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Bars and Clubs in Chapel Street Melbourne

by Aiza
Bars and Clubs in Chapel Street Melbourne

Chapel Street is a famous street in Melbourne where everyone can find shopping hubs, cafes and restaurants, galleries, and vintage stores. When you’re along this street, you can find anything you want without even going from one place to another to get you that absolute happiness. Yet, aside from the shopping spree and all the binge eating this place provides, it also has a way to get you dancing and drinking all night.

While it’s already known to some locals, Chapel street has a wide array of bars and clubs where you can just have a good time with friends. All the more, this is also the best spot to find new friends in Melbourne, and you might just dance along with the songs of the 90s and the 20s, letting loose with booze.

Ready to get that alcohol and have a wonderful and ecstatic night after a long tiring week? – Try these bars and clubs and we’re sure you’ll hype up your weekend:

The Wolf Windsor

indoors view of The Wolf Windsor

The Wolf Windsor (Photo by James Lovery)

152 Chapel Street

With contemporary and classic Aussie pub dishes and drinks inside a vibrant space and the weekend vibe of the music, this is a go-to chill place for locals and tourists alike. The Wolf Windsor has mixes of fruity cocktails and spirits, with a perfect tingling sensation in aromatic drinks for that sweet kick you’re gonna love to taste. Apart from this, they also have outstanding champagne and rosé imported from France, or you may also have a bottle of white and red wine that is locally sourced, or from France or New Zealand. Craft beer is also available, and tap drinks are also on the menu.

Blue Bar

Blue Bar

Blue Bar (Photo by Carlos Dos santos)

330 Chapel Street

Care to dance and vibe on some upbeat hip hop and RnB tunes inside a place of graffitied wall bar and bright decor? The Blue Bar might just satisfy your needs for a night crawl. Get those heads bopping throughout the night and get in the good shots for perfect nightlife. Cocktails, bourbon, gin and tonic, and even some wonderful cocktails will hype up your night paired with a diverse crowd of individuals who came to the party. You may also want to go up their rooftop bar if you want casual drinking and host functions, in a speakeasy area that just gives you those chill vibes you’re dying to find. Blue Bar ain’t got you feeling blue; you’ll end the night feeling happy while enjoying their fantastic brew!

Three Monkeys

Three Monkeys

Three Monkeys (Photo by the owner)

210 Chapel Street

Hang out in a quirky neighborhood for some beers and cocktails and great DJs on the weekends – Three Monkeys gets you the cozy bar environment, and lets you dance and feel alive with great music especially during the weekends. Get to the dance floor with your friends while you quench your thirst for some amazing sparkles and drinks. Beer on tap is also available from pots to towers, and you’ll be burping on that yeasty goodness all night long. Peachy cocktails and ales are also on the menu – a great variety of drinks that we’re sure you’d love to drink. Whether you want it quiet or you want it loud, this bar gets your body dancing along with the crowd.

Somewhere Bar

Somewhere Bar

Somewhere Bar (Photo by the owner)

181 Chapel Street

One of the most popular bars on Chapel Street, you’ll be welcomed by classic cocktails and toasties along with the amazing crowd in this place. In a cozy bar offering an extensive range of cocktails, martinis, wines, and trendy beverages, you’ll forever love how laidback yet lively this drinking spot is. There’s a DJ every day except on Sundays, where the bartenders are ready to serve the finest drinks up until 1 on most days. A big dance floor is also waiting for you as the alcohol kicks in, and you’ll make the night happier on a night of great people and drinking. Certainly, Somewhere is the place to be.

Revellers Bar

Revellers Bar Boogie Bar

Revellers Bar Boogie Bar (Photo by the owner)

274 Chapel Street

A night of great things and some funky boogie will never go wrong – Revellers Bar gives you a whole new level of revel, with a pure retro disco for sure you’ll dance to. Don’t forget to bring your most comfy shoes for some vibing and jiving with Pop!, RnB, Rock, Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin grooves & Dance hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s, and a great choice of drinks from beers, cocktails; everything sweet and hard. Make sure to have a blast on the dance floor and get a room for a drink or a little more, acing that old song vibe you’ve heard long before. Enthusiastic, fun – dance and drink under the disco ball as much as you can!

Death or Glory

Death of Glory

Death of Glory (Photo by the owner)

218 Chapel Street

With cold beers, great food, street-like aesthetics, and a billiard pool, Death or Glory gives you a heavy metal vibe along with great craft beers in town. Give in to your cravings and have a piece of their fantastic burgers with a side of fries, or even get those meaty pizzas and hot wings you’ve been craving about. On sports night, you can always tag along with your friends and watch some live stream, with great people cheering for different teams. The bar is just so friendly, cool, and newly renovated to get a cold beer with your friends on a dreadful weekend.

Jane Doe Bar

Jane Doe Bar

Jane Doe Bar (Photo by Marian Morgan)

219 Chapel Street

Of course, not everyone is up for some blasting music, right? Well, Chapel Street has got you a bar of coziness and all the chill goodness to wash off your stress. The Jane Doe Bar brings a cool and funky space minus the upbeat music bass, over some bourbon sour, cocktails, and a good bottle of beer for those who just want to have a good chit chat with friends. This is also a nice place for some day drinking, with a lush and clean atmosphere you’ll get used to sipping those wonderful mixes of drinks. As the name says, it’s laidback, mellow, and relaxed; you’ll never have to worry about huge crowds when you just want to drink til dusk.


Drink, relax, and enjoy the night – visit these amazing bars and clubs on Chapel Street. With wonderful drinks, a great atmosphere, and a good crowd, you’ll get to drink all day and night in a lively drinking hub.

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