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16 Baby Gift Ideas New Parents Will Love

by Aiza
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As commonly referred to, babies are bundles of joy and gifts from God. Becoming a new parent is a beautiful yet frightening and overwhelming feeling. Everything that happens from the time the baby is born leaves memories. Also, handling babies is quite a task for new parents, but they learn, and it becomes better and easier along the way. 

Receiving baby gifts for most new parents shows love and concern toward them. They warmly appreciate and welcome every gift because they believe you took time to think and pick the gift. You can specifically go for Baby and Mumma Gifts to make their journey more pleasant. This also makes it easy for dad or mum to carry the baby around, and it’s also comfortable for the baby.

Read this article to learn about baby gift ideas that new parents love.

1. Feeding Bibs

New parents need feeding bibs, especially when they begin feeding their baby. A beautiful coloured polyester and rubber bib is an excellent choice since the baby wears it over their clothes to prevent food stains. It’s also easy to clean and can be used longer.

2. A Set of Bath Products 

A bath set is a thoughtful gift, especially for a newborn baby. It contains essential products for baby’s bath time like body wash,  shampoo, cotton swabs, face wipes, baby lotion, and diaper rash cream. The products should be gentle and soap free to ensure they’re suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

3. Moccasins or booties

While newborns don’t need shoes, they still need to keep their feet warm. Booties are a great accessory to have in a baby’s wardrobe and they are much better for a young baby’s feet than shoes. Shoes should only be worn once baby is walking steadily on their own.

4. A Baby Food Maker

This is a multipurpose appliance for preparing baby food. It has a blender for making purees, and a steamer for bottle warming, defrosting, and sterilizing pacifiers and small baby toys. This food maker makes work easy for new parents, especially when they don’t have anyone to help with the baby. 

5. A Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

The high chair, known as Stokke Tripp Trapp, can be transformed from an infant seat you use when your baby begins feeding to larger seat your baby grows. When they reach toddlerhood the chair can be placed at most dining tables. It’s a piece of furniture that will serve for a long time.

6. Hatch Night Light

The hatch night light is a three-in-one smartphone-controlled machine. It serves as a night light whose brightness and colour can be controlled to create a favourable environment for the baby to sleep. It also works as a sound machine to soothe the baby and as an alarm clock. This is a great gift, especially to a newborn and their mum. Considering that the mum has to keep checking on the baby, the adjustable night light and alarm help greatly.

7. Convertible Baby Crib

A convertible baby crib is a gift that can be a keepsake that the baby grows with it. It can be converted to the size that accommodates the baby well as they grow into toddlers to over one year.

8. Swaddle Blankets

This is a beautiful gift, especially for a newborn. However many you give, whether two, four or six pieces, they’re of great help. Parents can go through several of these per day if the baby spits up, or has an accident. 

9. Baby Play Gym

This play set consists of toys, and tools to keep the baby occupied as they learn and discover things. It helps in the baby’s growth and development. The play gym is a great gift to the baby’s mum and dad because they can have some time to do a couple of things in the house, including resting while the baby is busy. A play gym can also be used for tummy time. Which should of course always be supervised. 

10. Knee Pads

Knee pads are great, especially when the baby begins to crawl. They help protect the baby’s skin and clothes any scratches or when they accidentally hit furniture while moving around. A set or two of knee pads will go a long way.

11. Nursing Cover

Can be used for covering the baby while breastfeeding, it’s not essential but if the mother chooses to use a cover this is a great gift. A cover can also stop the baby from getting distracted while feeding. 

12. Breast Pump

This is a thoughtful gift for a breastfeeding mum. When mum has to go to work, run errands, or needs a break and needs to leave the baby behind, she can still give her baby breast milk which is readily available. Just make sure you check with the mum to see if she is planning to breastfeed first and make sure you ask her which pump she would like. 

13. Baby Zip up Pajamas

Babies tend to live in zip-up pyjamas for the first few months. You can never have too many zippies. Zip-up Pajamas are great for nappy changes. If possible try to get ones with built-in retractable socks and mittens.

14. Belly Recovery Wrap

The belly recovery wrap provides support during recovery to mothers who have delivered via C-section to prevent pain and soreness. It’s adjustable to accommodate body changes throughout the postpartum period.

15. Baby Monitor

As the name suggests, the baby monitor help keep the parent in touch with the baby, especially when they’re away. You can find smart and sophisticated kinds that give an alert when the baby turns over while in sleep, faces down, and their mouth and nose are covered. Other high-tech models enable parents to monitor the baby’s oxygen level, sleeping patterns, and heart rate. 

16. A Bottle Drying Rack

This is specific for baby bottles and lids. It’s good storage, especially where counter space is limited. It can also help keep the baby’s items clean and separate them from other household utensils.

17. Baby Memory Book

This is a beautiful idea for new parents to keep memories of their baby’s first year. It helps parents note down or describe the baby’s events alongside their photos, and track the baby’s milestones.

In Conclusion

Babies may be small but they need a lot of stuff! Any gift you buy will be greatly appreciated by the parents. Make sure you give them a gift receipt if possible. This will allow them to return anything they already have or don’t need. 

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