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What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Australia?

by Aiza

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Australia?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to monetise your website. Companies need to be able to use different methods for marketing to ensure that their products will be promoted especially when conventional advertising can only have a limited scope. With the innovation and the transition of new techniques nowadays, it is also essential to use different methods of advertising to boost up potential sales in the long run.

Consequently, it is best to use efficient marketing strategies for your products and services to be laid out in front of your target market. Online platforms are the spotlight of advertising in the technological era, thus companies are drawn to affiliate marketing as a resource to gain popularity and high consumer regard. With this, your company will not only benefit from the traffic but also can impose a positive notion to gain consumer trust and loyalty.

Online Affiliate Marketing and How it Works

Online Affiliate Marketing is a way to correlate the salesperson-advertising-customer relationship by reaching out to websites, blogs, and publications to promote products with the use of links. If you notice, many blogs have links that will redirect you to a product on another website. Every time the link is accessed by a potential client, the affiliate gets a payment from their advertisers. Yet, prices can vary per click, depending on how they can be converted into actual sales.

This marketing strategy is also highly scalable. Meaning, advertisers can request their links in specific potential websites and gain a presence for consumers that are always online. Fortunately, technological advancements with marketing strategies have become popular, and many companies and advertisers prefer them in recent years.

However, affiliate marketing should also be carefully done by advertisers. For example, a company that sells beauty products must only involve blog posts that promote beauty products as well; getting into a platform that isn’t in line with what you are selling might be counterproductive. Hence, little to no target website traffic will be done with misleading links due to unaccustomed content. Going into websites that incorporate your products well is feasible in a way that it has a better chance of views and link visits by your target market.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer.

To do this you will need a platform with traffic to advertise on. Many people use affiliate marketing to help monetise their own websites, blogs, or social media accounts. If you have an audience that trusts you, you are more likely to have people buy products that you recommend. There are no use advertising affiliate links if you have a website with no traffic or a social media account with no followers. So make sure you sort that out first because many affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates will cancel your affiliate account if you do not reach certain sales targets. Once you have an established platform to advertise on you will need to start applying to affiliate programs.

How To Find Affiliate Programs To Sign Up To

The best thing to do is to find a store you already love and see if they have an affiliate program. that you can sign up to. Many websites work with major Affiliate platforms such as AWIN or Skimlinks. If a brand you love doesn’t have an affiliate program, you can always contact these websites and ask them whether or not they would like to partner with you in incorporating affiliate links on your website or social media account(s). It is important to remember that going for big websites does not guarantee higher sales. Nevertheless, you may also opt for smaller websites within your niche.

The best way to be an affiliate for a variety of websites is by joining an affiliate platform network. By doing this you can sign up to be an affiliate to potentially hundreds of websites at once.

Here are the best affiliate platforms that you can sign up to in Australia:


I love Skimlinks and it is the affiliate program predominantly used on this website. It is very easy to use, and is very easy to sign up to and has a huge range of advertisers. Some advertisers include Boohoo, Sephora, Boden, Adore Beauty, ASOS,  Kogan, Bonds, Myer, Booking.com, Wotif and SO MANY MORE.

There is even a Google Chrome plugin so creating links is easy. Even better if you search for a product and the Skimlinks logo shows up it means you are able to share an affiliate link to that website. See below. I’m not even paid to say this. I just genuinely love this program and use it all the time.


If you have wanted to sign up for Airbnb’s affiliate program it might be worth signing up to Impact purely for the Airbnb affiliate program alone. If you have a travel blog, an affiliate account with Airbnb is a great way to monetise your blog. As well as Airbnb Impact also has partnerships with L’oreal, Lenovo, Adidas, Felix Gray, American Express and more.


ClickBank has paid out over 4 billion dollars worth of commissions to affiliate marketers in over 200 countries. Some of their products even pay up to 75% commission, so if you do your research there is an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Commission Factory

With websites such as Airbnb, LoveHoney, Catch, Lululemon and more,  the possibilities are endless. They cater to many niches. You can track how many clicks you receive, view your sales in real-time and there is even a Commission Factory Google Chrome Plugin so creating affiliate links is easy. Simply find a product and use your  Commission Factory Google Chrome Plugin to create your affiliate link.

Rakuten Linkshare

You may have heard or seen Rakuten on several advertising platforms. Rakuten Linkshare is a platform where advertisers will have infinite possibilities through unparalleled and distinctive marketing solutions. Their goal is to activate clients not only by redirecting them to a company’s site but making sure they can turn probability into a pool of product purchases. On reachability, they do not only reach people to sell; they also have a platform where customers can provide insights so as to provide companies with clarity and perspective towards a better pathway and adapt to the changes and needs in diverse markets. Nevertheless, the key impact of Rakuten Linkshare is its ability to put consumers at the center of everything, leading towards brand loyalty and customer retention from various clients worldwide.

Amazon Affiliates

Now I do enjoy Amazon affiliates but make sure you have an audience and enough website traffic before signing up. Essentially if you do not meet a benchmark of sales you will be booted from the platform. So to make it worthwhile make sure you can actually generate sales to avoid having your account closed. But if you do have an account it’s great. Amazon has a huge variety of products and you can pretty much buy anything on Amazon. Therefore if you have an affiliate account with them you will be able to link to a huge variety of products.

Online affiliate networks are now being viewed respectfully by advertisers. As the world is getting tech-savvy in the 20th century and influencers are being recognised by companies as fantastic ways to connect with clients so their products will be omnipresent and the top-of-mind of most consumers. These networks are indeed a good investment for any company, regardless of being big or not, and go a long way with the competition in both products and services alike.

Furthermore, it is also relevant to choose the best affiliate program for you. Find one that has advertisers that you love and are passionate about. You’re more likely to make sales and commissions with products that you actually believe in.

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