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What to bring to the gym

by Sara C
things you bring to the gym

Going to the gym can be a daunting task for a number of reasons outside of the general lack of motivation. Many gym-goers may not know the etiquette of the gym when it comes to equipment, what you’re expected to bring and cleaning as well. Thankfully going to the gym doesn’t have to be a stressful event if you use these essential tips for what to bring to the gym.

What clothes to wear to the gym

Gym clothes can vary in look, feel and purpose, so it can be hard to know exactly where to start. When you think of the gym only one thing comes to mind, sweat. For gym clothes you want to ensure what you’re wearing is conducive for sweating and releasing the excess body heat you’ll be generating. Heavy, non-breathable fabrics are a definite no go at the gym, as they can cause overheating and fatigue a lot faster. Try wearing clothes that naturally wick the sweat and moisture away, help you remain cool and won’t weigh you down too much. You might also want to get a feel for the gym before you choose your attire as the vibe of a gym in Caulfield North is going to be different from one in South Yarra.

Why you need gym clothes and shouldn’t just wear old clothes

You may find a lot of gym clothes on sale by major brands are quite tight, don’t worry this is by design. These tighter gym clothes are often manufactured to be more breathable, help move the moisture away and improve performance. By wearing tight clothing you remove resistance which can be particularly helpful for running or cardio-based exercises. The key takeaway when it comes to what clothes to wear to the gym is prioritising comfort. Find fit for purpose clothing that feels comfortable, the last thing anyone needs is to workout in clothes that make them uncomfortable.

What shoes to wear to the gym

Footwear is a hotly debated topic when it comes to going to the gym. The answer to what shoes you should wear is, of course, complicated and all depends on what type of exercise you’re doing. High-intensity training that involves a lot of impact exercises, like jumping, means you’ll want to wear shoes that have a supportive heel. If you are focusing more on weight lifting or powerlifting, you’ll want to make sure you wear flatter shoes. Weight lifting in gym shoes with a large foam heel or too much support can disrupt the power distribution and impact your ability to lift at the top end of your abilities and do activities like slam balls. The best way to approach the shoes you wear in the gym is to ensure you have a variety of shoes for the type of exercise you’re doing. Not only will it help improve your performance, but it will also help you avoid muscle injuries.

What is a gym towel and do I need one?

It’s only natural that when you hear you need a towel for the gym, you open the cupboard and grab a bath towel. When it comes to bringing a towel to the gym, you want to be sure that you bring a towel that is fit for your purpose. You could bring a bath towel, but after a few towels, you might regret bringing a towel that absorbs sweat instead of wicking it away. Gym towels are designed to wick away moisture, are lighter and a more appropriate size for the job at hand.

There are a number of options on the market, including smaller sized towels, be sure to check with your gym though as they may have requirements for the equipment to be covered completely. One of the best tips for getting your hands on an appropriate gym towel is to purchase one from your gym. The towels at the gym are certain to be fit for purpose and will meet any guidelines the gym may have in place for members.

What to look for in a gym bag

Gym bags are not an essential item for the gym, but they are incredibly handy to have, especially if you travel to work after the gym. When you are looking for a gym bag there are a few things you want to look out for. Multiple compartments are always a great asset in any gym bag, otherwise, you may have clean clothes going into a space that had dirty clothes in it the day before. With multiple compartments, you can avoid that cross-contamination nightmare.

A water bottle holder is another great feature to look for, that way you won’t need to carry the bottle or run the risk of it spilling inside the bag. The final criteria you want to assess any gym bag against is the ease with which you can clean it. Cleaning a gym bag should be done at least once a week and you’ll want a gym bag that is made of a fabric you wet and dry quickly. The last thing you want is for your gym bag to still be wet when you go to use it. Make sure to use strong disinfectants when cleaning your gym bag to kill any residual bacteria. Look for scent-free cleaners to avoid your clothes, towel or even shoes smelling of heavy chemicals.


Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a daunting task and should be something you look forward to. Whether you’re unsure about what to wear, the shoes you need or what bag to purchase, you’ll find all the tips you need here to make going to the gym a breeze.

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