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10 Beautiful Ways You Can Spend More Time with Your Kids

by Aiza
ways to spend more time with your kids

Quality time is not only one of the five love languages; it is also important to give your kids. At a young age, a child tends to learn from things around them, so giving them that loving space is important. Let’s talk about how you can spend more time with your kids and how you can start right away. Let’s begin!

1. Family Game Night 

Weekends and game nights are a perfect pair. Everyone is home, and things are slower. Use this opportunity to do a game night. There are numerous games out there. Start with board games! Ludo, Monopoly, and even word search printables

You can also go for an indoor ping pong game, and use the tech for a gaming night with multiplayer games on your console. What a way to spend the weekend if not with smiles, laughter, and memories. 

2. Take Pictures, Make Memories

Let’s help you take a quick trip to nostalgia with this first idea. When was the last time you and your child shared a selfie? Were they silly? Cute? Adventurous? 

Honestly, taking pictures can help you store the memories close to your heart. It also gives you and your child a quick second to be present at the moment. 

And as time passes, you and the kids can sit down and look back at them as another fun activity! And if that is not the most wholesome thing to do to spend time, I don’t know what is. So grab your phone and start capturing these moments.

3. Cook or Bake Together 

Cooking for the family may seem like a hassle to you, but it is a special moment for your child who needs time with you. Okay yes, I get it, sometimes it may appear to be easier to handle the kitchen chores yourself because of the added mess that comes with it.

However, if you work together, your children will get a variety of valuable life skills (and you have the excuse to do some chores for your bingo!) in addition to spending time with you. Also as a bonus, you’re teaching your child a completely new skill and love language: the act of service. How cute is that! 

4. Exercise Together 

Working out together is THE way to have quality time with your kids, even if they don’t realize it. Come on, at first, it helps to keep you fit, gives you an excuse to actually work out and add YEARS to your life, and can help your kid learn about its importance too! 

You also receive the added benefit of those little moments of bonding time throughout your regular workouts. Play tag, pick up racquetball, shoot hoops, or, if your kids are smaller, push them on the swings and see how many they can swing as you complete a lap around the yard or park. 

5. Play at the Playground 

This is an opportunity to be silly with an excuse (thank me later!) with your kids. Instead of being invested in your phone, ditch it and truly invest in playing with your kids. 

Create a list of outdoor play ideas and work on them one by one. Some popular choices are hidden and seek, chasing around, seesaws, slides, and whatnot. Take pictures, make memories, be goofy, and play around. Be a kid with them. Your kids will thank you later. And you can spend some good quality time while getting some fresh air as well too. 

6. Family Movie Night 

Although it may appear to be the polar opposite of the Tech Time Out, having a special family movie night can help you strengthen your familial bonds! 

A movie night is not just about lounging in front of the television staring at moving images on a screen. Add some cute printed popcorn boxes, curl up on the couch, dim the lights, and enjoy a fantastic new film. 

Perhaps you could take turns choosing which one. Perhaps the thing that actually makes this experience memorable is the planning. Therefore,  talk about it as a family well ahead of time and maybe take a picture to remember the good times!

7. Do Chores Together 

This is an amazing one to sneak some quality time into. If your kids are a busy bunch, choose a chore that you can do together. The same applies to your chores too, Momma! 

You can take your time with it, wind down, and enjoy the process while getting the job done. They can learn a new life skill, and as you become better at working together, you’ll get through the list of things to do much faster! More time to spend amongst yourselves for fun! And a quick time to relax too! How cool is that? All a mom could ask for. 

8. Morning Routine and Bedtime Routine 

I’ll let you in on a secret: This is the easiest way to spend time with your kid, and you don’t even have to change your lifestyle for it! Just incorporate your kid into your routine or vice versa (except for the crying, of course).

To begin, in the morning, you may do stretches together. Let them help you make breakfast. Discuss your plans for the day or arrange your snacks and meals together. 

During the evening, maybe watch TV together, eat dinner, help them do schoolwork, and after the kids go to bed, truly focus on conversing with your partner. Try doing yoga, reading a chapter of a book together, planning road trips and mind mapping stuff together, or washing your faces and brushing your teeth at the same time.

However, as time passes, they may appear to desire to be more autonomous and rely less on you for nighttime routines. That’s all part of growing up, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting some quality time in. I mean, these practices can end up staying with them too, you know. 

9. Have a Heart-To-Heart Conversation 

This is a no-brainer! You should sit down with your child and let them talk their heart out. 

Listen to them rant about their day, talking about the small details and things they like and don’t like. Understand them. Make them feel comfortable. Assure and teach them about stuff. Appreciate their little actions. This activity will not only help you get to know your child plus helps to strengthen the bond with your kid. This takes a small amount of time but gives great benefits in the long term. 

10. Shut Down the Tech!

Okay, let’s admit it. Technology is something we rely on on a daily basis. It does make things easier around the house. Found your kid being fuzzy? 

Hand them some cartoons and they’ll be good for hours. However, that doesn’t help with spending quality time at all. So force yourself to get rid of all the tech for one day or even a few hours. Do some drawing or go out. It might seem daunting at first, but as time passes, you will get the hang of it. 


And there you go, easy ways to spend time with your kids! 

Although taking care of them takes up most of your time, doing these cute fun activities can help in their development and your bonding as a family, making a happy child and parent! 

Hope all of these tips help you. How else do you spend time with your kids? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for reading!


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