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My Theory on Conspiracy Theorists

by anonymous
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We’ve all come across conspiracy theorists. You probably have a few in your life and you probably have a few on your social media accounts. 

We can’t always choose the people in our lives and that’s how you usually end up across the dinner table from your crazy step mum that will lecture you about how COVID is a result of those pesky 5G towers. 

They’re the kind of people that will call you a sheep for following “mainstream” media.

Ever notice how some conspiracy theorists hate the mainstream media but love sharing “news” articles written by dodgy websites with lots of unverified sources? For whatever reason, they believe the dodgy conspiracy site they read is more credible than actual medical research or ACTUAL scholarly literature. 

Conspiracy Theorists are Arrogant

Ever notice that conspiracy theorists are arrogant? They walk around like they know so much more than the average person. They believe they are more intelligent and pride themselves on questioning everything. 

Conspiracy theorists act like they know so much more than you do and they actually believe that you are naive if you listen to the experts. 

These people will call you a “sheep” or will tell you to “do your research”. They do this to make themselves feel intelligent and validate themselves. 

Little do they know that we “sheeple” think they are actually crazy and the opposite of what would be considered intelligent. 

They’re Argumentative

Ever notice that the most argumentative people are usually conspiracy theorists? It’s almost like they bring up their nonsensical beliefs to start debates. 

Conspiracy theorists LOVE a good debate. They love bringing others down and regurgitating crazy quotes they have read online.  

They thrive on arguing with others. Really this will just make them more stubborn in their beliefs. Once their ego is involved they will stick to their theories no matter how crazy those theories are. 

You can never argue with a conspiracy theorist. They will say things like “that’s what the media wants you to believe”. They simply believe they know more than you and there’s nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. 

So when your crazy step mum brings up a crazy theory at your family dinner she knows what she’s doing. She is trying to start a debate so she can show she is the “smartest” one in the room. The best thing you can do is ignore it and laugh it off. 

They Just Aren’t Educated Enough

In reality, these people are usually uneducated. They usually know little about things like science and politics so they, therefore, get sucked into crazy theories. They simply are not educated enough to know that most of these conspiracy theories make no sense. 

So when they hear that the earth is flat or that Bill Gates wants to inject us with tracking microchips they might just believe it because it’s easier for them to understand than the truth. 

Do you have any conspiracy theorists in your life? Share below the craziest theories you’ve heard or some crazy experiences you’ve had with conspiracy theorists. 

Some funny ones I’ve heard include the theory that birds don’t exist and that they are actually government drones programmed to spy on us. 

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