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6 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Wardrobe 

by Aiza
A smily baby surrounding by the baby stuff, such as toys, socks, shoes, and clothes

The coming of a new baby is an exciting time—much to look forward to, including finally getting those essentials together. You’ll be shopping for the big-ticket items and the smaller ones, particularly those that go into your baby’s wardrobe. Choosing clothing pieces allows every parent to dress their tot in style while maintaining the comfort babies need.   

Because babies grow very quickly, all you need at any given time are the essential baby boy or baby girl clothes adapted to the weather and their age. However, sticking to the basics doesn’t equate to a short shopping list. It can still get long, given all the different clothing items a baby needs.   

Before you get distracted by all the cute baby clothes you’ll come across when shopping, try your best to stick to a list. Here’s a shopping list of the must-haves.   

1. Singlets  

Singlets are sleeveless baby bodysuits. These are must-haves for babies born during spring or summer when the weather is relatively warmer or those who live in tropical areas. While it’s a must to keep the baby snug and well-wrapped, this also doesn’t mean overdoing all the layers of clothing. Consider the weather so you don’t risk overheating your little one.    

2. Socks Or Booties  

They’re nice to have, and there are lots to choose from, hence the temptation to finish your little one’s look with fashionable crib shoes. But, before shopping for a few pairs, take hints from seasoned parents who’ll say they’d rather have socks or booties.  

Booties and socks are preferred over shoes. Young babies do not walk and do not need shoes. In addition to this shoes are a pain, as they’re challenging to put on an infant’s foot. And, if they’re not the right size, chances are, one of those shoes is bound to get lost. Surely you’ve already got enough stress in the day. The last thing you’d want is to add to it all because of one shoe.  

Booties and socks work better because they stick to your baby’s foot while keeping it protected and warm. Socks come in many different styles and designs, so if you’re keen on your baby’s fashionable outfit of the day (OOTD), worry not, as achieving this is still possible.  

A practical parent will go for inexpensive pairs because you’ll lose quite a few occasions. Imagine wearing a pair of expensive, branded booties the first time, only to find out when you get home that you’ve lost them. With inexpensive pairs, you won’t feel too terrible about losing them accidentally.  

Better still try to invest in pants and onesies with built-in socks so that your socks won’t get lost.

3. Bodysuits 

Usually called bodysuits or rompers these are tried-and-tested clothing pieces by parents for fuss-free dressing and diaper changes. They’re usually short-sleeved or long-sleeved tops with snap enclosures on the bum area to keep the onesie in place.    

For colder temperatures, bodysuits serve as the primary layer of clothing, where from there, you can finish off with pyjamas and even more layers of warmth on top, like cardigans and vests.  

It’s a piece of clothing you’ll need a lot of, so you have extras between every wash. Babies go through a lot of mess daily, from vomiting and spitting to poop explosions, so it’s nice to have backup bodysuits ready in your baby’s wardrobe.  

4. Hats / Caps / Bonnets  

Babies can’t regulate their own temperatures and a lof of heat escapes through their heads.

Babies need some head covering to protect themselves from the wind and the cold. hats and beanies do just the trick. They are designed to be ergonomic, so they stretch and conform to the baby’s head shape. They are made from cotton or knitted material and may not even feel they have a head covering.  

Hats are usually part of a baby’s daily outfit during the first month of their life to keep them warm enough. You can slowly remove the bonnets and reserve them only when out. 

When winter comes, a hat is a must-wear, regardless of age. It protects the baby’s head and ears, keeping it warm in such harsh and freezing temperatures.  Make sure you remove the hats when the baby is sleeping on their own so that it is not a SIDS risk. 

5. Onesies 

Onesies are all-in-one pyjamas for babies. Some even have retractable booties, too, making it an all-in-one outfit. This latter one is an even better choice as it means fewer clothing pieces for your baby. You don’t have to stress about the footwear falling, for instance. With just one piece of clothing, your baby is kept well-covered.  

You’ll find many designs when shopping for bodysuits, usually with button-downs or zippers. Most parents prefer the zipper option, making diaper changes at night much easier and faster. When you’re sleepy and tired, the last thing you’d want to think about is doing up all the buttons, which could’ve been finished quickly with just one zip-up or down.  

6. Leggings Or Stretchy Pants  

Bodysuits are great for home use, especially at night, but leggings or stretchy pants are a better choice for bottoms when you’re out. Instead of changing an entire outfit when it gets soiled, you only change the base. It can be more efficient, especially when dealing with diaper changes in public restrooms.   

Rather than wear buttoned pants, look for those with an elastic waistband to fit your baby’s belly and diaper easily, not sacrificing comfort. Remember, given how delicate these little ones are, you must be cautious enough not to squeeze in your baby’s belly.   

Final Thoughts  

It’s often hard to resist adding about a million things to your baby’s wardrobe. Every trip to the department store will see you rushing over to see lots of cute baby things, with that temptation becoming even stronger every time you see something on sale or clearance. However, given how babies grow at the speed of light, staying realistic with your shopping list is a must. Babies only need the bare essentials. Sticking to those assures you every piece bought contributes comfort while keeping within a realistic shopping budget. Let the list above simplify your baby’s wardrobe now that you know what they need. Skip the other items for later. 


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