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Hello Fresh Review Plus Discount Code

by Kayla Mackinnon
Ed hello fresh review

I have been tempted to get Hello Fresh for a while. The meals always looked amazing and fresh but I was scared they wouldn’t live up to the hype.

My partner and I ordered Hello Fresh for the first time this week and we were not disappointed.

To be honest I did have ulterior motives for ordering Hello Fresh. I thought it would be a sneaky way to trick my partner into learning to cook. He’s not the best cook. His idea of cooking usually involves heating up something out of the freezer so I was excited for him to make something tasty. It takes the pressure off of me since I  don’t need to go to the supermarket and I can trick my boyfriend into learning to cook!

I actually forgot to choose my meals this week so we got the default 3 meals. Luckily I enjoyed them all. Here is my in-depth  Hello Fresh review for April 7 2020.


We paid $70AUD for our first box. I think this is pretty reasonable. Especially when you consider all the coupon codes they have available. If it’s your first order you can use the discount code HS-TYXXIS197 for $50 off your first box. This means if you get the same plan that we got you will only be paying $20 for 3 dinners for two people. How good is that?

Meal 1: Honey Mustard Beef Burgers

Hello Fresh Honey Mustard Beef Burgers

One word. YUM.

We did make 1 variation to this dish. We did add cheese because who doesn’t like a good cheeseburger? This dish was probably my favourite this week.

This dish was much better than any burger that I’d ever make myself. We had to make our own patties for this dish. I have never made my own patties before. I usually just buy them ready-made.  After tasting this dish I never want to go back to store-bought patties. These patties were some of the juices and tastiest burgers I have ever had in my whole life.

I was a little scared that the Hello Fresh meals wouldn’t be very filling but I was stuffed after eating this.

This meal was so much fresher, tastier and better than any burger I’d make.

How long did Hello Fresh say it would take? 30-40 minutes.

How long did it actually take? 45 minutes. That was with 2 people making it. I helped my partner cut the veggies while he did all the hands-on stuff.  I’m sure you can get it down to 30 minutes with lots of practice though.

Would I order this meal again? Yes.

Rating: 9/10

Meal 2: Sage & Rosemary Crumbed Chicken

Hello Fresh Sage and Rosemary Crumbed Chicken

This was another dish that I wouldn’t usually make myself.

When I have schnitzels I usually just purchase the ready-made schnitzels from the store. This is usually because:

  1. I am a germaphobe and avoid touching raw chicken when I can.
  2. Making schnitzels from scratch creates a whole lot of dirty dishes.
  3. It’s so much easier just buying them from the supermarket.

I don’t think I have ever used fresh sage or rosemary in my life. Unless you have your own herb garden, fresh herbs can be expensive so I usually just use herbs from jars.

Okay so that being said these schnitzels were so much better than store-bought schnitzels. If I was ever going to make them again I would make a bulk load of them and freeze some as it seemed like a lot of work and ingredients for one meal.

The sage, rosemary and lemon rind all made the schnitzels taste incredibly fresh. I could have eaten both schnitzels myself.

sage rosemary crumbed chicken

The second component of this dish was the salad. I’m pretty picky when it comes to salads so I was a little sceptical.

To my surprise, I enjoyed the salad. The salad consisted of fresh lemon juice, potato, dijon mustard. mayonnaise, spring onions, green beans and spinach.

The only con with the salad was that it probably won’t work well as leftovers as I imagine it would be extremely soggy the next day.

How long did Hello Fresh say it would take? 30-40 minutes.

How long did it actually take? Same as the first dish. 45 minutes. Again that was with 2 people making it. I helped my partner cut the veggies while he did all the hands-on stuff.

Would I order this meal again? Yes.

Rating: 7/10

Meal 3: Thai Style Sweet Chilli Chicken

hello Fresh thai style sweet chilli chicken

If I had chosen my own meals this is probably something I would have picked.

It was advertised as a low-calorie dish so I was scared that this meal wasn’t going to fill me up. This was not true. Despite the fact that I am very skilled at stuffing my face I could not finish this dish. I ended up giving my leftovers to the boyfriend. Not because it wasn’t tasty but because I was full.

hello Fresh thai style sweet chilli chicken ingredients

This was probably one of my favourite meals that we made this week because I found it the easiest. This meal is pretty close to something I would usually cook, and it didn’t involve me having to make my own schnitzels or burger patties.

As an added bonus we learned how to make coconut rice. Coconut rice is probably my favourite thing to eat at Thai restaurants and I had no idea how easy it was to make. I think I will be making it more often from now on. I can’t believe I never thought of making it myself before.

Now I will say one thing. I hate pickles and I hate raw onion, so I wasn’t thrilled about there being pickled raw onion on this dish.  To my surprise I actually enjoyed it. It added some crunch and sweetness to the dish.

This dish does contain coriander so for the coriander haters out there you may want to omit this. I myself like coriander! I think it makes the dish really fresh.

One criticism for this dish is that I wish it were a little spicer. I was a little sneaky and I added some ground chilli. I think if I make this again I might add some fresh red chilli and then it will be perfect.

How long did Hello Fresh say it would take? 30-40 minutes.

How long did it actually take?  Because there was less preparation involved in this one it only took around 30 minutes, and there were less dirty dishes involved than with the previous 2 dishes.

Would I order this meal again? Yes.

Rating: 7.5/10

Overall thoughts

Overall Hello Fresh did exceed my expectations. I would gladly order again.

Let me know what your thoughts on Hello Fresh are and whether you have any meal recommendations for me.

If you want to try it for yourself find it here, and use referral code HS-TYXXIS197 for $50 off your first box.

Love Kayla

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