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Where Does Melbourne Rank For Education?

by Sara C

If you’re an aspiring international student, you’re likely to have already begun investigating which city of the world is best suited to facilitate the completion of your tertiary degree. Undoubtedly, then, when researching the highest ranking and most highly regarded cities for students, you will have come across the cosmopolitan, culturally rich, and thriving location that is Melbourne, Australia. Often referred to as one of Australia’s top-ranking student cities, Melbourne has also been recognised globally as a world-class destination for students who wish to attain an internationally-acclaimed standard of tertiary qualification. Indeed, a range of studies into the world’s top educational institutions has consistently placed Melbourne universities within the upper echelons of international tertiary facilities over the years.

But what makes Melbourne, Australia one of the best cities in the world for students? And, perhaps more to the point, where exactly does Melbourne rank globally in terms of education? If you’re interested in learning more about Melbourne’s higher education opportunities, as well as the benefits of choosing Melbourne as your student city, just read on.

Melbourne Education: Why Melbourne Is One of the Best Cities in Australia, and the World, to Study In

Top-Ranking Educational Resources

In a recent study completed by international adjudicators, one of Melbourne’s most famous, well-established, and long-standing tertiary educational institutions – The University of Melbourne – was ranked as being amongst the top 50 higher education facilities in the world. This was for several reasons. But one of those reasons was most likely because this particular institution employs outstanding teachers. Thanks to this, The University of Melbourne’s on-campus lectures, tutorials and practical laboratory classes are delivered to the highest possible global standard.

On another note, the quality and prestige of The University of Melbourne’s educational programmes may also be due to the high calibre of students attending the tertiary facility. Importantly, to gain entry into The University of Melbourne’s highly-regarded and elite tertiary education courses, students are closely vetted upon application. Prospective students are also required to attain extraordinarily high scores in their secondary school examination results to be able to enrol in the courses that this particular facility offers in its educational curriculum.

World-Class Tertiary Education Facilities

It cannot be doubted that the facilities available to students in Melbourne, Australia are of the highest international standard. To support this, it is important to note that the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings list The University of Melbourne in 34th place in the world.

Further, The University of Melbourne’s main competitor, and top contender for equal footing in the field – the popular Monash University – was ranked number 40 out of Times Higher Education’s top 400 universities worldwide.

Opportunities for Hybrid Study: Choose from On-Campus and Off-Campus Education Combinations

In addition to the on-campus study opportunities readily available to Melbourne students, the city is also leading the way in terms of online study methods. Thanks to the recent and ongoing development of digital dissemination of coursework materials, online study in Melbourne is now more accessible than ever. There is even the option to combine on-campus and off-campus study for a hybrid study experience. This is facilitated by the existence of student portals within which essential course details such as assessment requirements, course outlines and other information are stored virtually, and which students can access from anywhere, at any time.

Extracurricular Activities: Why Living in Melbourne, Australia is Great for Students

Cultural Activities: Enjoying The Arts in Melbourne, Australia

Student life in Melbourne does not need to be spent solely in the university library! Take the opportunity to draw yourself away from your textbooks and assignments, and enjoy all of the wonderful things the city of Melbourne has to offer.

Commonly known as the cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne offers an abundance of cultural events, festivals and activities to attend throughout the year. With concerts and performances by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra or the Melbourne Ballet, for example, as well as creative art exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria (the NGV) readily available for your enjoyment, Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world for students to experience the Arts.

Dining Experiences: Melbourne’s World-Class Food and Wine

If there’s one thing Melbourne, Australia is known for, it’s the food! As Melbourne is blessed with being a melting pot of immigrant cultures, the variety of cuisines at every Melburniun’s fingertips is almost limitless! Try visiting Melbourne’s popular Chinatown, or enjoy a Vietnamese meal in the inner suburbs of Richmond or Footscray. Visit the southeast location of Oakleigh for traditional Greek fare – you will feel as though you are roaming the streets of Athen’s Plaka! The northern areas of Melbourne are known for Middle Eastern cuisine. And the CBD itself is dotted with a multitude of dining venues even the most discerning Melbourne Foodie would delight in!

Melbourne Nightlife: Bars and Clubs for Students

Lastly, the nightlife. Melbourne is undoubtedly a raging hit with students, with popular areas around the city including upmarket Chapel Street in South Yarra, or the grungey suburbs of Brunswick and Fiztroy in the North of the city for a more trendy feel. The notorious ‘university night’ events, which are often scheduled on weekdays, will usually offer students the opportunity to benefit from thrifty drink specials and cheap eats. Student deals can be taken advantage of at various buzzing drinking spots around the city – generally on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Perhaps enjoy a cocktail or a beer on the dance floor after a week of assignment cramming. Just remember that your textbooks are waiting for you once you do eventually return to study mode!

Melbourne, Australia is a fantastic choice for any student searching for the best place to study. Renowned for its internationally-acclaimed universities, world-class educational facilities, and top-ranking student lifestyle, Melbourne has much to offer to any student who chooses to live and study there. As a vibrant and bustling centre of dining, arts and culture, Melbourne is also wonderful for extra-curricular activities, with a multitude of student-budget-friendly events at your fingertips! As such, it goes without saying – choosing Melbourne as your student city is an experience that your future self will thank you for.

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