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Bucket List Ideas, things to do before you die

by Kayla Mackinnon

Life is short. At the end of your life, you want to look back and make sure that you have made the most of it. Here is a list of achievements and things to add to your bucket list before you die.


Experiences to add to your bucket list.

      1. Visit every U.S state
      2. Climb the Eiffel Tower
      3. Go to all of the Disney theme parks worldwide.
      4. Go to all of the Universal Studios Theme Parks. (Singapore, Japan, L.A, Orlando)
      5. Play with the Quokkas on Rottnest Island In Australia.
      6. See the Pyramids in Cairo
      7. Go on the Nevis Swing in Queenstown
      8. Have a white Christmas.
      9. Go to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam
      10. Pay respects at Auschwitz concentration camp
      11. Visit the 9/11 memorial
      12. Go on a luxury European river cruise
      13. See a Musical on Broadway.
      14. Visit the Robot Cafe in Tokyo
      15. Stay in a Capsule hotel in Japan.
      16. See a Vegas Show
      17. Ride in a hot air balloon
      18. Hold a monkey
      19. Attend a same sex wedding
      20. Try a sensory Deprivation Tank
      21. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
      22. Get a Tattoo
      23. Attend the Olympics
      24. Ride in a gondola
      25. Spend a day exploring Changi Airport in Singapore
      26. Stay at the Marina Bay Sands
      27. Visit Machu Picchu
      28. See the Northern Lights in Iceland
      29. Take a trip to the White house
      1. See Mona Lisa in Paris at the Louvre
      2. Visit Stonehenge
      3. Attend an American State Fair
      4. Go to Yosemite National Park
      5. Attend the Kentucky Derby
      6. Experience St Patrick’s Day in Ireland
      7. Fly first class
      8. See the Statue of Liberty
      9. Visit the Grand Canyon
      10. See Lake Bled in Slovenia
      11. Tour Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
      12. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
      13. Walk the Great Wall of China
      14. See the Forbidden City in China
      15. Go shopping at the Mall of America
      16. Visit Angkor in Cambodia
      17. See the Taj Mahal
      18. Explore Easter Island
      19. Swim with sea turtles
      20. Snowboard
      21. Indoor skydive
      22. Take a helicopter ride over The Grand Canyon
      23. Take a helicopter ride over New York City
      24. Witness a birth
      25. Drink at an ice bar
      26. Tour a ghost town
      27. See an active volcano
      28. Visit all 7 continents
      29. Go on a Disney Cruise
      30. See Niagara falls
      31. Visit Yellowstone National Park

Travel Destinations to add to your bucket list: Places to go before you die

        1. Hallstatt, Austria
        2. Paris, France
        3. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
        4. Amsterdam, Holland
        5. Los Angeles, United States
        6. Orlando, United States
        7. Las Vegas, United States
        8. New York City, United States
        9. Venice, Italy
        10. Rome, Italy
        11. Pisa, Italy
        12. Amalfi Coast, Italy
        13. Cannes, France
        14. Boston, United States
        15. Africa (Egypt, South Africa)
        16. London, England
        17. Hawaii, United States
        18. Maldives
        19. Fiji
        20. Bora Bora
        21. Bahamas, The Caribbean
        22. Sweden
        23. Reine, Norway
        24. Greenland
        25. Iceland
        26. Queenstown in New Zealand
        27. Dubrovnik in Croatia
        28. Cesky Krumlov in Prague
        29.  Colmar, France
        30. Počitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina
        31. Bruges, Belgium
        32. Bibury, England
        33. Albarracin, Spain
        34. Sintra, Portugal
        35. Annecy, France
        36. Manarola, Italy
        37. Brasov, Romani
        38. Arles, France
        39. .Freiburg, Germany
        40. .Salzburg, Austria
        41. Ghent, Belgium
        42. Ljubljana, Slovenia
        43. Rothenberg, Germany
        44. Arosa, Switzerland
        45. .Bergen, Norway
        46. Positano, Italy
        47. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
        48. Dubai
        49. Abu Simbel, Egypt
        50. Budapest, Hungary
        51. Vienna, Austria
        52. Toronto, Canada
        53. Montreal, Canada
        54. Vancouver, Canada
        55. Banff, Canada
        56. Prince Edward Island, Canada
        57. Hong Kong
        58. Seoul, Korea
        59. Osaka, Japan
        60. Monaco
        61. Cancun, Mexico
        62. Nice, France
        63. Dublin, Ireland
        64. Ayers Rock, Australia
        65. Darwin, Australia
        66. Barcelona, Spain
        67. Berlin, Germany
        68. Petra, Jordan
        69. San Francisco, United States
        70. San Diego, United States
        71. Marrakech, Morocco 
        72. Pompeii, Italy
        73. Kyoto, Japan

Achievements and Life Goals

      1. Learn a new language
      2. Learn to Play an instrument
      3. Read 100 books in a year
      4. Learn to do the splits
      5. Take up regular Pilates
      6. Learn to Juggle
      7. Get Engaged
      8. Get Married
      9. Have Children
      10. Complete a degree
      11. Adopt an animal from a shelter
      12. Pay off your debts
      13. Make a will
      14. Swim with dolphins
      15. Make a million dollars
      16. Find a job you enjoy
      17. Hire a house cleaner
      18. Become an organ donor
      19. Donate blood
      20. Get Fit
      21. Own a home gym
      22. Own your dream car
      23. Participate in a charity Marathon
      24. Learn Australian sign language (AUSLAN)
      25. Read a banned book

Ultimate theme park bucket list:

      1. Disney World Orlando
      2. Euro Disney, France
      3. Tokyo Disney
      4. Tokyo Disney Sea
      5. Disneyland California
      6. Hong Kong Disneyland
      7. Lotte World, South Korea
      8. Alton Towers, England
      9. Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
      10. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Santa Claus Indiana
      11. Six Flags Magic Mountain, California
      12. Hersheypark, Hershey, Pennsylvania
      13. Cedar Point, Ohio
      14. Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario
      15. Knott’s Berry Farm, California
      16. Universal Studios Singapore
      17. Universal Studios Japan
      18. Universal Studios Los Angeles
      19. Universal Studios Orlando
      20. Efteling, Netherlands
      21. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen Denmark
      22. Europa Park, Rust Germany
      23. Nagashima Spa Land, Japan
      24. Everland, South Korea

How many of these have you crossed off your bucket list? What would you add and what would you not do?

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