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Things to do in Warrnambool Victoria with Kids

by Aiza
Logans Beach Whale Watching

Along the Great Ocean Road lies a sandy paradise and great views of the Ocean – Warrnambool offers you a lot of exciting tourist attractions and activities to do, may it be together with your kids or adults. More so, the city is known to be safe, with a great atmosphere, moderate climate, and fascinating parks and rivers. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best places to visit when you are in Victoria, and you don’t want to miss the fun.

Wondering what activities and where to go when you’re in Warrnambool? Here’s a guide of some the best things to do in  Warrnambool Victoria with kids

1. Have Fun At A Playground

One of those things that fascinate the kids is playgrounds. When you’re in Warrnambool, you and your kids can visit a playground all year round where they can spend their proactive selves into.

Lake Pertobe Playground caters to families for a picnic and fun-filled activity for the kids. The eight-hectare playground is a paradise of flying boxes, giant slides, boat rides, and mazes too. Your family can also go on walks with the beautiful walking tracks along the bushland and the lakes, with picnic and BBQ areas if you just want to chill. Moreover, the playground also has mini-golf areas and tennis courts and is also very close to the skate park if your kids are skateboard fanatics. Food and refreshments are also served at the cafes in the area!

2. Visit The Flagstaff Hill Light and Sound Show

As night falls, who says you can’t enjoy going on a show that you and your kids will be delighted to see? Go on a million-dollar light show experience and let your kids have an amazing night that they will not get enough of.

The Flagstaff Hill Light and Sound Show is one of the best things to do to have a magical night, where they will see the village come to life with stories that are projected through a nine-meter water wall. Here, the whole family can have an educational yet fun experience on how Australia braves the perils of the Southern Ocean, where the largest animals are captured (but no animals were harmed, okay?). Nonetheless, there is also a lantern walk on steep terrain, and a magical light show will be shown at the end of the event. The show is one of a kind so don’t even miss it when you’re in Warrnambool.

3. Visit the Wildlife Reserve

It’s always fun to go to zoos when you’re with kids. Animals don’t fail to amaze them, especially when they can see them up close and personal. If you’re with kids, visiting a zoo or an animal sanctuary is always a good idea.

The Warrnambool Wildlife Encounters will amaze young ones as they take on a guided trip to meet the native Australian animals. They can also feed the Kangaroos, pat the Koalas, say hi to the cockatoos, dingoes, and reptiles, and also cuddle marsupials and wombats. All the more, your family can also go to the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve where you can take a stroll and be prepared to walk past the Emus, Kangaroos, and Koalas, and take a picture with them. More so, picnic areas are also available in the area, and you can have a view of the volcanoes, and natural rock formations, and also view the ocean at the top of the hill while you’re snacking. Hence, it’s a great area for a family activity without spending so much!

4. Logans Beach Whale Watching

With the sandy shores and the clean ocean of Warrnambool, it’s a hotspot for viewing aquatic animals in their natural habitat. Coincidentally, you can have a glimpse of whales without going to an aquarium when you’re in Warrnambool.

You must visit Logans Beach Whale Watching Platform and spot the whales surfacing the ocean. You may bring with you your binoculars so you can spot them closely. The area is also close to the best cafes in town, where you can have a stroll and eat all you want. Now if ever you will not spot the whales when you visit, don’t worry; the beach itself is a wonderful sight where your family can always have a breather away from the busy city.

5. Allansford Cheese World

Allansford Cheese World

Do you and your kids love cheese? Well, who doesn’t love it? Even the lactose intolerant loves them, and we heard what your taste buds desire. In Warrnambool, you can go to a cheese factory and have a quick trip on the world of cheese.

Allansford Cheese World is situated on the Great Ocean Road to satisfy your cheesy cravings. The museum stocks a wide variety of cheese, where you can have free cheese tasting however and as much as you like. There is also a licensed restaurant in the area for your family to feast, and for the adults, you can have a wide selection of local and regional wines to taste and bring home. As Warrnambool is a major dairy farming area in Victoria, cheese is never not a good product to taste and bring home once you visit the place.

6. Eat!

For foodies, visiting a place without visiting the best restaurants is a big no. You can always have a fun time with family over delicious food, where your kids can also enjoy themselves in a variety of food selections to satisfy their tummies.

Visit the Bohemia Cafe Bar, which offers a very creative menu with presentations that will amaze the young ones; the Clovelly Restaurant and Bar has a lively atmosphere and specializes in delicious local produce; the Logans Restaurant and Bar that offers the freshest seafood in town, and so much more. There is always a place to eat when you’re visiting the city, and you will never run out of places to go when you’re hungry.

Perhaps it’s time to visit Warrnambool the soonest. Or if you’re already dying to visit the city, don’t forget to visit the places mentioned above – we are pretty sure you and your kids will enjoy them.

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