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The Best Airbnbs and Accommodation in Euroa

by Aiza

Of fine wool and its thoroughbred horse industry, Euroa is a fine place with a great suburban atmosphere perfect for a quick retreat alone or with the family. It’s a heritage town known for its cultural abundance as well, and you will just appreciate how the place can make you feel relaxed and refreshed and great for your mental well-being.

If you think you can get past the beautiful town of Euroa, we suggest you stay there for a night or two —- you will certainly love how beautiful the town is.

If you’re planning a trip to Euroa here are the best places to stay in and around Euroa.

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation near Euroa

Courtside Cottage Bed and Breakfast

With vintage interiors paired with modern architecture, this accommodation provides you with a relaxing weekend getaway in a resort-like stay. It features rooms that overlook the heated pool and tranquil garden, which are also available for everyone’s use, and a scenic bushwalk to stroll around nearby. Moreover, it is an ideal family location, where a self-contained kitchen and dining area are always open. If your stay cannot be topped without some drinks, you may have a short drive to the famous wineries in the location. Also, it’s very convenient for everyone as it is close to the best eateries in town, and is also pet-friendly and wheelchair friendly for an accommodating stay.

Holiday Accommodation Euroa

Euroa Caravan Park

73-103 Kirkland Avenue, Euroa VIC

Situated along a river, this accommodation screams the holiday vibes for those wanting to have a spacious cabin adventure alone or with a family. All rooms are self-contained, with a seasonal pool where you can have a dip, and a BBQ and picnic area for that laid-back vibes you have always wanted. Apart from this, a spacious open area is also free of use, where your kids can play around and just enjoy Euroa’s air. If you’d just want to be alone and stay in the room, worry not as there is a flat-screen TV for all rooms, along with a coffee maker as well. Each room also has balconies where you can just sit day and night and enjoy the fresh breeze and the sparkling waters of the river in the area.

Cheap Accommodation In and Near Euroa

Castle Creek Motel

53 Clifton Street, Euroa VIC

Looking for a great deal for your Euroa trip? This motel gives you a good deal of stay. You can enjoy your staycation in a spacious room that is very affordable where it also has a working desk if you’d want to work alone. Moreover, it also features an outdoor pool and saltwater pool for you to swim all the stress away, either day or night. A grill and a picnic area are provided for you, or you might just want to enjoy hovering in its simple garden. Because it resides in a peaceful neighbourhood, you can also do cycling in the area and enjoy nature on its nearby roads between the bushlands. For families, a playground is also available for your children.

Home Accommodation in Euroa

Kennedy House

74B Kennedy Street, Euroa VIC

Perhaps you prefer to rent an entire home in a calming space. You don’t have to worry; this accommodation has got you. Enjoy a homestay with full amenities like your typical home, and be amazed by its picturesque garden where you surely love to spend your afternoon. A terrace is also available during this stay, overlooking its beautiful garden and the nearby forests of Euroa. Location-wise, this is great for families with children, as it is close to the town’s popular attractions like the Mansfield Zoo, Seven Creeks Park, and Lions Park. On top of this, you will be renting the whole property for your stay, so don’t be stressed about parking —- you’ll have a space all for yourself!

Pet-Friendly Accommodation in and near Euroa

Little Albermarle

96 Cowells Lane, Euroa VIC

Couldn’t get enough of the country atmosphere and want to stay on a farm? Might as well have you stay in this accommodation. You’ll be renting the entire farm, so you can enjoy a private stay and just hear the farm animals. It is far enough to get a serene atmosphere from everything rowdy, yet still close enough to the cafés and restaurants, scenic walking tracks, and boutiques in Euroa. They also have a large pool beside their home and a little playground in the backyard for your children to enjoy. Nevertheless, the stay has modern, clean, and well-lit interiors, so erase your thoughts of staying in a barn-like home (because we know you would). The accommodation is basically all in one; great space, great area, with great amenities included.

Even though Euroa is just a small town, there are a lot of things you can do and visit. From parks, heritage areas, and the bushlands, you will certainly feel relaxed and refreshed once you have your vacation in the town.

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