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What You Need For A Newborn

by Aiza

Buying things for a new human to come into this world is one of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby. You should not postpone purchases until the last moment, because babies don’t always come on their due dates and you may end up being unprepared when the baby arrives. Here is what you actually need for a new baby.

Shopping list or what to buy for a newborn baby

The essentials you will need for the first year of life include a crib and bassinet. When choosing a crib and bassinet you should ensure that they meet current safety standards. It’s also preferable to choose a crib that can convert to a toddler bed so you can get as much use out of the crib as possible. Pay special attention to the choice of a mattress. It must fit the bed properly so that it isn’t a suffocation risk. The mattress should also not be too soft so that the natural curve of the baby’s spine is freely formed and doesn’t pose a suffocation hazard. You should check out Sleepify for mattress reviews to find out the best mattress that suits you. Pillows and quilts are not required in the first year of life and you should instead invest in swaddles and sleeping bags.

List of Essential Items For a Baby’s Room

  • Sheets made of natural fibre – cotton fabric or the softest and thinnest linen. You will need a few sheets. If your baby wets through or spits up you will need a few replacements on hand. It’s best to have 5-6 sheets at minimum
  • Mattress protectors. These will protect your mattress from any accidents. You should place these under your bedsheets. You should have an equal number of bedsheets and mattress protectors.
  • Baby monitor-If your baby sleeps in a separate room a baby monitor will give you peace of mind so you can keep an eye on them while they sleep and will allow you to hear them if they need you.
  • A change table- A fully stocked change table for easy nappy changes will be necessary when your baby arrives. You want to stock a few size nappies, nappy creams, change mats and wipes so that you don’t get caught out with no nappies when your baby arrives.

List of clothes for a newborn for the first months of life

Of course, you know that babies have to change clothes several times a day. The wardrobe of a newborn should contain a sufficient number of things that you can change into if necessary. Needless to say, newborn clothes should be made only from natural materials, with a minimum of decorative details and soft seams.

  • Baby headbands. Not a necessity but if you have a baby girl with thick hair then hairbands will not only be a cute accessory but will also keep their hair off their face. Baby bows, headbands and hair ties make great gifts.
  • Zip onesies. You will soon learn that onesies with zips are much better than ones with buttons. Zip onesies are great for quick outfit changes and nappy changes.
  • In the hot summer, these light blouses are practically the only clothes for a newborn. Periodically, the baby has to change clothes if the vest is moistened with sweat or gets dirty while eating. Your child will need no more than 6-8 vests in each size.
  • Comfortable overalls without trousers are great summer clothes for walking, sleeping and daytime wakefulness. As a rule, a soft and elegant bodysuit is worn with a disposable diaper. Choose models with a minimum of decorative details that can come off or scratch the skin.
  • Warm cozy jumpers with fleece or thick baize are worn complete with sliders, so the number of those and other items of clothing usually matches. They can be bought slightly “for growth” and put on in the first half of the year, turning up the sleeves. The fastener can be on buttons or on buttons.
  • In the first year of life, while the baby is not able to walk, booties are needed only to warm the feet. They should be soft and warm, and two pairs are enough for use.
  • Newborns in In the first months of life, put on special mittens made of light fabric so that the child cannot accidentally scratch themselves. In fact, they are small bags that are fixed on the baby’s hands. Alternatively, you can buy onesies with built-in mittens. These are a game changer.
  • Beanies and summer hats: You will need no more than 2 hats of each type in different sizes, depending on the season. Choose models with a minimum of seams in the back of the head.

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