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The Perks of Renting in Kingsville, Melbourne

by Emily G
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When I bump into old friends, one of their first questions is, “Where are you living these days?” When I fondly answer, “Kingsville!” it’s almost guaranteed to prompt, “Where’s that?” For those unfamiliar, Kingsville is a triangle-shaped suburb slotted in Melbourne’s inner west, just 9km from Melbourne’s CBD. It boasts many delights, including slightly cheaper rent than most of the surrounding options.

My partner and I have called Kingsville home for several years. I do enjoy it feeling like my personal secret, but it offers so many simple pleasures that warrant sharing with others. Here are some major appeals of one of Melbourne’s tiniest suburbs:

Access to Other Worlds

Despite seeming secluded in your own little nook, Kingsville’s proximity to other places makes it incredibly accessible. No matter where you’re situated in this tiny sliver of a suburb, you’ll find yourself walking distance between West Footscray and Yarraville Stations. This gives one access to both the Sunbury and Werribee lines. Especially handy when negating PTV’s replacement services. If you would prefer to stay more local, bus routes line all perimeters. You’re also a short walk from suburbs such as Seddon and Yarraville, with treats like The Sun Theatre to make a special day trip just a gentle stroll away.


No walkthrough Kingsville is ever the same. The variety in houses is captivating. You’ll witness perfectly manicured gardens, alleyways with hidden finds, and friendly neighbourhood cats to greet you like mystic guides. You might also come upon a Street Library, where passers-by can pick up or drop off a pre-loved book. Despite being fairly populated, and surrounded by main roads, it feels much quieter and more serene than many of the surrounding suburbs. There’s a charming fairy tale whimsy that runs through the older streets.

Cruickshank Park

Cruickshank Park is like everyone’s backyard. This is a welcome perk, considering the relatively small yard size of many properties in the area. It’s big enough to share, yet often surprisingly void of visitors. It features picnic tables, lush grasses, a creek, gym equipment, a community garden and separate playgrounds – one with a giant Muttaburrasaurus! A great excursion for exercise or relaxation. You can also pick up a pizza or pie just around the corner, and have a picnic on a moment’s notice. The perfect type of convenience to counter Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.

Local Business

There are a surprising amount of businesses operating out of Kingsville, with a fascinating range of services. You definitely won’t miss your comforting norms, such as take away options, pharmacies and other conveniences. However, you’ll also find treats which range from handmade candles and preserves, an Alexander Technique practitioner, to an artisan cobbler whose exceptional quality of work represents a decaying trade.

One relatively recent addition is a wonderful second-hand clothing store, propped at the end of Chirnside St. The stock focuses on flattering vintage styles, in a diverse range of sizes. While saving on price, you walk away with something unique, high quality and handpicked. The store combats fast fashion, with a focus on sustainability – a common motivation for many locals. Like many other stores in Kingsville, you receive friendly, personal treatment without feeling like you’re being flattered into buying something.


Most importantly, Kingsville emanates a constant air of friendliness. Hundreds of locals are members of the suburb’s Good Karma Facebook group, which shares the likes of free furniture, produce, garage sales, company and more. It makes wonderful use of an online network to get people offline and more truly connected. If you’re seeking all the conveniences of modern living, paired with the sense of a sincerely welcoming community, you won’t regret considering Kingsville as your next address. I certainly don’t.

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