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What Makes Melbourne A Great Place For International Students?

by Sara C

The city of Melbourne, Australia is considered by many international authorities on the matter as one of the highest-ranking student cities in the world! In fact, several Melbourne universities have recently been listed amongst the top 50 tertiary education institutions globally. However, Melbourne is not just a great place for international students in terms of the world-class standard of education they can access here. If you ask any Melburnian, they will proudly describe the city as a buzzing, multicultural melting pot. Indeed, Melbourne is certainly abuzz with an exciting combination of abundant and varied migrant cultures that have made the city their home. Melbourne is also a city that is proud to host a multitude of cultural events and festivals throughout the year, for its citizens and visitors alike to enjoy. So, if you’re interested in learning more about immersing yourself in Melbourne life as an international student, just read on!

Melbourne Education: A World-Class, International Standard

Melbourne is a city that is consistently listed as one of the best locations to attain an internationally-acclaimed tertiary qualification. The city of Melbourne is also touted as being home to one of the most reputable international schools – the prestigious University of Melbourne. Of course, that is not to say that Melbourne’s tertiary schooling options are limited to this facility. Monash University – located in the outer southeast suburbs of the city – is in close competition with The University of Melbourne as one of the world’s best tertiary educators. It is also followed closely by the local universities of Deakin and Swinburne.

Importantly, each of these tertiary facilities offers a wide variety of courses and degrees. For instance, you could choose to complete a world-class Master of Business Administration (or MBA) at any of these Melbourne universities. Undoubtedly, the personal benefits of an MBA are great. Completing an MBA is an achievement that can open many doors for you both personally, and professionally. Indeed, the career prospects that are available to an MBA graduate are both varied and abundant.

If this is something that is of interest to you, an MBA can be completed online, in your own time. Often, universities also offer students the option to complete an online course on a part-time basis. Of course, studying part-time, online makes it much easier to fit the completion of the course into your already busy personal schedule. If you are already professionally employed on either a full or part-time basis, online study is an excellent choice, as it enables students to complete their coursework at times that suit them, from virtually any location in Melbourne.

Student Life in Melbourne, Australia: Immersing Yourself in Melbourne’s Rich Culture

student life in melbourne

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Studying in Melbourne doesn’t need to be all about textbooks, assignments and exams! If you choose Melbourne, Australia as your student city, you really must take advantage of all the wonderful things that the city has to offer. It must be said – immersing yourself in Melbourne culture as a student is an experience that is like no other!

As a thriving, cosmopolitan, multicultural melting pot, the city of Melbourne has a lot to offer. With an abundance of cultural events, festivals and activities scattered throughout the city’s annual social calendar, you will never be lost for something to do! Better yet, these types of events are often free to attend, making them budget-friendly for students. Even just wandering around the city can be a delight. You might just stumble upon hidden bars, cafes and even art galleries you did not know existed! Indeed, Melbourne is known as the city of hidden secrets, just waiting to be uncovered., You can even book a ‘Hidden Secrets Tour’. Guided by a local and passionate Melburnian, it will help you discover how truly unique the city of Melbourne is.

Study Support: Why You Will Never Feel Alone as an International Student in Melbourne

Often, as an international student living in a new city, you can feel a little lonely. However, if you choose Melbourne as your student city, there is no reason to feel isolated or alone! Importantly, there are a multitude of student-friendly activities happening almost every day of the week. For the most part, these will even be organised by your university campus. For instance, the notorious ‘O-Week’ (or Orientation Week) festivities are a fantastic way to get to know your peers and even meet other international students who may also be new to Melbourne. The University of Melbourne’s O-Week activities are particularly good for Melbourne newbies aiming to make new friends and get to know their new city. An example of an O-week activity could be a student event such as a picnic next to Melbourne’s famous Yarra River. Or, for example, a student meetup or a walk around the Royal Botanic Garden’s outer rim, which is also known as the Tan.

Speaking of meetups, there is also a locally-based website of the same name. The popular Meetup website is an innovative and exciting new way to make friends in Melbourne. Not to be confused with a dating app, the Meetup platform intends to create long-lasting platonic friendships. Social activities and events are scheduled to facilitate this. These events – also referred to as meetups – are usually centred around hobby interest groups such as hiking or bushwalking, music, or arts and crafts. However, often they are simply just about enjoying the exciting nightlife, dining, and cultural attractions that Melbourne has to offer.

Melbourne, Australia is a city that has much to offer international students who choose to study there! Not only is Melbourne one of the top-ranked cities in the world for education, but it also offers students a fantastic social and culturally-immersive experience. Choosing Melbourne as your student city will open up a new world of cultural activities and events. You can even attend the many student events that are organised by your chosen university campus so as not to feel alone. So, if you’re looking for your new home and student city, you should definitely consider Melbourne as your location of choice from which to complete your tertiary degree.


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