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Little Growling Café, Tarneit (Melbourne Cafe With a Playground!)

by Kayla Mackinnon
little growling cafe tarneit cafe

The Little Growling Cafe in Tarneit is home to an enormous enclosed playground! It’s one of the most kid-friendly cafes in Melbourne. Most kid-friendly cafes usually only have a small section for children but this cafe has an entire adventure playground.

The playground has a flying fox (with a seat!), 2 giant spiral slides, a baby slide, 2 in-ground trampolines, a nest swing, a spinning teacup and lots of things to climb and balance on.

Here is a picture of the slides. Note that to reach the slides you will need to climb a lot of steps and the slides are pitch black. So they are better for bigger kids.

little growling cafe tarneit playground and slides

The spinning teacup is a lot of fun but might be bad if your little one eats too much in the cafe then spins around.

little growling cafe tarneit teacup ride

The playground has a lot of things to balance on which is great for building gross motor skills.

little growling cafe tarneit balancing beams

There is also a frog sculpture that is great for balancing on.

little growling cafe tarneit frog stepping stone s

My baby really enjoyed the baby slide. I think it will be a few years before he can slide down the big slides.

little growling cafe tarneit baby slide

There is a flying fox and it has a seat with a seatbelt! It’s much better than the ones you need to hold on to and is great for kids of all ages.

little growling cafe tarneit flying fox

Here’s another view of the slides with my sister as a size reference.

little grownling cafe slide

There are plenty of high chairs for little ones.

little growling cafe tarneit highchair for baby

The nest swing is large and will fit a few children.

little growling cafe tarneit nest swing and slide

Here’s a picture of the trampolines. They’re not big and will probably only fit 1 kid at a time.

little grownling cafe tarneit trampolines

The Ferrero Rocher Milkshake was $12 and was very nice. I believe they also do freakshakes.

little grownling cafe ferrero milkshake

The smashed avocado with beetroot spread was very nice.

little grownling cafe smashed avocado

This inside out cheese toastie was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it. It was a little oily but maybe we just got a dud one.

little growling cafe toasted sandwich


Important notes:

  • You must go to the counter to order. They do not have waiters taking orders.  (It’s very casual)
  • If you want a drink of water you’ll need to fetch your own. The customer service is more like what you would find in a pub.
  • The playground is open to everyone and not just to visitors to the cafe.

Do I recommend this place?

Yes, I do. I wouldn’t say the food or service was incredible but it was decent and it is very kid-friendly. It’s an amazing place to take the kids out for brunch.

Little Growling Cafe Tarneit Address:

Address180 Davis Rd, Tarneit VIC 3029

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