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Best Keto Frozen Meals at Woolworths Australia

by Aiza

Ketogenic diets have become popular in recent years. The ketogenic diet is low in carbs and high in fat and protein.  This diet can suit most people, as you don’t need to give up fatty food and cheese!  The Ketogenic diet has been a common ground for those who want to trim excess weight as fat burns faster than carbs/ 

However, most of us have a hard time preparing food for ourselves. As it takes extra effort, time management, and patience, preparing our meals can be frustrating. Thus, a lot of us are looking for keto-friendly foods. Keto frozen meals can be convenient and easy. 

Nonetheless, a lot of grocery stores offer various kinds of food for different diets. And guess what? Woolworths can offer you that keto-friendly frozen meal you’ve been eyeing buying! No need to go to a speciality expensive supermarket. 

Here are some keto-friendly foods from the frozen food section at Woolies.

Woolworths Garlic Chicken Bites 360g

Price: $5.00

Itching for some a Chicken Kiev? This keto frozen meal can be your heaven on earth. With a taste of the fragrant garlic butter with tender and juicy chicken, you’ll have your keto needs without even worrying about cheating on a meal. The low carb frozen meal product contains 7.8g of fat, 4.4g of protein, and 4.6g of carbs with every serving. If you’re really dedicated you can remove the batter to lower the carb content for a guilt-free snack.


Street Foodie Salt & Pepper Tofu 300g

Price: $7.50

Tofu isn’t for everyone but it is keto-friendly. These salt and pepper tofu bites make a great side dish and they also go great in a stir fry.  Just because this keto frozen food is meat-free doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty. Give it a try. I dare you. I bet you’ll like it.

Street Foodie Cauliflower Popcorn 300g

Price: $7.5

Popcorn chicken is high in calories and usually has a lot of batter. These popcorn cauliflower bites are low in carbs and are super tasty. Dip them in your favourite sauce and you won’t even know you’re eating veggies. This low carb frozen meal is just as good as the real thing.

Eastern Kitchen Kara-age Chicken 700g

Price: $15

Go Japanese with this chicken karaage in authentic Japanese herbs and spices. These recipes come from Asian-style marinade including ginger, garlic, and soy. It’s also deep-fried and frozen to create that ultimate and satisfying crunch you ought to die for. Even though it’s covered in batter, worry not as it only has 6.3g of carbs, 7g of fat, but with a high amount of 18.9g of protein. Now, who would not love some crunchy meal in a healthy pack, right? Oh, and don’t worry about the price; you can make 7 servings of it in a pack. This low carb frozen meal is surely is addicting but be mindful of your macros, pals!

Just Caught Atlantic Salmon Skinless 1kg

Price: $26

Date nights can be better even if you’re in keto mode with this frozen salmon frozen fresh just for you. Now you can have a date with your keto diet partner with this skinless salmon that has less than 1g of carbs, yet with 13.5g of fat, and 19g of protein in one pack. The salmon is caught from Norwegian shores, making it high quality and premium that’s just perfect for you. You may also pair it with a glass of wine, but dare not make sushi out of it (you might eat more rice when you make one!).

Ocean Chef Squid Salt & Pepper 360g

Price: $5

A savoury, crunchy, and salty treat for a meal, this squid ring is the ultimate bite for your satisfaction. Packed in ready-to-cook meals, you’ll have seafood rings with a crunchy twist that’s also right for your ketogenic diet. All the more, it has 15.7g of fat, 11g of protein, and only 9.7g of carbs for your keto needs. This keto frozen meal is your quick getaway to the oriental cravings with a dash of peppery taste. It’s also one of the Australian favourites at Woolworths —- it comes and goes fast!

Ready to take on the keto diet soon? Start with these keto diet frozen meals and you’ll never have to worry about portioning your fat, protein, and carbs. Everything is made for you for a fast and easy meal that’s guilt-free and keto-friendly too!


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