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Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion: How To Shop More Sustainably This Year

by Aiza

Clothing is an essential item that every person on this planet should have access to, as it is a basic human need. What we don’t all need is a walk-in wardrobe that gets re-stocked each season with the latest trends in fashion. Sustainability is the new trend, and everyone that does their part to support slow fashion and move away from fast fashion will help in the campaign against climate change.

You may think that sustainable fashion is underwhelming and lacking in variety, but that is certainly not the case these days. There are countless brands out there focusing on using more sustainable materials, supporting their employees, minimising their carbon footprint and doing their bit to help their local communities. Slow fashion is also about how you shop; for example, buying a new pair of pants from Dejour Jeans in Brunswick or a bra from Illusions Lingerie in Moonee Ponds is a great way to support local businesses, instead of opting for a fast fashion online shopping fix.

By supporting sustainable brands and buying locally, you can help to pave the road to a better future for our planet and future generations. Say goodbye to cheap, overproduced, non-sustainable fast fashion, and slow down to have a more positive impact on the world around you.

Continue reading below to see how easy it is to go from fast and furious, to slow and steady in the world of fashion.

Fashion Speeds Explained

If the terms fast fashion and slow fashion are alien to you, let’s shed some light on what exactly these two terms mean. First of all, fast fashion refers to clothing that is quickly and cheaply produced, void of long-term durability, and meant to be replaced or forgotten about quickly. A lot of this clothing is made in factories, in less developed countries, with poor standards in place for the workers involved.

Slow fashion, as you may have guessed, is exactly the opposite of the above. This is clothing that is made with purpose, not just to add another zero to some conglomerate’s bank balance. You will get clothing that is well-made, a lot of the time by the hand of skilled experts and using quality materials that are sustainably sourced. Yes, the average cost of a piece of clothing will be more, but it will stand the test of time, and you will have a clearer conscience knowing that the people involved in producing your clothing are paid a livable wage.

Sustainability And Why You Should Care

The world has gone through a long period of damage caused by generations that truly misunderstood, or in some cases simply ignored, disguised or hid, the environmental impact they were making. Now that we understand just how important it is, we should all do what we can to help mother nature. Shopping more sustainably, supporting brands that support the planet and buying local whenever you can to help keep the local economy going and local businesses thriving are things that we can all start doing right away.

Second-Hand Is The New Brand New

Second-hand clothing has been a big business for a long time but was typically looked down upon by certain people. In recent years, that has all changed, as we become more environmentally conscious and our money keeps buying less. Before you go purchase a new piece of clothing, sustainable or not, see what the op shop or your local vintage store has to offer. Not only does this choice make zero impact on the planet, but you will save yourself a fortune, and support a local charity, you can be sure that you will walk away with a truly unique piece of clothing that will never be available at a department store.

Evaluate Your Fashion Needs Versus Wants

Yes, it is nice to have a selection of clothing to choose from each day, as what we want to wear changes due to a variety of factors. The simple fact is, if it doesn’t serve a real purpose, it shouldn’t be in your closet. Try going with the lean and mean approach to fashion, buying sustainable items that serve multiple functions. With this approach, you will buy more mindfully, thinking carefully about what to buy, ensuring you get something you truly love instead of a bunch of cheap bits and pieces that you have no connection with.

Research Sustainable Brands

If you are forced to purchase new, take some time to see what sustainable brands are out there, especially if you plan to shop in person. The number of sustainable clothing companies around the globe has been increasing like never before in recent years, and you may be surprised at the variety you find.

Do Your Part To Become A More Sustainable Shopper This Year

Most of us want what is best for the planet, and are starting to understand the impact that each of our individual choices can make. If we don’t all do what we can to keep our carbon to a minimum, future generations will be left with the impossible task of cleaning up our mess. By following the tips outlined above, you can do your bit to become a more sustainable shopper this year. Do your part by making more conscious choices, supporting local businesses and buying from environmentally-conscious retailers. If we all make small changes, together we can make a major difference.

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