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Personalised Gifts Ideas For A Memorable Christmas in 2021

by Ruwanthi Wijetunga
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The holiday season is right on our doorstep which means it’s high time to start shopping for thoughtful gifts for your family and loved ones. Although gift shopping can be exciting as we near Christmas, it can also be quite a daunting process too, and it’s common to feel like you’ve made poor gift-buying decisions or forgotten somebody along the way!

Of course, ensuring you’ve found presents for all the best people in your life is as simple as making a list and checking it twice. When it comes to finding the right presents, however, a little more thought is generally required. Rather than reaching for the latest trends, the gift solutions being heavily marketed, or the deodorant and shower gel gift packs that always seem to pop up at this time of year, it’ll be well worth opting for personalised Christmas gifts instead.

Not only will they end up with something they truly love, it saves your money going to waste. For example, did you know that we waste almost $150 million every year on gift cards that are never even used? It is estimated that 1.9 million Australian gift cards go unused, either because they were too busy to use them, lost them, or forgot they had them.

Personalised gifts can even benefit the environment – Australians dump around 10 million unwanted gifts in landfills each year, wasting up to $400 million and putting enormous pressure on our waste management systems and the environment.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Personalised Gift

Personalised gifts are the most precious gifts one can receive. Why are they so special? You’ll be surprised how much of a difference that simply putting in extra time and effort when preparing a personalised gift can make on that gift’s overall impact. Some of the other benefits of personalised gifting include:

  • Adding a touch of personality to your gift-giving – Any person can be moved to tears by a simple, personalised gift. No matter what kind of gift it is, it will definitely have a sentimental value that no other traditional gift could ever match.
  • Giving gifts that are truly memorable – Whether the gift is designed to act as a reminder of a past memory, or the giving of the gift becomes a memory in itself, there’s no denying that personalised gifts create shared memories that can last a lifetime.
  • They can be customised – Personalised gifts are ideal because you can customise them according to your preferences or those of the recipient. There are also no limits when it comes to customisation options. From an engraving in woods or metals to monogramming notebooks or articles of clothing, everything has a method of customisation or two. You can even include photos and sweet messages in your personalised items to add some multidimensionality to your thoughtful gift!
  • They are simple – You can spend hours either online or going through physical stores and still be no closer to finding that perfect gift. Personalised options are simple because you can get right to the source of your intended recipient’s interests or ambitions, and find a gift that is in perfect alignment with what they like and who they are. No second-guessing, and no second thoughts!
  • They are timeless – It doesn’t matter if you send a personalised Instagram video from a celebrity to a pre-teenager or a personalised mug to your grandfather, people of all ages will appreciate the effort that you have gone to. Alongside this, personalised gifts are also more likely to become treasured items that your recipient will use or interact with on a regular basis. Your thoughtfulness will live on, potentially even for decades!
  • They are perfect for corporate gifting – Receiving a gift with their name on it makes a client or employee feel appreciated or valued. In addition, you can get your company name or logo printed on the gifts too, both to commemorate this client or employee’s time with your organisation, and provide them with a consistent reminder of their positive experiences when working with you.

Inspire Me: What Are The Best Personalised Gifts?

Finding the perfect personalised gift is no effortless endeavour if you know your gift’s recipient well. If you know their favourite colours and themes, their goals and interests, any upcoming milestones or achievements, or even their favourite celebrities and sports teams, you can use this information to help inspire your personalised gift.

For example, if they are a sports fan, get a jersey from their favourite team and have their name emblazoned on the back. If any of your friends or loved ones are avid pet owners, you can get personalised portraits made up of their pets. These can then be printed on everything from coffee cups to large canvas prints.

The internet has made it simpler than ever to create personalised products. You can order personalised shoes and shirts – you can even have books professionally made packed full of their favourite memories, photos or even recipes. The process is simple, find what they love and match it to a product they love.

Best Personalised Gifts For Teenagers & Young Adults

For younger loved ones, your personalised gifts may be digital like an engraved tablet or digital photo frame with special pictures selected by you. If you’re gifting to school-aged children, you may even opt for gifting personalised accessories for digital tools. Monogrammed laptop sleeves and matching notebooks or pencil cases can become valuable belongings to young people on the verge of starting high school or university.

For young people, gifting items that align with their hobbies or interests will also never go amiss either. If you’ve got a budding skater or rollerblader on your hands, a good set of personalised knee pads, elbow pads, and a sturdy helmet can make for a highly thoughtful and useful gift. If your recipient is a budding artist, a good sketchpad and travel oil paint or charcoal set will be sure to please!

Best Personalised Gifts For New Parents Or New Homeowners

The first Christmas with your newly expanded family or even in your new home, is undoubtedly going to be one to remember, though it doesn’t hurt for these memories to be enhanced by a thoughtful gift or two! You can gift new parents some personalised, cute baby clothing or child-safe kitchenware to ensure that your gift is both thoughtful and functional.

Kitchenware can also be a winning gift idea for new homeowners who may still be on the hunt for valuable homewares. If you know the gift recipients very well, you may even feel like finding them some lovely personalised home decor that aligns with their sense of style. Be wary of buying decor for others, however! You want to make sure that the items you’ve selected totally adhere to their new home’s interior design scheme.

Best Personalised Gifts For Grandparents

For older recipients, a handcrafted memory or scrapbook will give the gift of nostalgia. You could even choose to put together a photo album for your grandparents filled with hand-picked memories to bring them some extra warmth this holiday season.

Vintage items that remind your grandparents of particular periods of time can also make for highly thoughtful and emotional gifts. A quality tea set, new cushions for their favourite chairs, or even a personalised lighter or set of cards may prove to become valuable belongings of your grandparents well after your gift has been given!


If you’re blessed enough to be with your loved ones this Christmas, then it’s well worth taking some extra time to really think about your gift-giving this year and make this holiday season one your loved ones will not forget. No more gift cards this Christmas, give them all something they are really going to love! Give them Christmas gifts that come with a personal touch.

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