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8 Outdoor Play Ideas Perfect For Both Kids And Adults

by Amrita
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Play is an ideal way to bring together people of all ages. Both kids and adults find play interesting. Old and young people need to relax and play sometimes. Through play, meaningful connections are established in exciting ways.  

Outdoor plays are ways kids and adults can have fun together. Leaving the confines of your room to a more exposed environment adds spice to games and activities. With the right environment and tools, outdoor recreational activities are exciting ways adults and children can tease and run around.  

Are you looking for outdoor play ideas that work for kids or adults? Worry less. Here’s a list of exciting games and sporting activities everyone can do outside:  

1. Fitness Games  

Fitness activities sound like work, right? Yes, it does. But they can also be fun. Aside from the strenuous fitness activities, some take the form of play. And most outdoor fitness equipment can help you play while still getting fit.   

Generally, fitness games are fun to play and offer both entertaining and health benefits. Besides, there are standard physical education programs that promote fitness, learning, and fun on the playground.   

Though they focus on overall fitness, they integrate the elements of play. Using these playgrounds, kids and adults can get active, have fun, and facilitate a healthy lifestyle alongside. 

2. Hide And Seek  

The classic game is always a perfect play to engage in. Though it’s been around for a while, it never gets old. Its simplicity and ease of understanding make it an adorable game to play.   

Not so many props are required in the game to be enjoyable. Having someone seek for others who go into hiding is fun. It encourages bonding and improves creativity.  

Moreover, the play can accommodate as many people as possible. There isn’t a limit to the number of participants, so everyone can enjoy the game. Also, it can be a good way of exercising the body.  

3. Ride-on Games   

Ride-on games are amongst the most loved outdoor plays, especially with ride-on toys. They’re usually fun and can also accommodate as many participants as possible.  

Racing games are examples of ride-on games. Kids play the game by riding on mobile toys that move them from place to place. They come with ride-on toys with which they race against one another. The intention is to seek out the best racer.   

Adults have the option of using racing bikes, cars, and horses. That way, the play helps adults and kids to get rid of extra energy and also improve their creativity. 

4. Spikeball  

Spikeball is a game rising in popularity. Nevertheless, it’s one great way to play as kids and adults. The game is almost like volleyball but with a few distinctions.   

Naturally, it’s a game of rubber balls. It usually comes with a bag so that the balls can be easily packed. It can be played in twos. A member of one team tosses the rubber ball onto a bounceable net, after which the opposing team responds by getting the back onto the net with fine, calculated touches.   

All said spikeball is best played at the beach or the backyard. It’s an excellent way to have fun and improve health.   

5. Water Fights  

A water fight is a fun way to have a kind of mock combat. The play requires water-dispensing devices such as water guns, balloons, and buckets. At times, a cupped hand can be used to dispense water.   

The objective of the play is to soak one’s opponent with water while trying to remain dry. Each opponent must come with a water gun toy to fight with and have a sufficient water supply for the fight.   

While it’s fun, it’s advisable to dress in light casual clothing during the play to avoid weighty feelings resulting from soaked clothing. The game can be played individually or in teams.   

6. Follow-The-Leader   

The follow-the-leader game is developed because kids love to imitate adults. Thus, a follow-the-leader game gets kids and adults together. The adult acts as a positive role model.  

To begin the game, the adult explains to the kid that they want them to imitate what they do. The explanation is often made in simple and clear language to give the kid a good understanding.  

Then the adult begins with simple movements they know the kid can perform easily, like clapping their hands. After which, they can introduce more challenging gestures. At some point, the adult allows the child to lead while they follow.   

7. Sing Aloud  

Kids and adults can have great fun singing to one another aloud. So many people find it easier singing when they’re alone. But when singing to a crowd of two or more people, it becomes a bit challenging.   

Through sing-aloud games, kids and adults can come out of their shells and exercise their voices melodiously.   

The play can take different formats. In some cases, participants are given a song to sing. In other cases, they’re asked to sing to a particular rhythm or beat. The singer can also sing their favourite songs.   

Whichever format it takes, participants must ensure they sing so loud that everyone can hear them.   

8. Flying Kites   

Flying kites is undoubtedly an entertaining form of outdoor play for both kids and adults, especially on windy days. It’s a play perfectly fitting for outdoor areas like playgrounds, open spaces, beaches, parks, and gardens. It’s a great bonding activity that can bring people together and help them enjoy their time alone.   

However, kiting becomes more fun when the kite is self-made. You can decide to create your kite rather than purchase ready-made kites. But if you can’t make one for yourself, you can get a ready-made kite. When the conditions are ideal, kiting helps you have a great time staring into the sky.   


Outdoor play brings more excitement and fun. These activities take us out of our usual environment and allow us to enjoy the beauty of the environment around us. With the play ideas suggested in this article, you can have a great time playing outside your house, either as a kid or an adult.


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