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The Best Types of Prenatal Care & Services in Melbourne

by Sara C
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Most people are not shy when it comes to sharing their opinions on kids and pregnancy. Although there is one piece of advice that rings true – moving your body will make for a more comfortable pregnancy, birth and recovery. If you can’t seem to walk or sleep right, much less exercise, then you might be surprised to learn that many of these options are low impact. Here are some prenatal care ideas to get you started.

Melbourne Prenatal Yoga

The benefits of yoga have been touted from medical professionals through to influencers – and that’s because it can seriously transform the way your body moves. Prenatal yoga in Geelong is a must if you are expecting, as it allows you to stretch your body in ways that you might not get to throughout the day. It also gets you prepared for labour, opening up your hips and finding the neutral spine. There are many places to do prenatal yoga so lookout for a place in your suburb, or even find out if your pregnancy health provider offers classes.

Melbourne Prenatal Physio

Monday’s aches can be gone and replaced with something even more painful by Wednesday as the body prepares for birth. Working with a physio can be hugely beneficial, and their scope is so broad that you might seek support with your pelvic floor or wish to release some pressure from your lower back. Whatever your pregnancy ailments are, a prenatal physio is going to make these nine months a lot more manageable.

Prenatal Massage Melbourne

Any parent will tell you to get those massages in now, as there will not be much time to do so when the baby is here. Prenatal massage is delivered by dedicated specialists who are trained in relieving the tension and pressure points that most pregnant women will complain about. From start to finish, a prenatal massage is going to get you feeling lighter and it is so nice to receive a massage on your side as you wrap your body around a pillow. Be sure to choose a place that specialises in this and has a trained pregnancy masseuse.

Prenatal Osteopath Melbourne

If an osteopath is better aligned to your needs than a physio, then be sure to book an appointment with a prenatal osteopath. These health professionals focus on the “full picture” and will provide relief to your weary muscles while also trying to understand what other areas might be taking on some of the pressure and subsequently requiring care. Regular appointments are going to get better results than sporadic appointments as you can document what is and is not working and adjust accordingly.

Prenatal Pilates Melbourne

Those who have experienced joint pain before will know how good pilates can be in relieving that pressure. You can choose to book a clinical pilates class, a reformer pilates class, or a mat pilates class. Each option has its merits and will benefit your body hugely, but be mindful of how far you are along and opt for the most appropriate option. Mat Pilates is great for earlier pregnancy when you can get up and down more freely, whereas reformer is great from start to finish. Clinical Pilates is best if you have some existing issues or concerns.

Melbourne Prenatal Water Aerobics

Gravity is not your friend in pregnancy, which is why you might find prenatal water aerobics to be a great option. When you are in the water you can move so freely and actually bend your body in ways that are impossible usually. Your bump will be totally weightless in the water as you cycle through a range of exercises that strengthen your arms, legs, core and back. If you are pregnant in the warmer months then this is going to be even better as you can cool off in the water.

Prenatal Support Groups

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but mum needs support too in her pregnancy. Prenatal support groups are typically organised by your local council and will consist of mother-to-be coming together to learn antenatal skills and understand what is ahead. It can also be very social and a great opportunity to build networks with other mums in the area. Before you know it you will be organising walks and coffee as you move your bodies ahead of birth and beyond.


We hope you are ready to meet your bub and find the time you are pregnant to be comfortable and calm. Look into some of these prenatal care options to ensure better health outcomes in every stage of pregnancy.

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