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The best Airbnbs and Accommodation in Mount Hotham

by Aiza
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Mount Hotham is right in the middle of the Victoria Alps. The terrain, ranges, and the skiing sites are to die for, that most people, tourists and locals alike, just cannot get enough of how beautiful the mountain is.

Thus, prepare your mittens and your warmers as you are about to glide and slide or even make a snow angel out on the snow. But wait, where are you going to stay once you get there?

Hotel Accommodation Mount Hotham

Chalet Hotham 8

8/1 Lawlers Court, Hotham Heights VIC

Rent an entire apartment for how long you like with this self-contained accommodation for everyone. It has spacious living spaces and a kitchenette, perfect for those who want to have a short staycation and ski over the vastness of snow along Hotham. Moreover, the interiors are also very minimal, but with windows where you can enjoy viewing the ice caps from the beautiful Mount Hotham. You will not also be bothered by the cold as the accommodation has a heater, perfect for those who hate the cold but love the snow.

Holiday Accommodation Mount Hotham

Mountain Dreaming

1 Great Alpine Road, Mount Hotham VIC

Oozing with peace and nature, this accommodation provides you with a mountain view of all of Hotham’s mountains. It has a private balcony with a huge front lawn, and the rooms are also self-contained so you can maximize the facilities if you happen to want to. Nonetheless, ski packages are also available nearby. After a day of enjoying the snow, the accommodation also has a restaurant that offers sumptuous food, ranging from steaks, burgers, and pasta. At night, you may also socialize with other visitors along a campfire just located right in front of your accommodation —- don’t forget the s’mores!

Luxury Accommodation Mount Hotham

Razorback 8

8/2 Month Hotham Alpine Resort, Mount Hotham VIC

If you don’t care about the price and just want to have a luxurious stay, this accommodation may suit your taste excellently. A self-contained house with well-lit interiors from the big windows, you can have a holiday home with a big family or with your friends. The holiday home also offers ski packages with big discounts if you book in the resort so you can get the most out of every penny you spend on the booking. Aside from this, the views of the mountain are surely something to die for.

Mount Hotham Accommodation Apartment

Hotham 1750-4

4/5 Higgi Drive, Mount Hotham VIC

A studio apartment that gives you the laid-back vibes of the country, this accommodation is your sweet retreat in Mount Hotham. It has a spacious ambience with an open space for the kitchen, living room, and dining area, and a view of the mountain ranges of Hotham. It’s also naturally lit, with a massive window that gives you a clear view of the clear skies during the day and the sunset in the afternoon. The rooms are also carpeted, where you can still feel comfortable and heated even in the coldness of the winter. Trust us, once you get around the whole space, you’ll fall in love with it in an instant. 

Cheap Airbnbs and Accommodation Mount Hotham

Stay Above the Clouds

Higgi Drive, Hotham Heights VIC

Travelling alone should not be pricey. Thus, you can still enjoy the coldness of Mount Hotham in a simple abode at Hotham Heights. This accommodation is perfect for those travelling alone or with a partner. The room features a self-contained space without compromising your budget. Like any other accommodation, it also gives you a clear view of the mountains of Hotham where there is also free coffee and tea to accompany you during the cold days and nights. You can also ski-out with the ski package dealers situated nearby your rental.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation Mount Hotham

Shiraz at Dinner Plain

2 Sundew Lane, Dinner Plain VIC

If you want to tag your pets with you, there’s always accommodation available without leaving them behind at home. This spacious flat is located in a very peaceful town, which is also very close to your necessities like restaurants, cafes, and shops. More so, the entire interior of the accommodation is made for you to enjoy tranquillity, which is made mostly of wood for that cabin-like vacation fantasies in the mesmerizing snow. Whether it will be summer or winter, they are always very open to accommodating you in the best and most plausible way you can ever imagine.


Mount Hotham offers great deals for adventure. As skiing is the most preferred activity adored by visitors, almost all accommodation can help you book ski packages to get a grasp on how fun visiting the area is. You might now know it, but you might find yourself coming back to the area all over again. 

Set your holiday while enjoying the cool breeze of winter by staying in Mount Hotham!





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