wait instead of just standing around? Simply fill a dish brush with a mixture of half vinegar and half dish soap and scrub your shower while you shower! It will save you from having to get on your hands and knees and scrub your shower once a week.

A Power Scrubber Brush For Effortless Scrubbing and Bathroom Cleaning 


Bathroom Cleaning Hacks – part 2 ✨💓 #cleaninghacks #bathroomcleaning #cleaningtips #hometips #homehackswithcarolina

♬ Toxic x Pony – ALTÉGO

scrubbing on your hands and knees is exhausting. Why get your hands dirty and scrub if you don’t have to. This scrubbing brush does the hard work for you so you don’t need to break a sweat. It comes with several attachments and is great for people with back problems. The extendable handle means you don’t need to bend down while cleaning.

A Rubbermaid Power Scrubber For Your Grout


Rubbermaid power scrubber, link is in bio! #GossipGirlHere #DontSpillChallenge #rubbermaidreveal #rubbermaidbrush #rubbermaidpowerscrubber #cleaning

♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

This scrubber will get into all your nooks and crannies. It will even scrub your stubborn grout without you having to put in any elbow grease. This tool can be used to clean shoes, overs, tapware, drains, showers and anything else you can think of!

A Silicone Toilet Brush 


New toilet brush day 💃 #cleantok #homewithchloex #satisfyingclean #asmrclean #toilettok

♬ Castaways – The Backyardigans

I know this doesn’t sound that exciting but silicone is a good choice. I have had multiple toilet brush bristles fall off into the toilet over time and getting them out is not fun. You don’t have to worry about as much nasty stuff building up and creating its own ecosystem in your toilet brush. The Silicone bristles scrub properly and get the job done faster and more hygienically. As a bonus, the silicone dries much more quickly than other brushes so it won’t get as mouldy and musty as other toilet brushes. Gross!

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover


6 kids and white fabric furniture. Folex is the solution to all stains! #fyf #foryou #cleaning #cleaninghacks #diy #motherfood #foryou #stains

♬ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

This stuff is a little pricey but a lot cheaper than replacing your carpet or your couch. It can be used in your car, on your dining chairs, couches, rugs, carpet and even on your clothes if you have an especially stubborn stain. The before and after videos are insane. If you have kids that tend to spill things on your couch and carpet then I would highly consider getting this.

Have you used these viral Tiktok cleaning products? If so do they live up to the hype? What are your favourite Tiktok cleaning hacks and products?

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