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8 Ways To Style Knitwear This Winter Season

by Aiza

As the weather cools down, you should start thinking about dressing warmly. Knitwear is mostly your go-to option during this time, from sweaters, cardigans, shawls, or wool skirts. 

But even if your main goal is to be cosy, you can still look stylish in your chosen knitwear. There are numerous ways to do this for the season, whether you’re going to the office or hanging out with your friends. 

With that in mind, here are eight ways you can style your knitwear for the cold months:  

1. Knit Tops 

You can jazz up your look by trying crepe knit tops in different designs, like a polo or a wrap top matching a similar bottom or any other you prefer. 

Crepe knit fabric is made of thin and breathable material that offers a lot of stretch and draping. If you wear it to work, you can portray an elegant, classy and fashionable look without being out of place. 

2. Layering Sweaters  

Sweaters are a must-have winter outfit in your closet. There are numerous sweater designs you can put on, such as: 

  • Crew neck sweaters: These have round necklines. They offer a laid-back but not totally informal look, creating a relaxed yet sporty image. 
  • V-neck sweaters: They’re sweaters you can wear with a collared shirt or blouse. The collared shirt should be tucked in when you wear it. 
  • Boyfriend sweaters: They’re oversized sweaters that are warm and comfortable, making them perfect for cold places. You can put it on with a shirt or tank top. 

Once you have the sweater you’d like for the day, you can pair it with the following outfits: 

  • Skirts: You can wear a sweater with a round skirt without looking out of place. Alternatively, pair it with a leather skirt. Its heaviness and shiny look create a noticeable silhouette even from a distance. 
  • Wide-legged pants: You can wear a sweater with wide-legged pants in place of the usual tight jeans. 
  • Coats: On top of your sweater, you can put on a classy long jacket to look great while staying warm. 
  • Dress: Excellent knitwear can be worn over a dress to enhance your look. Ensure the sweater complements the dress you’re wearing underneath. You can then top off this combination with boots.

There are numerous ways you can layer your sweater and look chic while still staying comfortable. 

3. Matching Knit Sets 

Going full-knitwear is always an option. It’s a fashion choice that goes well with the weather, so it’s not as quiche or awkward as it sounds. For instance, you can have your knitwear tops made to look similar to the skirt. Or, if you’re not a skirt person, you can wear matching pants and tops. You can then complete either of these combinations with boots. 

If you still find it awkward, you can have more people wear it along with you. Try getting identical sets for your family and friends as gifts.

4. Sweater Dresses

Make winter more elegant by using your knitwear as a dress. In this case, the dress is fully knitted, which means you’ll have heavy clothing keeping you warm while you continue to stay fashionable. You can have yours custom-made to get the right fit. But even if you get a smaller one, it can still stretch it out. 

Put on a belt on top of it for a crisper shape. You can also wear knee boots to protect your legs from the cold if you’re wearing a short dress. 

5. Shirts With Knit Vests

Knit vests or tank tops are sleeveless sweaters. They’re suitable for wearing on top of other clothing items such as shirts. Wear it to the office to make you look formal and classy. You can also wear a knit vest over an oversized long-sleeved shirt.

6. Turtlenecks And Blazers

These have round collars that conceal your neck. They can be an alternative to suits if you need something else to wear during the winter season. Contrary to popular belief, these are actually extremely flexible fashion pieces. With the right pairings of bottoms and footwear, you can wear them to an official event or any regular party.

7. Cardigans With Shirts Or Dresses 

A cardigan is something you can put on in place of a sweater. It can be knitted from wool or cotton and usually have buttons for securing it to your body. This gives you the option to unbutton when your surroundings get a bit warmer. You can wear it on top of a dress or shirt. Or, you can double down by wearing a sweater with it. 

Cardigans are a good choice for both casual and official functions. There are also open cardigans that you can wear with jeans to pull off a fully relaxed vibe. If you’re going with this, make sure to wear sneakers. 

8. Shawls And Wool Ponchos With Trousers

It’s crucial to pick an excellent accessory to wear with your top. You can try out a shawl, which is a classy piece of knitwear that can complement your overall look. This goes well with a denim jacket or a trench coat. 

You also can put a scarf on top of your sweater. It’s a throw item you can put on quickly whenever you’re in a rush. Scarves are also very easy to adjust, making them a handy tool for both staying warm and achieving a look.

On top of these, you can also put on a poncho. This is a type of apparel originating from Latin America that consists of a large sheet with unsewn sides. It offers both ample covering and room for movement. 

You can wear them over your clothes to stay warm, especially if you have more informal wear beneath. They mix well with leggings, leather jeans, or straight-legged jeans.

Look Great In The Cold

Knitwear is one of the most versatile choices of fabric when it comes to chilly weather. In fact, this list barely covers all the options you have to stay both warm and fashionable with knitwear. Get creative with your picks, and you’re set to embrace the cooler ambiance with your outfits.



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