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Pink The Restaurant. Review of Melbourne’s most pink restaurant.

by Kayla Mackinnon
Pink Interior

This definitely lives up to being Melbournes most Instagrammable and most pink Restaurant. Here is our review of Melbournes newest and pinkest restaurant:

If you are planning to go to Pink you will want to know how to find it. It is not the easiest restaurant to find if you’re a first-timer. It is unexpectedly located above a pizza restaurant called Rozzi’s. When you go to the back of the restaurant you will find a pink staircase. I think the fact that you need to walk through a pizza restaurant to get to the restaurant kind of ruins the magic a little bit.

Mocktail with Fairy floss

$9 Mocktail. Worth it?

 I went here yesterday with my friend who is gluten intolerant and allergic to artificial sugars.  We thought it was going to be a challenge to be able to find her something to eat. 

I was impressed that an all-pink restaurant was able to cater to her.  They do have gluten-free pizza bases available but it is important to note that the bases have pink food dye. So if you cannot have artificial colours this isn’t the pizza for you.  She had the chicken and avo salad. 

I thought it would be tacky which it kind of was. It seems that the food is just brought up from the pizza shop below. You are just paying extra for them to make the food pink.  I think if this was a stand-alone restaurant this would have been a much more magical experience

Regardless of this, the interior was impressive and fun. The restaurant has a few backdrops and locations for you to get a great photo. This was a nice touch.  

Overall thoughts:

Overall I do not think this is a place that you would go if you are looking for an amazing meal. I think it is better to go to just for some fun drinks with your girlfriends. 



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