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What is Bamboo Underwear? Natural Undergarments Uncovered

by Sara C
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We don’t really tend to think of underwear as something that’s advancing or developing in the same way that the rest of the clothing world is. Whilst it’s true that undergarments tend to be less visible than their outerwear contemporaries, that doesn’t mean that change isn’t happening with bras, briefs, and beyond. New materials are being developed, trends change, and the way that we look at underwear shifts over time. This is how bamboo underwear became such a big trend over the past few years.

For those that haven’t come across the term before, the idea of, say, a bamboo G-string in Australia may seem a little strange. After all, we don’t usually think of bamboo for its stretchy comfort as far as wearing it is concerned, but the reality of these Poaceae pants may surprise you. So, today, we’re going to take a deep dive into a down-under trend and understand our undergarments a little better with a spotlight on bamboo underwear.

How Did Bamboo Underwear Become a Thing?

Soft is not exactly the first descriptor most of us think of when describing bamboo. Whilst it’s known as softer and more pliable than many comparable natural materials, as far as clothing is concerned, it’s not an obvious fit. However, bamboo has always been a material that pops up in surprising places. It’s fast-growing, strong, and highly versatile while requiring very little in the way of growth enhancement to get it to a usable size for harvesting. It can be used in food, biofuels, roofing, flooring, paper, and a seemingly endless parade of other contexts.

Naturally, many companies are trying to shift their manufacturing to be more sustainable. So, it was inevitable that bamboo ended up taking its place alongside other breathable, natural fabrics like cotton. Utilising advancements in textile processing, bamboo started being ground into a pulp, which was used to create new variant yarns. These yarns, known by the names bamboo modal, bamboo lyocell, and in some cases, viscose rayon, are known to be soft, highly comfortable, and very easy to blend with other materials. Thus, the market for bamboo underwear was born.

What Does Bamboo Underwear Feel Like?

In terms of comfort and texture, bamboo as an underwear material is most commonly compared favourably to silk. It offers a similar level of softness, but with the benefit that bamboo is significantly more cost-effective, allowing for the comfort and luxury of a premium material without the price that often accompanies them. Aside from that, bamboo underwear is breathable, stretchy, comfortable, and very gentle on the skin, making it great for those who tend to get chaffing or have reactions to more synthetic materials.

What Are the Other Benefits of Bamboo Undergarments?

So far, we have been nothing but positive about bamboo as an underwear material, and honestly, that’s just because it’s hard to find anything bad to say about it! So, rather than trying to scrape together its downsides, let’s stay on this positivity bump and go through some more fantastic benefits of bamboo.

Bamboo Underwear is Highly Sustainable

If you’re someone that cares about the environment and wants to ensure that they are doing what they can to stay eco-friendly, you’re in luck! Bamboo is grown completely organically and doesn’t require a large amount of man-made irrigation or chemicals to produce. Plus, sharing a lot with others in the grass family of plants, it grows exceedingly quickly, making it easy to regenerate supplies once used. It’s easy to grow, affordable, and doesn’t require a lot of resources; what’s not to like?

Bamboo Underwear is Actually Healthy

As an antifungal and antibacterial material according to some studies, it will be hard for you to find a healthier choice when it comes to your underwear choices. Not only that, but its breathability and micro-gaps also mean that it wicks moisture away from the body, leading to a much more comfortable experience.

Bamboo Underwear Doesn’t Shrink

Unlike some other materials, even quite high-quality ones, bamboo isn’t known to shrink or lose its shape between washes. As long as you follow washing instructions and treat them relatively carefully, you should never have to worry about shrinking or shape loss throughout the life of your underwear.


So, there you have it. Whilst it’s easy to say that certain materials aren’t going to be for everyone, bamboo underwear’s quality, hypoallergenic material, sustainability, comfort, durability and many other benefits make it a fantastic choice if you want to put a little more care into your undergarments. So, why not give your body a little gift and try some out for yourself?

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