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The Ultimate Bikini FAQ

by Sara C
bikini faq

Depending on where you are in the world, it is either bikini weather now or soon. Warmer weather has us all poolside for hours on end, and sometimes it can just be nice and cool to have your bikini on around the house or under a caftan. That means that you need more than one bikini, and preferably more than one style so you can pick and choose what is best for the activity you have planned. If you have a bunch of bikinis added to the cart but are reluctant to make the order, let’s first discuss answering some FAQs.

What is Brazilian Bikini bottoms?

The Brazilian Bikini is probably one of the most popular around the moment, and it is pretty clear to see why. This skimpy bikini bottom has a higher cut at the back to show off your bum, with the cut coming in low at the hip line. The front has less fabric than you might expect but it has enough coverage to be totally comfortable. The Brazilian Bikini is not for the fainthearted, so consider this one if you want to stand out and have been consistent with your squats!

How to choose a bikini for your body type?

Simply put, the right bikini for your body type is one that you feel totally comfortable in. that might mean that you want to show less or more skin, but this decision shouldn’t be tied to how you look but how you feel. That said, if you are genuinely looking for advice on what bikini to choose for your shape, consider what parts of your body you want to really accentuate and what areas you might not feel confident about.

A tankini might suit a woman who would prefer not to show her stomach but loves to get her legs and back out, whereas other women might prefer support over cleavage and use a crop and have fun with the bikini bottom instead. You can always try some style on the next time you are at the shop, even if you do intend to order online.

How should a bikini fit?

This is once again something you will have to figure out based on your preferences, but you want your bikini to feel supportive on your beautiful body. Too small and the sides will cut into your hips and legs which will be uncomfortable over time and perhaps even unflattering. Too big and you might risk the bikini moving around and exposing areas you wish you hadn’t. If you are new to wearing a bikini then you might have a moment of thinking “why are bikini bottoms so small?” Remember that there is a difference between small (skimpy, playful) and small (does not fit).

What is a cheeky bikini bottom?

If the name isn’t a giveaway, the cheeky bikini bottom is one that exposes part of the bottom cheek. This is done by bringing the outer seams on the back part of the bikini closer to the middle so that there is a snugger fit and more chance to show off the buns! If you haven’t worn one of these bikini bottoms before, it might take a little bit to get used to like you. No, you don’t have a wedgie. This is the point! If you already have lots of bottoms but want to know how to make bikini bottoms cheeky, you can try by pulling the bikini bottoms up on the sides and then the back will rise too to expose more cheek.

Can you surf in a bikini?

If your bikini stops serving its core function then what is the point? So yes, you can surf in a bikini although it might be wise to choose one that you have been wearing a long time and is perfectly sized for your body. When you surf you get dunked quite a lot and you are constantly walking and swimming against the tide to head back out for another punt at the waves. This means that an overly big bikini top or bottom might start to move around against the strong water. Choose one with good coverage that doesn’t move.

What to wear over a bikini while swimming?

It really depends on what you are doing when considering what to wear over a bikini when swimming. You might want to wear a short or long sleeve rashie to keep yourself protected from the sun and some added security in case your bikini top slips. You might also choose to buy a cover-up which many actually wear into the water too. A good quality cover-up is made from light and flowy materials so make sure that’s what you are working with some you don’t add too much weight to the water if you do get wet in it.

Can you swim in a crochet bikini?

You can absolutely swim in a crocheted bikini and the weave design is often double-backed so that they are thick. Some of the skimpier crocheted bikinis can still be swum in but you might want to test that out in the shower or pool before you are subjected to the unpredictable ocean! If you are looking for a winter project to get you excited about summer, you may wish to crochet a bikini yourself!

How to make bikini bottoms fit better and can you wear a bikini with stretch marks?

Stretch marks are found in every single body, men and women. They are a beautiful part of our body and represent the journey we have been on snd the many incredible things our body can do! As such, don’t let your stretch marks stand between you and the bikini you want to wear, as everyone has them and they are a fact of life. You can make your bikinis fit better by trying them on at the start of the season and figuring out which ones are right for your body at that time and what you can put away for later in the season or another time. A bikini fit guide can also be really helpful.

How to make a bikini top a push up?

We would advise that you look for a push-up bikini top rather than trying to DIY it yourself. Typically these bikini tops come with some padding built into the cup of the bikini top in all the right places, and it can be hard to replicate this yourself without getting out the sewing machine and doing some bikini sewing. Some women will buy a bikini top that is one size too small for them, but this might betray you in the fit and feel area. That said if you find yourself wondering what to do with old bikinis then maybe you can take on this little project and see if you can add some padding.


Well, this has certainly got us excited for the bikini season! You can never have enough pairs, especially if they make you feel good about yourself, so start hunting for a new style and cut that is going to see you through the summer. You also note that your ideal bikini type might be with a retailer you haven’t considered before – so keep an open mind.

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