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Make It Jolly: Festive Hampers for Different Folks

by Aiza

Who doesn’t love the idea of receiving a few lovely items they favour, wrapped together in a bundle? With Christmas and New Year’s Day approaching, we’re all considering different types of gifts for the different types of people in our lives. Gift hampers are probably the most customisable gift option that allows you to be efficient, unique and creative without wasting too much time searching for the right item. 

What makes gift hampers so universally liked is that they are based on it’s the little things that make the whole. Combining someone’s favourite food items and favourite drink is already a move in the right direction, throw in there yet another thing that defines the person and you have a box made in heaven. That being said, here are a few different hamper ideas depending on the giftee in question.

Luxury Hamper

This type of gift basket is most suitable as a surprise for your romantic partner, but it can also be an impressive way to express gratitude and respect to a business associate. If tailored for the needs of a personal relationship, you can choose one that contains heart-shaped chocolates arranged in a bouquet. And if you’re considering it as a corporate gift, there are lovely luxury gift baskets filled with chocolate encrusted fruits and nuts. 

The elaborately combined flavours (rich chocolate, delicious fruits and roasted nuts) along with a fine assortment of fancy sparkling and non-sparkling wines make for the perfect gourmand treat. Usually, these hampers contain a rich pallet of chocolaty goodness such as dark, Belgian, milk and white. These arrangements generally include a beautiful gift card to wrap the whole thing together.

Healthy Snacks Hamper

There’s always that one person you can’t really make happy with a fermented drink and a sugary treat. Regardless of whether it’s a friend on a healthy diet regime, a vegan or someone with allergies or any dietary issues that might prevent them from enjoying a classic chocolate and wine gift basket, there’s a splendid solution in a hamper for that. 

Apart from a lovely combination of fresh and dried fruits and energising granola bars, these arrangements should also include a package of some lovely organic tea and a bottle of refreshing kombucha brew. 

It’s also safe to assume that a person like this might also enjoy a vegan cookbook or any book that elaborates on the nutritional values of different food items. Or, if the healthy diet journey of your dear person is accompanied by a change in their exercise routine, you can include either a useful guide that they might need or some essential exercise gadget.

Helpful tip: If you’re planning on ordering a hamper made up of fruits and veggies, make sure to enlist a company that makes same-day deliveries and is located in the recipient’s vicinity. Luckily, there are companies that make edible hampers in most cities so you can easily find suitable gift baskets Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney wide. 

Plant Lover Hamper

For the dear person in your life who lights up at the sight of potted greenery, there’s nothing more delightful than receiving yet another addition to their growing collection. And one of the best plants you can centre a hamper around is a succulent. The great thing about succulents is that you don’t have to gift them to a person with an excellent green thumb since they can thrive quite well in various conditions and with little maintenance.

If rather than buying a ready-made hamper with a plant you’d like to create it on your own and choose the items separately, regardless of the type of ornamental herb/flower/shrub you pick, you can save yourself time and turn to an online nursery. This way you can research and compare a great number of items at once and stumble upon amazing deals that can save you money as well. What’s more, have in mind that the plant itself would only be the centre item of the hamper and the whole experience can be enriched with a beautiful pot (woven ones are quite popular right now), additional décor items such as candles, or edible treats of any choice and of course a gift card.

Self-Care Hamper

It’s no coincidence that hamper perfectly rhymes with pamper. Since never before have both men and women been more aware of the benefits of proper facial and body skincare along with hair care, with this type of hamper there’s little chance to go wrong. If your dear giftee is already keen on nurturing cosmetic products, you can take a quick look at what they already have and use it as a guide.

If you are not able to do such an investigation, a good rule of thumb is to go for products that are as natural as possible and don’t contain the generally frowned upon toxins and pollutants. In addition, even if you are considering such type of hamper for a person who doesn’t seem to have an elaborate self-care routine already, why not make this the beginning of their journey? Your lovely hamper can be their inspiration! Except for skincare and hair care items, you can also throw in a few calming or invigorating essential oils.

A Bonus Idea to Make It More Fun and Personalised

Zodiac aficionados are not only fun to chitchat with, but they can also be exciting to shop for provided you yourself know a few things about the different signs or have the time to do a little research. So why not customise your gift according to the zodiac characteristics of your giftee’s star sign? For example, surprise your Leo with a luxury item, the always hungry Taurus with a dozen of treats, your dreamy Pisces with a romantic novel about impossible love, your diligent Virgo with innovative home-improvement items, and the list goes on…

Hopefully, these ideas have helped you narrow down your decision regarding what to look for among the endless array of gift baskets Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia-wide shops abound in. 

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