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Where To Buy Cheap Maternity and Nursing Clothes in Australia

by Kayla Mackinnon

Maternity Clothes can be astronomically expensive.  And to make it worse you don’t usually wear the clothes for very long. Even if you use the clothes for multiple pregnancies the clothes still aren’t very cost-effective. But still, maternity clothes are important. You can’t expect to get away with wearing the same shirts and jeans that you wore before you were pregnant.

If you’re anything like me your body will change drastically over the course of your pregnancy. Even early on in my first trimester, my hips exploded and I could no longer wear jeans that weren’t maternity jeans or jeggings.

Here are the best places to buy cheap and stylish maternity and nursing clothes in Australia.

How many Maternity Clothes do you need?

3-4 pairs of pants and leggings

2 dresses and or skirts

5 shirts

How many breastfeeding friendly clothes do you need?

4-5 nursing bras. (if you’re anything like me you might need more. I would frequently soak through bras when my milk was coming in)

4-5 nursing singlets

5 Nursing shirts

2 nursing dresses

Where to buy cheap maternity and nursing clothes in Australia. 


boohoo maternity dress

Boohoo has a HUGE collection of maternity and nursing-friendly outfits. You will find formal wear, loungewear, overalls, bras, underwear, singlets,  jeans, jeggings and more. Pretty much anything you can think of you’ll find on Boohoo. The products are also regularly on sale and if it’s not you can usually find some good coupon codes.

Pat Pat

Maternity Cuffed Hem Blue Jeans Blue

Pat Pat has a decent variety of maternity and nursing clothes. They’re probably not the best quality but they should get you through those last few months of pregnancy.  Plus they also have baby clothes and mummy and me matching outfits so it’s a one-stop-shop.

Best & Less

Womens Floral V Neck Blouse best and less maternity


Best & Less has a small collection of maternity and nursing clothes. They don’t have much but the stuff if affordable and will get you through those last few months of pregnancy. They also sell belly bands and maternity bras which are always handy and important to have.


Shein has a HUGE collection of maternity and nursing clothes. Dreses, bras, underwear, leggings and even maternity lingerie. Formal maternity dresses can be hard to find. So whether you’re looking for a dress for your baby shower or some comfy loungewear you should be able to find it on Shein.


asos maternityOkay ASOS isn’t always cheap because they have a large mix of budget and high-end brands but you can find some bargains and great sales. If not you can always try to use a coupon code. The clothes are also so beautiful that you can even wear them after the baby is born.


target maternity

Who doesn’t love Target? The clothes are decent quality and most people live near a Target. Target sells great maternity basics like dresses. underwear, pants and belly bands. Plus they also have super cute baby clothes so you can also buy some cute baby clothes while you’re at it


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