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5 Garage Organisation Tips

by Sara C
garage storage tips

Keeping the garage clean and organised can be a tiring mission in itself. Most of us are reluctant to start cleaning the garage as it usually ends up in the same state later.

However, these helpful tips should help you bring your garage under control and prevent clutter from forming in the future. These are inexpensive ideas and will only take up a bit of your time while saving you lots of time by not having to clean up the garage in the future.

1. Add storage baskets

These are cheap and can be found at discount variety stores. Simply purchase some metal storage baskets and mount them to your garage wall to drastically reduce clutter. Labels can be added for further neatness and order.

2. Mount a peg board

Mount a peg wall to your garage wall for many different uses. Add hooks to hold tools or other small items. Smaller bins and baskets can also be added to hold nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits and more.

3. Add shelves

Shelves are another essential item to have in the garage to keep it organised. Great for storing cans of paint or other bottled liquids. Or add items into a tray or tub and place them on the shelves. Label for added convenience.

4. Hang bicycles on walls

There are mountable wall hooks available to neatly store bicycles in the garage, even if it’s a concrete wall. A great way to store your bicycle or other large tools.

5. Install cabinets

Installing cabinets yourself is not that difficult and can save you a lot of money. They can be purchased pre-built and only need to be added to a wall. Add enough cabinets and most items may fit inside giving your garage a clean look.

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