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5 Great Ways To Commemorate A Milestone Anniversary

by Aiza

If you and your partner have a significant anniversary coming up, whether it be the anniversary of your first meeting, your first date, or perhaps even of your wedding, then chances are you’re probably wondering just how best to celebrate and commemorate this momentous milestone.

Thankfully, our own travels and celebrations over the years have provided us with an abundance of both special and ‘everyday’ date night ideas to suit couples of all shapes and stripes. Here are our top 5 suggestions for how best to celebrate your next milestone anniversary with your partner.

1. Find some thoughtful anniversary gifts

Picking up some super special anniversary gifts is always a great way to show your partner just how special they are to you. You can find some fitting gift ideas at premium retailers like David Jones, and for added value be sure to shop through Qantas Shopping to earn some Qantas Points too!

If you’re at a loss as to what kinds of gifts to get your partner, consider using the traditional anniversary themes as a guide in your gift-hunting process. With materials like cotton, leather, and wool featuring on the list of traditional anniversary gifts, you can easily gift your partner a smart dress shirt or a new belt to commemorate your anniversary, amongst other designer goods. Anniversary milestone themes that use other materials like wood or metals are also the perfect opportunity to gift homewares, decor, or even jewellery to your significant other.

2. Make reservations at your favourite restaurant

Another classic idea for celebrating your next anniversary in style is to book you and your partner a table at your favourite local restaurant, bar, or eatery. Enjoying a nice meal together alongside a night out on the town is always a great way to commemorate an anniversary for couples that maintain busy personal schedules. All you have to do is make sure that you both keep the evening of your anniversary free in order to organise this fun and effortless ‘special’ date night idea.

It’s important to note that this particular celebration idea doesn’t necessarily have to call for a fancy, fine dining experience. Your favourite restaurant could be anything from a hidden bar, to a nearby food truck. Feel free to opt for any dinner option that is sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face.

3. Enjoy an indulgent night in

Of course, going out isn’t always the preferred celebration option for all the couples out there. If you happen to be in a partnership that consists of two chronic homebodies, then chances are that a warm and cosy night in will be the most attractive anniversary date night idea for you.

Organising a long, luxurious and indulgent night in can be the perfect way to spend your next milestone anniversary if you’re looking to do absolutely nothing but enjoy one another’s company. Your shared night in can be anything from a movie marathon for two, or even a game night filled with plenty of video games and even board games that can help grow a fierce rivalry. For added fun, you can keep track of wins with the victor receiving a prize when the clock strikes midnight!

4. Celebrate with your loved ones

For couples that are more extroverted and are keen to celebrate with a good shindig, why not host your own anniversary celebration and invite friends and family to come along? Hosting an anniversary party can be a great way to include your wider community of loved ones in celebrations of your shared milestone. After all, your network of friends and family have all likely played their own part in supporting and strengthening your relationship with your partner and are thus also invested in your shared happiness.

And of course, organising an anniversary party naturally also means being able to receive a few presents here and there, like a nice bottle of wine or some other thoughtful sentiments from parents and in-laws. Gifts can also come in the form of quality moments with your friends and loved ones, or tidbits of advice from family members who’ve gone through all the trials and tribulations that accompany long-term partnerships themselves. After all, there are few gifts more precious than care, compassion, and unconditional love from your friends and family members.

5. Book a trip away for two

One fantastic way to commemorate any relationship milestone alongside forging beloved memories together is to escape your typical day-to-day and go jet-setting with your partner. Taking a trip away to celebrate your anniversary can help fill up your photo albums and add to your shared anecdotes in a major way. And if you’re heading off to some travel destinations that pique both your interests, then this particular anniversary celebration idea may also help you grow both as partners and individuals.

If you’re looking to plan the trip on your own in order to present your partner with a nice surprise, be sure to do a little research and drop some hints here or there to figure out what destinations they’d like to visit. You should also make sure that organising leave or babysitters and pet-sitters won’t be an issue!

It can be tricky planning anniversary celebrations in particular, mostly because many of us aim to try and ‘outdo’ the celebrations of last year. But remember that the most important thing is that you and your partner get to enjoy each other’s company. Regardless of whether you choose to do so through organising one-on-one quality time or sharing your joy with your family and loved ones, chances are your anniversary celebration will be just as memorable as all the milestones that came before.

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