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4 Tips for Keeping Your Fridge Mould Free in Storage

by Sara C

Mould is the biggest concern when storing a refrigerator. If not stored correctly, there’s a risk of mould growth to the point where the fridge would be unusable once taken out of storage.

Here are some tips for making sure your fridge is mould free when taking it out of storage.

1. Leave time for defrosting

Remove all food in the fridge and unplug it before starting to clean it. Ideally, you should defrost the fridge for a week before transporting it to storage.

2. Give the fridge a full clean

Mould can be formed by moisture and spread throughout the fridge, but it is most commonly formed by food debris left in the fridge, so cleaning it properly is paramount to prevent mould growth.

Pests are also attracted to any food left over so make sure to clean drawers, shelves or other removable parts using warm and slightly soapy water.

Abrasive cleaners are too strong for inside the fridge and can cause damage or leave odours, but using a mixture of baking soda in water with a couple of tablespoons per cup works great.

3. Keep it dry

Once the fridge has been fully defrosted and cleaned you’ll need to make sure it’s completely dry, otherwise, mould and mildew will be running wild when you remove it from storage.

Remove the doors on the refrigerator or leave them to completely dry out.

4. Keep it upright

Minimise tipping of the fridge to avoid issues when turning it back and try to keep it upright as possible.

If the fridge has been tipped on its side, place it upright and wait 48 hours before turning it again to avoid failure of components.

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