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Top 5 Daytime Restaurants of Seddon, Kingsville and Yarraville (SKY )

by Emily G
common galaxia- seddon, kingsvilee, yarraville

Seddon, Kingsville, Yarraville – also known to the locals as the SKY region. This inner-west pocket of Melbourne is a foodie hub, and with such talented competition, offerings change often. If everyone is lucky, the gems stick around. Friendly staff, welcoming venues and satisfying food — familiar enough for the food shy, and fruitful enough for the seasoned foodie. Here are 5 unique and delicious brunch options for you to consider. They’re fit for coffee catch-ups, impressing visiting family and are undoubtedly date-worthy… even if you’re just taking yourself.

Butcher 128

128 Roberts St, Yarraville VIC 3013

Located in an old butcher shop, this café is unassuming and almost speakeasy-like for the unexpected delights you’ll find inside. You enter and immediately find yourself beckoned by the courtyard. Find a place to sit, surrounded by succulents and locals who’ve discovered its secret — now dedicated fans. A range of hearty food options cover the menu, which though relatively simple, always hit the mark. It’s reliable, but it’s also just that little bit special.

Top picks: The Baron, Lychee Limonana, Cà Phê Sữa Đá

Rocco’s Deli

122 Roberts St, Yarraville VIC 3013

Next to Butcher 128 is Rocco’s Deli. A Rocco Roll is a local staple. Less than the price of a chain-store sandwich, you’re treated to a handmade roll, brimming with fresh deli fillings. With your savings, pick up a cannoli or a donut while you’re there (though the rolls are so filling, you might need to save it for later). Rocco’s also stock a wonderful range of groceries and whip up some impressive charcuterie boards. Feel free to grab some extras (or an entire panettone) and amble down to Cruickshank Park for a picnic, making the whole experience extra special.

Top picks: Rocco Roll, Jam Donuts

Mabu Mabu

13 Anderson St, Yarraville VIC 3013

A relatively new contender in the Yarraville set is this Torres Strait owned and run food spot. Mabu Mabu makes infallible use of native ingredients in each of their dishes. One thing you will notice without fail, is that everything tastes exceptionally fresh. Everything is an experience here — it’s a delightfully crafted menu. Even so, if you’re a bacon and eggs kind of being, nothing should shake you out of your comfort zone too much. The venue is cosy and welcoming and makes great use of the space on offer.

Top picks: Wattleseed Latte, Mabu Waffles


63/65 Anderson St, Yarraville VIC 3013

Situated next to Yarraville Station, on the opposite side of the tracks from where most usually head. You’ll leave feeling healthy yet full, without compromising on taste and satisfaction. The bright, clean venue, with its friendly plants lining the walls, feels like it’s nourishing your other senses, too. The highlights here are definitely the poké bowl style offerings, which are fresh, flavoursome and varied. Their specialist tea options are also top tier. I highly advise getting at least one pot for the table.

Top picks: Whichever bowl piques your interest

Common Galaxia

3/130 Victoria St, Seddon VIC 3011

Seddon is swarming with phenomenal dining options, many competing to be the belle of brunch. Common Galaxia ticks all the boxes. A range of modern Australian style brunch options await you, and this is probably the place where it’s the hardest to settle on a menu item. The menu itself rotates somewhat – just enough to keep things fresh and interesting. If you want to guarantee an Instagram-worthy brunch, this is the pick for you. But you definitely won’t be compromising on the quality of the food itself. As an added bonus, 99% of the time there will be a dog or five out the front for you to gleefully admire while you visit.

Top picks: Honestly, all of it

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