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Fun Exercise Classes For Adults In Melbourne

by Aiza
fun exercise classes in melbourne

Fun Exercise Classes For Adults In Melbourne

Getting into a routine of exercise can be very hard. Most exercises can be boring and repetitive. There are more exciting ways to exercise than just running or doing cardio. There are a lot of exercise classes in Melbourne that are so fun you won’t even know you’re exercising. Being busy adults can also mean that we get lazy sometimes and we just want something fun to look forward to. 

While exercising can be frustrating for some, it does not mean that you should not do it. When we get older, it is also important to work out so we can look and feel young at the same time. When you’re looking for something fun to sweat and get those endorphins flowing you may want to visit these exciting places in Melbourne. Here are the most fun exercise classes for adults in Melbourne

Hoops Thighs Buttocks

Hula-hooping has made a way to exercise those lower muscles. Get your things and buttocks ready as you get them pumping with Hoops Thighs Buttocks. They have classes for adults and kids. They also host hen’s parties, team building activities, and a booty camp. .

And of course, men are always welcome too!


If you have missed the fun going to clubs and dancing your way through the night, then Clubbercise may be just right for you. This is a class for amateur and pro dancers alike, as you get to have your happy hormones pumping with their easy-to-follow dances with a soundtrack of old and modern music hits. You’ll also get to tone your bodies by learning combat moves and you can choose from high or low impact moves if you’re too intimidated to get in. Aside from this, the class guarantees an average of 600 calories per session —- that’s enough to burn that slice of cake you had after dinner.

The trademark of Clubbercise is their LED glow sticks so you’ll feel like clubbing while burning extra calories off!

Bodhi and Ride

Cycle and mingle with friends and newfound friends in a cycling class. The Bodhi and Ride cater to all, with a revolutionized traditional spin and exhilarating experience to get you moving. This spin studio isn’t just your typical spin session; they have high-quality playlists and LED lights inside a hot and steamy studio. Be motivated and enjoy travelling miles while staying in one place. 

Adults Circus at Circus Fit

increase your core strength, flexibility, cardio, and your overall strength with Adults Circus at Circus Fit. If you want to build a strong muscle foundation with a twist on the side, the studio lets you push your body to its limit. 

Aerial Hoops and Lyra Classes

Just when you thought hula-hoops were just to be used on the ground, then think again. Lyra and Aerial Hoops take you to great heights, as you will be fascinated and empowered by how you will swing and get your bodies toned all while hanging from a hula-hoop. Their Lyra Program might be perfect for you; you’ll be doing body conditioning, tricks classes, and routine classes to unleash your hidden flexibility. However, don’t get too excited about learning new tricks. You’ll first have the foundation classes to begin, and get your way to their intermediate classes, and be seasoned with how you fly and swing on a hoop. 

Aerial Skills 

Glide your way up through the air and engage your whole body into something healthy and fun. Aerial Skills lets you fly high in a suspended fabric, levitating you while your bodily strength and flexibility are tested at their best. The studio caters to both children and adults, with trainers for both beginners and intermediate acrobats. More so, you will be able to build your upper body strength especially your core while you exercise literally off the ground! They have varying classes each week and surely you will be hooked with the climbs and holds.

Pole Fitness

If you have always wanted to try something new, then this is your time to try fitness on a pole. Pole Fitness gives you the experience of strengthening your muscles all over while practising your flexibility and your endurance. However, this can be a little challenging for you, but it will certainly be rewarding for your overall health and mental capacity. 

Disco Yoga

Did you know yoga can be fun? Well at Disco Yoga they offer yoga classes outdoors, so you can connect with people and nature at the same time. You may think yoga is just about meditating, but actually, it also improves physical wellness by improving blood flow and balance. 

Up for a brighter mood on your fitness journey? Then Disco Yoga is the perfect place for you!

Bey Party at Luwow (Beyoncé Dance Class) 

Take on a challenge to work those dancing skills like Queen Beyoncé herself with Bey Party and Luwow. The instructors worship the diva so much, that they incorporated her with their lessons. You can dance to different upbeat songs by Beyoncé and take on the dance floor with your beybey expertise. Nonetheless, if you’re a beginner, no need to worry; beybey doesn’t judge.

No Lights No Lycra

Groove to the music even with the dim lights at No Lights No Lycra. This is the ideal place for everyone who’s shy dancing in a huge crowd and sets to make people dance without being judged on how they move. NLNL gets you to move independently in the company of others IN THE DARK!  They don’t care whether you dance well or not. Hence, it’s a good venue to exercise at your own pace while having fun, where you will also get fit with your daggy dance moves. 

Morning Gloryville Raves

Ever tried raving during the mornings? No, we’re not talking about Revs on a Sunday morning.

Morning Gloryville Raves are your chance to dance sober and get yourself in a conscious clubbing with Morning Gloryville Raves. They get you moving with their energizing tunes and easy-to-follow steps. They also provide you with organic coffee, free massages, a juice bar, and yoga to cap off your morning rave experience. Yet, you must bring your most comfortable clothes and runners with you; they start at 6:30 am and end at 10:00 am! —- that’s a long timeframe for dancing. 

Vibes anti-Gravity Yoga

Be prepared to get a cross-program of yoga, pilates, callisthenics, gymnastics, and everything in between to relax those tight joints and stretch your bodies. Vibes anti-Gravity Yoga gives you an experience of exercising while in a hammock. They provide you with a calming exercise to un-strain your muscles out and even relieve unwanted pressure all over your body. From beginner to advanced classes, they make sure you’ll have time to stretch, breath, play, and laugh!

Acrobatic Classes and Trapeze Classes at Fly Factory

Whether you’re a kid, teen, or an adult, everyone should be able to experience being in a circus. The Acrobatic Classes and Trapeze Classes at Fly Factory offer courses for all ages so everyone can learn techniques and skills of how circus people fly while getting on bars and hoops. This is a circus school not for the faint-hearted where you will enjoy your adrenaline getting into your veins. Fly high with the most iconic circus camp, and be fascinated and experience the best of being one of the circus performers. Consequently, they also cater a Trapeze Flying Experience, where you can learn how to swing and glide up above the ground once you go on training. 

This is your time to work those upper bodies out and get the pure adrenaline rush in a circus class!

What are you waiting for? Unleash the inner energy with these exciting exercise classes in Melbourne!


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