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Best Coronavirus Memes to get you through quarantine

by Kayla Mackinnon

The world has been a scary place for the last few months.

I think the best way to get through this difficult time is by having a good sense of humour.  Afterall staying home and being isolated from friends and family can take a toll on us mentally so laughing is a good way to keep you sane.

Here are the best Coronavirus memes to get you through quarantine.

I can see why people are saying that a symptom of Coronavirus must be a sudden urge to travel the world.

people woth coronavirus meme

Stay home or become a pigeon. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Time to migrate to another planet.


Yes breathing on people is a great way to stop a respiratory illness!
coronavirus wind of god meme reddit RataBatataSend hand cream ASAP.
coronavirus washing hands meme reddit Bill2085x

Keep this as your motivation to stay inside.

coronavirus trump meme reddit TrickAcanthisitta7

Step 1. Get Coronavirus. Step 2. Spread it around the world.

coronavirus travel meme

Here’s one for the Tiger King fans.

coronavirus tiger king carole baskin meme reddit

Here’s a tip. Stay inside, and you won’t need to worry about tan lines!

coronavirus tanlines meme reddit AllScandalNoGuilt

Same. All these quarantine snacks aren’t helping either. 

coronavirus symptoms meme reddit hodlingsince2010

I can’t win.

coronavirus saving money meme reddit cthulhu_billy

Here’s a coronavirus lifehack for you.

coronavirus meme reddit MacyWindu


coronavirus meme reddit maneatinghand

When you’re always behind on the trends. 

coronavirus meme reddit MTPROJECTS

My life is a neverending cycle of eating and sleeping.

coronavirus meme reddit PapayaSF

Even I’m tempted to go out for a walk. 

coronavirus meme reddit SpasticGinger234

Wait. That’s a good idea. 

coronavirus reddit u unvalid_name1234

I can’t relate because no one ever comes near me.  

coronavirus rick astley never gonna give you up meme reddit

Now how do I cover my eyes so I no longer have to wear makeup?

coronavirus meme reddit kevonicus

I wouldn’t be surprised. 

coronavirus meme reddit HellsJuggernaut

After spending a few weeks with my partner this is accurrate. 

coronavirus meme reddit chocolat_ice_cream

Food is my number 1 source of entertainment in lockdown. 

coronavirus meme reddit Calfzilla2000

I guess we’ll never know. 

coronavirus meme reddit Bill2085x

I agree my partner better not get used to it 

Coronavirus meme cooking for familyOkay but I am secretly loving working from home though. 

coronavirus major historical event meme reddit hodlingsince2010

So that’s why this flight was so cheap. 

coronavirus eight dollar italy flight cough meme DijahSB

This is one of my favourite Coronavirus memes.

coronavirus fart to cover cough meme

What is happening to us?

coronavirus exercising meme reddit TheHiddenSasquatch

The only reason I want to make it through 2020 is because The Sims 5 is allegedly coming out in 2021. 

coronavirus google Earth meme reddit LazyLuna678

Is that really the only reason?

coronavirus gun meme reddit Pnkindi

I feel for all of you curly-haired people out there. 

coronavirus hair cut meme reddit STerrier666

Oh and not gay.

coronavirus hot tub meme reddit martinroswell One thing after the other. 

australia coronavirus meme - Copy

That cars actually look pretty good considering. 

coronavirus car 2020 meme reddit hodlingsince2010 - Copy

This is the one and only time that I will ever tell you to be like Darth Vader. 

coronavirus darth vader meme reddit ekaratekeli1

Look at this good boy. I really hope those sheep are following orders.

Dog working from home border collie coronavirus meme

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