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How To Plan The Perfect Wedding For 2023 

by Aiza
How To Plan The Perfect Wedding For 2023 

Getting married has to be one of the most magical days in your life. This is where you finally tie the knot with your partner and decide that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

While the actual wedding can really be exciting, planning for the big day can be quite exhausting, especially since there are plenty of things to keep in mind. But with proper preparation, you can allow the day to be spectacular as you keep everything in order. 

Planning for a wedding ceremony in Australia would never be quick and easy, especially if you aim to have a perfect one. However, year after year, the challenges of planning a wedding can be more difficult as more obstacles arise. But along with those challenges, new trends are also popping out which can be amazing for your big day. 

To help you out, below are some ways you can plan for the perfect wedding this 2023: 

1. Book The Venue First 

Unless you have a specific date in mind when you plan your wedding, the first thing you need to do is to book a venue first. While there are plenty of things you might want to do, securing your venue is very crucial as they get unavailable in a matter of minutes. If you’re planning to have your wedding at a popular establishment like anywhere from wedding venues Townsville, then you need to book at least 12-14 months in advance just to guarantee your date.  

After you book your venue, you can be at peace as you can guarantee that there’ll be a place you’ll be holding a wedding. This is the most important step, as it’s pretty useless to book for other vendors when you don’t have a place to host the wedding. Moreover, you need to let your vendors know where they’ll be delivering their services, as you can’t follow this up as your location might not be under their coverage area. 

2. Choose The Perfect Theme 

Your theme is what makes your wedding. This is where you’ll base everything you need for the wedding. 

Ideally, you should pick a venue that matches well with the theme you’re going for or allow your designers to work their magic and transform any place into your motif. There are plenty of wedding themes that you can choose from for your wedding. You can go with traditional, pastel, romantic, glamorous, or vintage. 

However, if you want your theme to be unique, you could incorporate the things you both love and turn that into your wedding. It could be your favourite movie or TV show, favourite colours, or sport that you both share. It’ll help to make the wedding more personal and special. 

3. Craft Your Guest List 

Identifying your guest list is another important factor you need to consider for your wedding planning. While giving yourself a rough estimate of how much you plan to invite, listing down who you’d actually want to come might require you to adjust your numbers. This will define if you need a larger or smaller venue that can provide comfort and accommodation for your guests too. 

If you’re planning an intimate wedding, then you need to specify your guest lists, including your VIPs, so you can further arrange the seating chart and see if your venue is appropriate for your number of guests. Alternatively, if you plan to host a big wedding party, then you need to make room for their plus one so you can accommodate everyone on your wedding day.  

4. Send Out Invitations Early 

As you finalize your guest lists, you must send out your save-the-date cards at least six months before the wedding. This way, your guests can block out their schedule and reserve it just for your wedding day. You can send your formal invites three to four months before the wedding to get their guest RSVP.  

If you’re planning to have a destination wedding, then it’s ideal for informing your guests at least six to eight months in advance so they can book their flights and accommodation. Nonetheless, if you have an extra budget, you might want to consider booking their accommodation instead so you can help them and just focus on doing their own thing.  

5. Reserve All Non-Negotiable Vendors 

Apart from your venue, there are plenty of things you need to book for your wedding day. Yet in the wedding industry, you need to act fast, as popular companies get fully booked at least six months before the wedding. To secure your slot and ensure you’ll get the best service, you should book for your non-negotiable vendors in advance.  

Ideally, you should book your photographer and videographer team, caterer, florist, cake artist, officiant, hair and make-up artist, accommodation for guests, DJ or band, transportation, wedding favours vendor, and invitations. The number of things you must have for your wedding can greatly affect your day’s flow if you miss one of them during your big day. To avoid any inconvenience and headaches, you should book their services immediately.  

6. Dress Shop In Advance 

One of the highlights of the wedding is seeing what the bride wears for the big day. There’s something with a white dress that helps to make the wedding look more romantic and beautiful. It’s how the bride looks magical and beautiful, as if they were living in a fairytale. Yet a beautiful wedding dress doesn’t happen overnight as there are months of preparation involved to create the perfect dress. 

Preferably, you should begin researching your wedding dress at least ten months before the wedding. This gives you enough time to research what kind of dress you’d like that’ll fit and hug your body comfortably while also matching the theme you’re going with. 

After deciding on the dress, you can now begin shopping at least eight to six months before the wedding. This gives your atelier enough time to adjust the dress to your size and allot for the dress-fitting schedule.

7. Set Your Budget 

Unless you’re willing to spend everything for your wedding, it’s important to set a budget for the big day. This helps you avoid overspending and gives you extra room to breathe after your wedding day. You can begin by canvassing how much you’re most likely to spend, given all the necessities you must have for your wedding. 

Plus, you can make a few adjustments by switching to a less-popular vendor or DIY some things for your wedding. This way, you can still have some money in your pockets to help you start your married life with bliss.  


Planning for the perfect wedding for 2023 would never be easy. With the number of things you need to do, you must act fast to ensure that you book the right and best people on the field. But with proper preparation and research, you should be able to find the best team that’ll help to make your wedding perfect in all ways. While it might require you to exert more effort, the results would absolutely be worth it.  



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