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Ways to Improve the Volume of Your Natural Eyelashes

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A long voluminous eyelash instantly enhances the beauty of your eyes. Other than accentuating your beauty it protects your eyes from debris and dust that can compromise your eyesight further.

While some lucky ones are blessed with naturally voluminous lashes others lack the encouraging density. The Internet is filled with millions of ways to enhance your lashes but you may feel unsure to follow many of those as all of them may not be suitable for your healthy eyesight.

The use of mascaras may satisfy the volume of your lashes temporarily but they are not suitable to serve the purpose in the long run as they can cause the lash hair to dry out and fall off gradually.

While permanent extensions are one way of adding volume to your lashes there are natural remedies too that can boost your lash growth and provide you with a lasting desirable look without any external makeup product. This blog will discuss various natural remedies that are helpful to your cause.

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1. Try out various oils

Other than functioning as a medium in cooking and other activities oils help to enhance the growth of your lashes. The use of castor oil, Vitamin E, olive oil and even petroleum jelly is effective in encouraging the growth of your lashes.

For their application, you just need a disposable mascara wand and dip it in either of the chosen oils. Then apply it on your lashes from the tip to bottom just like mascara and then sleep on it overnight. Wash them off with the use of regular water in the morning.

Regular application of these oils will result in long voluminous lashes without any side effects. Avoid rubbing these oils on the lashes as this may cause the lashes to dry out and fall off eventually.

2. Aloe Vera can lend a hand

Aloe Vera is known for its wide range of functions for skin and hair. With regular use, it works wonderfully in the growth of lashes. Aloe Vera contains essential minerals and vitamins that are ideal for maintaining dark eyelashes. Not only had this, they also help in keeping your eyes refreshed promoting healthy eyesight. It cures dark circles and is effective on rough skin too.

3. Consider the use of green tea

And here you thought green tea is effective for weight loss only. Green tea is another natural remedy that can help you to overcome the lack of voluminous lashes. Next time when you make green tea without sugar keep some aside for application in lashes.

Let it cool down a little and then dip a cotton ball in the tea. Swipe the wet cotton ball on your lashes carefully without letting it enter the eye otherwise, it may cause eye irritation. It contains antioxidants that stimulate the healthy growth of lashes and their further maintenance.

4. Shop for lash serums

There are a variety of lash serums in the market that are designed to maintain your lashes and promote dense growth. Among those varieties of serums shop for the ones that contain squalene. This will boost your lash growth and thicken those yielding long voluminous lashes. It would be a worthy investment for your lashes.

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5. Run the extra mile with a lash massage

You may find it difficult to structure lash massaging in mind before opting for it. However, it is one of the special eyelash routines that you can inculcate into your daily schedule. After applying essential oils or Aloe Vera message your lashes gently with the use of your fingers for 60 seconds and that’s it. It will stimulate the hair follicles of your lashes promoting faster growth.

6. Watch your diet

The food you intake or the diet routine you follow has a great impact on your bodily activities including your hair on the head and lashes. Excessive intake of unhealthy food would not yield the desired results you are hoping for.

The inclusion of healthy carbs and whole wheat grains will promote your body to function at optimum capacity.

It will additionally keep your weight in check and encourage proper digestion. You can also opt for taking vitamin supplements that are designed for hair growth. Do check the side effects if there are any before taking them.

7. Regular cleaning of lashes is necessary

Long voluminous eyelashes may not last long if they are not maintained properly. One of the basic ways to maintain your lashes is to clean them regularly as dirt can hamper the density of lashes in long run.

Even when you are at home your lashes are exposed to dirt, debris and external germs that get stuck on the lashes without making you realise it.

Daily cleaning of lashes will clean out the accumulated dirt and encourage the maintenance of healthy lashes. You may feel surprised to witness the amount of dirt accumulated on the lashes in the process of cleaning them.

8. Try out applying hot/cold packs

Application of hot or cold packs alternatively will relax your eyes and comfort you readily. You can try out this activity once or twice a week as many times as you feel like. This is a good relaxing activity for your eyes that will stimulate the nerves around your eyes and encourage lash growth. They are also effective in reducing wrinkles and spot lines around your eyes.

9. Avoid rubbing your eyes

It is difficult to avoid rubbing your eyes at certain times of the year especially when the weather is dry or you are suffering from some kind of eye allergy. Frustration or tiredness also results in furious rubbing of your eyes. While these kinds of reflexive actions are difficult to avoid you can effectively practise avoiding them by paying extra attention. Rubbing your eyes can lead to the bursting of small blood capillaries and further falling out of your eyelashes.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! It is no secret that long voluminous lashes have a great impact on your look and hence it is recommended to adapt to an eye care routine that suits your comfort. Try out these home remedies before investing in artificial extensions. The results may awe you.

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