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100+ Tiger King Memes to distract you from 2020

by Kayla Mackinnon
simpsons tiger king meme corona virus covid-19

The only positive thing to come out of our Corona Virus lockdown is the amazing gift to humanity which is Netflix’s Tiger King documentary.

What an incredible ride this was. And with anything culturally significant, then came the memes. Here’s a nice big collection of Tiger King memes that have been keeping us entertained whilst in lockdown.

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disney+ releases frozen 2 netflix tiger king

Yes, Disney+ did release Frozen 2 early in many parts of the world, there is no denying that releasing this documentary wasn’t a fantastic rebuttal from the competing streaming service.

jeffrey epstein didn't kill himself carole baskin

We all know Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself and we all definitely know that maybe Carole Baskin killed her husband, maybe. Probably. Oh boy.

Bret Michaels joe exotic meme

Any fans of the band Poison or have watched VH1’s Rock of Love reality dating show with Bret Michaels would find it difficult not to notice that Joe Exotic looks like the version of Bret Michaels you would receive if you ordered from Wish.com or Ali Express.

tiger king feature film

There is seriously just so much going on here.

joe exotic hair dresser meme

With all the social distancing and incredibly confusing rules here in Australia about how long you can go to the hairdresser for, it’s no surprise people are being tempted to cut or dye their hair at home… Then needing to Facetime their hairdresser for help.

joe exotic is this my next husband meme

I still can’t believe Joe Exotic has married more straight males than I have.

gonna tell my kids that joe exotic was kid rock

Gonna tell my kids that it was really Joe Exotic who mashed up “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Werewolves of London” into “All Summer Long”, not Kid Rock.

post malone tiger king joe exotic

100% would love to see Post Malone marry Joe Exotic.

carole baskin meme when husband starts acting up tiger king

The number of memes involving Carole Baskin and threatening your husband is certainly concerning.

allen tiger king bath tub interview

I can assure I was screaming at the TV “Why is Allen being interviewed in a bathtub!”. We were glad he kept his shorts on though. Can’t deny that.

carole baskin mother teresa

We know Carole Baskin sees herself as a Mother Teresa figure for big cats and exotic animals, but all we can see her as is someone who maybe, probably killed her rich husband. Seriously, her lack of sympathy for the guy is suspicious as hell.

tiger king spiderman meme

Everyone is stupid but me.

tiger king meme choose a leader

I never thought much about big cat owners or even really knew this was a thing, but holy heck. Some of these people really did make me want to join their cults. Yes, Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and Doc Bhagavan Antle are basically cult leaders and despite everything, I kind of love all of them in a very confusing way.

tiger king i'm still single meme

Tiger King is certainly no confidence boost for single people out there. Carole snagged a multimillionaire husband, Antle had 5 wives at a time and Joe got 2 straight men to marry him. Why does everyone want to marry tiger owners?! What is going on here?!

Oklahomans watching tiger king mean girls meme

This meme from Mean Girls really sums it up when your town or city is getting publicity for all the wrong reasons. Sorry Oklahoma.

tiger king john finlay teeth meme

I can’t help but think that John Finlay’s missing teeth were my favourite part of Tiger King. I’m so glad he finally got those fixed up.

tiger king jet ski

If Tiger King couldn’t make me think more that this is like Eastbound and Down, it was this scene with James Garretson on a jet ski.

joshua dial i'm a libertarian so techically fuck the feds

If NWA was white people, “Fuck the Police” would definitely be translated to “Um, I’m a Libertarian, so technically, fuck the feds.”  Thanks for being you, Josh Dial, Joe’s Campaign Manager.

tiger king lost footage meme

The Tiger King has so much insane old footage that truly, despite the deaths, murders and heartache the people in this show have experienced, the part that made me saddest is knowing how much absolutely batshit insane footage was destroyed forever in that gator shack. How many more episodes could that footage have fueled? I’m sorry but I need more Tiger King in my life.

tiger king change my mind meme

If The Tiger King has taught me one thing, no one can remain straight if there’s a bag of meth involved. Seriously kids, don’t do meth.

carole baskin hey all you cool cats and kittens

My customer service voice – “Hey all you cool cats and kittens…” My real life voice “Guess what motherfucker!”. I don’t think there’s anyone who has ever worked in customer service who doesn’t feel this one.

i guaranteee ya, this corona virus strated in taht bitch Carole's meatgrinder

Literally everything bad in the world is definitely Carole Baskin’s fault.

tiger king meme that bitch carole baskins

Saying “that bitch Carole Baskins” has become the perfect alibi for literally everything.

saff hand bitten off tiger king

Absolutely amazed at how chill Kelci Saffery was with losing her hand.

tiger king carole howard baskin wedding

These wedding photos scare me.

joe exotic eyebrow ring

I love memes about Joe Exotic’s eyebrow ring.

always sunny in philadelphia tiger king conspiracy meme

I love Charlie Day and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s all 100% Carole Baskin. This is literally Joe every episode.

tiger king walking chucky doll James Garretson

Calling James Garretson a “walking Chucky doll” was certainly funny.

doc antle mugatu zoolander tiger king

I knew Doc Antle looked familiar from somewhere. He is definitely Mugatu from Zoolander.

tiger king game of thrones mem

Carole Baskin as Cersei Lannister

Joe Exotic as John Snow

Legendary Saff will make a great Jamie Lannister with her missing hand. Don’t know how she will feel about hooking up with Carole though.

Jeff Lowe as Ramsay Bolton

Erik Cowie as Sandor Clegane AKA The Hound

James Garretson as Lord Varys

joe exotic i am never going to financially recover from this

“I’m never going to financially recover from this” is definitely one of the best lines from this show that can be used in so many contexts.

holding onto my sanity about as well as joe exotics eyebrow ring

That eyebrow ring is definitely a character in its own right.

joe exotic genie mountain dew

I want to buy a bottle of Mountain Dew just to see if I can make Joe Exotic appear.

tiger king weird shit Howard Baskin

There are so many freaking weird things going on that this picture of Howard Baskin seems pretty chill.

it all started with that damned smile meme john finlay

So you see, that’s where the trouble began. That smile. That damned meth teeth smile. Sorry John Finlay, you look so much better now with your veneers.

joshua dial reaction meme

This one is absolutely horrible. My heart really goes out to Travis Maldonado and his family. But I still can’t over the fact that this was captured on security cameras. I also feel terrible for Joshua Dial for having to witness this.

Joe Exotic Tornado

Joe Exotic standing in front of a Tornado seemed weird when I first saw it, but now it just seems normal somehow.

tiger king walking dead meme

Any Walking Dead fans would find it impossible not to compare Joe Exotic to King Ezekiel.  The fact that they have a throne and a tiger is about where the similarities end, however.joe exotic donald trump tweet

I seriously need to know what Donald Trump thinks about Joe Exotic.

carole baskin sardine oil

Hearing Carole Baskin talk about using sardine oil to make a tiger eat someone is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

spice girls tiger king meth

If you wanna be my lover you gotta have tigers and meth. 100%.

James Garretson jetski meme

I just love seeing James Garretson on a Jetski. Why?!?!

travis balls golden nuggets funeral tiger king meme

I will not forgive Joe for talking about Travis’ balls at his funeral.

smuggled cocaine in a snake

Smuggling cocaine inside a living snake could be its own documentary.

Harold and Carole Baskin wedding photo dress up

This picture just keeps on delivering.

tiger king joe dirt meat

The best part is that Joe Exotic has since said that if they made a movie about his life, he’d want either Brad Pitt or Joe Dirt to play him. Not David Spade the actor who played Joe Dirt, but Joe Dirt himself. Amazing that he can see the resemblance.

carole baskin eyeroll meme

Carole, feeding people to tigers to hide the body really doesn’t seem that unlikely. Seriously.

nobody is born gay joe exotic decides

Checkmate atheists.

carole baskin caged lion

Seriously, Carole Baskin talking about how big cats shouldn’t be in cages whilst owning big cats in cages really did my head in.

joe exotic diss tracks

I never liked country music, but Joe Exotic’s diss tracks were straight fire.

joe exotic election results

We couldn’t help but feel proud for Joe getting 19% of the votes in his election.

Erik Cowie i don't fucking care

There was something about Erik Cowie saying “I don’t fucking care” that was just super relatable in life.

joe exotic balls in face tom and jerry meme

I still can’t believe he said that at a funeral.

Joe exotic eyebrow ring hanging on child

Joe’s eyebrow ring is just barely hanging on.

shaq tiger king meme

Shaq really needs to be more careful who he hangs out with.

tiger king viewing graph

A graph of how we all felt watching Tiger King.

Kelci Saffery rubbish dumpster

Kelci Saffery was great, but why was she filmed in front of a pile of rubbish?

joe exotic fire

I really hope Joe didn’t burn down the shed.

Joshua Dial walmart campaign manager

I’m actually confused how Joe even got Josh Dial to be his campaign manager, but OK. Should have stayed at Walmart.

tiger king the office meme

They are all exploiting animals OK!

joe exotic is steve irwin's wario

I want to see the fan art of this.

grand theft auto oklahoma

100% would play this game.

tiger king white people are crazy


wheel of fortune that bitch carole baskin

Yes Joe, we know.

tiger king start pack

Did anyone else find the amount of animal print clothes in this show to be disturbing?

erik cowie i don't fucking care

Me when some of these memes are very similar.

tiger king travis memorial

Travis’ memorial was both terrible but kind of adorable at the same time.

men discovering fire joe exotic meme

Look, his music was kinda good OK?

joe exotic tattoo

That’s actually pretty good.

carole baskin killed mufasa

Carole Baskin killed Mufasa

carole baskin covid 19 conspiracy

At this point, I’m starting to believe any conspiracy involving her.

tiger king word search

Who did you get?

joe exotic bernie sanders

Posting this because I love Bernie Sanders.

parks and rec andy joe exotic

If you’ve made it this far but haven’t watched the show yet, what are you doing?!

tiger king animal crossing

I’m actually regretting not buying Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch for quarantine now.

cat meme carole and joe

This meme was inevitable.

spongebob tiger king meme

This part was really awkward TBH.

quarantine snacks meme

I’m snacking so much right now, throw away the key.

joe exotic country songs

“I saw a tiger” and “Here kitty kitty” etc. To be honest, it sounds like he doesn’t actually sing his own songs for his music videos or play his own music and I’m kinda upset to learn this.

carole baskin is not innocent ok

Yes, this is reasonable.

tiger king smoking gas tanks

I’m starting to wonder if this guy burnt down the shed full of footage.

mike tyson joe exotic meme

Of course someone managed to bring Mike Tyson “now kith” memes into this.

tiger king car

I’d drive this.

carole baskin meat grinder

This is kind of rude.

joe exotic therapist

Yes, we know.

tiger king the world covid-19

Tiger King is definitely the best distraction from Covid-19 right now.

tiger king the lion king meme

The spelling of these memes aren’t all great OK.

Tiger King Russian Roulette

Seriously, don’t play with guns.

modern country music tiger king

This must makes me want to get into modern country music.

don't fuck with cats tiger king

Don’t Fuck With Cats is definite worth a watch if you enjoyed Tiger King.

tiger king preacher outfit

Yeah I actually yelled at the TV because of his preacher costume at the funeral.

fuck you carole baskin

“Fuck you Carrot Basket”

joe exotic work ethic

When everyone is working from home or you’ve been stood down, you can’t help but admire Joe Exotic’s work ethic.

carole baskin reporting tiger show

Carole Baskin reporting Joe Exotic’s tiger shows was the ultimate Karen move.

gw zoo tiger king pizza

Wait, GW Zoo was putting expired Walmart meat on their pizza?

walmart meat pizza

I knew the staff at GW Zoo were eating old Walmart meat but I missed the part about the pizzaria…

i'm not gay but 20 tigers is 20 tigers

I guess that deep down, we all want 20 tigers.

netlfix joe exotic tiger king

Seriously, thank you for this Netflix.

joe exotic bicycle meme

Say what you want about Carole Baskin, but Joe did not need to blame literally every problem ever on her.

carole baskin dead husbane meme

But seriously Carole, could you have at least pretended to be sad?

hey there all you cool cats and kittens tiger king

Ok not really.

joe exotic change my mind meme tiger king carole baskin

I’m like 90% convinced OK.

carole baskin tiger attack sardine oil

This line was so incredibly suspicious.

if 2020 was a person joe exotic

Honestly, yeah.

sigfried & roy & kid rock & joe exotic

I would love to hear what Siegfried & Roy & Kid Rock all have to say about this.

name a better trio i'll wait tiger king netflix

I actually loved this trio.

dallas cowboys joe exotic

I don’t know much about the Dallas Cowboys but OK.

carole baskin declaring don dead

Carole, seriously why were you so chill about your husband Don disappearing?

saff loses her hand meme

No Saff, losing your hand isn’t totally cool OK?

Joe exotic tiger king family cat meme

This is like my boyfriend. He was never a cat person and he just convinced me to get a second cat.

Saff arm ripped of Tiger King Meme

Joe exotic to the rescue.

Billy Madison Tiger King Meme

Everything is Carole Baskins fault.

Tiger King Joes Burn Book-Mean Girls

This is probably my favorite Tiger King Meme ever.

Charlie it's always Sunny Tiger King Meme

“It’s about this gay, gun wielding redneck with two husbands and a tiger zoo in his backyard”  This show cannot be explained. You just have to watch it for yourself.

I mean Saff was sitting on a pile of garbage and there was a man being interviewed while he was in the bath so this does not surprise me.

Halloween Tiger King Meme

I really hope we’re allowed to leave the house by then

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