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Signs you have an addiction to Coles Minis

by Kayla Mackinnon
Coles Mini

There are 2 kinds of people. Those who think Coles minis are adorable and those who think they’re a waste of plastic. When they were first released you might have rolled your eyes and acted like you didn’t care. You might have thought you were too smart to fall for such an obvious marketing gimmick….But when you got your first mini and opened it up and saw a mini version of a box of Weetbix you were hooked. It was so cute, a PERFECT replica. You are a grown-ass adult but here you are spending an unusual amount of money on groceries to acquire plastic toys

Do you think that your desire to own a full collection of mini groceries is becoming a problem? Do you get upset when you spend $59.50 on groceries and the checkout person dares to hand you only 1 mini?  If you think you may have a serious addiction please do the below test. If you say yes to 4 of these please check yourself into the nearest rehab facility ASAP. 

Do you do any of these things?

  1. You creep around for a little too long at the registers to inspect if anyone has left any minis behind.

  2. You are in a Coles mini buy, swap and sell page. 

  3. You purposely buy extra things to get to the next $30 mark. 

  4. You find excuses to go grocery shopping.

  5. You live near another supermarket chain but you drive out of your way to go to a Coles. 

  6. You don’t have kids but you lie to the cashier and say things like “ My son will love these” or “ My daughter doesn’t have toothpaste yet. Can you feel around for that one?”

  7. You have spent real money on minis on eBay or a Facebook group.

  8. You have travelled to a strangers house that you met on the internet who advertised Coles minis on a buy, swap and sell page.

  9. You have invited strangers from the internet over to your house to trade minis.

  10. You read EVERY article that pops up in your news feed about Coles minis.                         

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