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How to Drink Coffee to Lose Weight

by Aiza

Very often we find information that coffee can become an assistant in the process of weight loss. Especially many articles are devoted to green coffee, in whole or crushed form. But does coffee help you lose weight, or is it just another myth created by enterprising “nutritionists”?

Let’s face it, we love coffee. But let’s answer honestly.

What do scientists say?

Scientists who have studied the effect of coffee on human health agree that it is certainly useful: polyphenols, coffee antioxidants, actively fight free radicals and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and caffeine speeds up metabolism and promotes the fat-burning process. This was recently announced by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health. True, doctors warn that regular coffee consumption can exacerbate chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

However, to burn fat, you can not only drink 2 cups of your favourite espresso a day but also use the services of a beautician. Caffeine is found in meso-cocktails and used against localized obesity, cellulite and “double chin”, as well as to increase muscle tone. Injections are given to rapidly break down brown adipose tissue during lipolysis, the process of breaking down fats into their constituent fatty acids.


The effect of caffeine does not concern the fat itself, but a special group of enzymes (phosphodiesterase) that affect its accumulation. Entering the body through a cocktail, caffeine inhibits the action of enzymes, and the breakdown of fat is accelerated.

There is a coffee diet, but it’s not coffee that helps you lose weight

Its appearance is associated with the book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life” by American nutritionist Bob Arno. He studied the lifestyle of Greek centenarians and noticed that until old age they used freshly ground coffee, prepared according to the original recipe adopted in those parts: they ground it “into powder” and cooked it in a cezve, sometimes bringing it to the appearance of a “cap” 3 times. It turned out that such coffee is richer in caffeine and polyphenols (the very ones that promote fat burning) than espresso and americano, popular in the States.

However, in addition to consuming 3 cups of lightly roasted coffee per day, Arnaud offers meal plans containing approximately 1500 kcal per day, compared to the US norm of 2700 kcal for men and 2200 for women. That is, weight loss in this case, most likely, occurs due to a calorie deficit.

5 Simple Rules

Coffee helps speed up metabolism and promotes the speedy burning of excess fat – but only if you drink coffee for weight loss correctly. How exactly? Let’s tell now!

Drink coffee after breakfast

Never drink coffee on an empty stomach: caffeine can irritate the stomach lining. But if you finish your morning meal with a hot drink, caffeine will cause a short-term burst of metabolism (and morning calories will be burned more actively), and then throughout the day, the metabolism will be 8-11% faster.

Drink a cup of coffee 40 minutes before your workout

To make sports and training more effective, drink a cup of coffee 40 minutes before exercise: caffeine will provide a strong energy boost, thanks to which we will be more active and burn more calories as a result.

Don’t drink coffee 4 hours before bed

Sound healthy sleep is a prerequisite not only for good health but also for a beautiful figure. If we do not get enough sleep, then the next day we are more prone to dangerous eating habits, choosing more high-calorie and trans-fat-rich foods. In addition, cortisol, which is more actively produced after a sleepless night, also contributes to weight gain.

Drink only black coffee

Milk, cream, sugar and especially syrups may make the drink more delicious, but they certainly do not benefit either our health or figure. If you can’t drink black coffee at all, add honey and skim milk (although it’s not very healthy), but avoid any other sugary additives. And remember, a standard milk-based coffee drink and syrup can contain as many calories as a dessert!

Don’t Overdo it

The maximum safe daily dose of coffee is 400 millilitres. Anything on top is dangerous for the cardiovascular and nervous systems. And increased anxiety certainly does not contribute to maintaining a good figure!


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